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  1. you try to hurt me, you know that it's truuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #reggaevoice
  2. Use Your Illusion I & II: Ultimate Edition Box Set ($1299.99 MSRP)
  3. Guns N' Roses - How The Sausage Is Made Guns N' Roses - Big Boned Guns N' Roses - A Man Needs A Maid Guns N' Roses - DMCA Complaint Filed On Behalf Of
  4. It'd be hilarious if a simulation Axl was too accurate, and after feeding all the Axl Rose data in the machine, all we got was Robin Finck instrumentals.
  5. That song was apparently made by an AI (the audio version of deepfake). How great is it that Axl has taken so long to release music that we now live in a dystopian future where a computer can generate the songs that he won't?
  6. RE: B-sides, You'd be saying the same thing about half the songs on the UYI albums if they had the gravity of having to live up to the expectations created for Chinese Democracy.
  7. They are bogus because they are trying to get us to believe that Axl put down vocals on 5 or 6 new Slash/Duff songs....come on.
  8. The rough mixes version of Silk Worms would have been an A Level Rocker if it was released in 1999 and didn't have stupid lyrics that couldn't be played on a loud speaker by anybody with even a modicum of self respect.
  9. I'm listening to the 'Rough Mixes'. A Silkworms/OMG/P.R.L./Eye On You/State Of Grace style album with one whiny ballad in the middle would have been fun in 1998 or 1999, but by the year Axl finished the songs, Korn was a punchline.
  10. Despite popular belief, it is real. Everybody on the secret section of this forum has had the album for months but now I'm going to be banned or something because I let the cat out of the bag.
  11. Some how, some way - AC/DC has figured out how to release an album in a pandemic. Axl has always tried his hardest to get new music in the hands of the fans. I was devastated when the band stated that they couldn't figure out how to release an album in this situation. Record stores aren't open, right? It would be one thing if there was some sort of series of tubes, that could transport the music to the homes of the fans, almost like magic. This isn't magic. Maybe it is an illusion Michael, but not magic. It's rock n' roll. I know Axl may not be allowed to use the phone
  12. She provided him with the maternal validation and family structure that he craved, but could not create on his own because his personality and attachment issues and complications of fame made it nearly impossible for him to start a family of his own. She also made him tacos.
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