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  1. GNR already use a similar pricing strategy for their concerts. It is based on IQ instead of ethnicity. Smart enough not to waste money on a GNR ticket in 2019=0 dollars Dumb enough to spend money on a GNR ticket in 2019=200+ dollars They used the same pricing strategy with the Locked N' Loaded box set. It was a huge success.
  2. Best performance of the tour. I like his cleaner voice and deeper registry more than his UYI voice.
  3. It'd be hilarious if he just called the next album 'Chinese Democracy'. Not Chinese Democracy 2, just call it 'Chinese Democracy' again.
  4. Chinese Leftovers Painting of leftover Chinese food on the front. Typical GNR layout with the title on the right side and the black box border.
  5. Doesn't Axl Rose have a history of abusing women? Legit question. As much as I should be a complete nerd for posting on an 80's band forum, I don't follow the pre-CD era history that closely.
  6. Something with the word Cowboy in it. First single could be called "Nobody".
  7. The CD store I bought Chinese Democracy from isn't even around anymore. The entire chain doesn't even exist anymore.
  8. The crazy part about that song is the E I N G O thing wasn't even what the singer sang in the studio. Axl just cut up the vocals and created that part our of multiple takes.
  9. Surprisingly, that's a pretty decent entry level turntable brand. I was expecting to see them plop their logo on some plastic Crosley type turntable.
  10. That's actually Buckethead without his mask.
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