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  1. Has nobody heard about this? Axl's solo project. It's been written about a lot lately in indie rock magazine websites. Because of label politics, and the divergence of musical style, Axl hired an Australian actor to front his solo work. I guess it worked, because I've never seen it posted here before. I don't think it was widely known that Axl was behind this until this week, so I guess that might explain why it hasn't been posted. Apparently the lyrical content is his most personal and exposing yet, which is partially why it would have been difficult to release under the GNR name where fans have certain expectations of the 'brand'. Hope this isn't a repost.
  2. He doesn't look good for his age, but I also just think he looks like a typical out of shape American (almost) 60 year old. He looks strange because his fashion choices don't jive with being 60. Imagine if your uncle (or I guess aunt) dressed like Axl. You'd be embarrassed. It sort of reminds me of those wrestling shows with those 80's gimmick wrestlers, except they are 100 years old, and still wearing their costume from the 80's. It looks out of place and strange. I don't care if he wants to be overweight. I take offense to the band touring these expensive shows when Axl doesn't respect the fans enough to show up in shape as a vocalist. It's not like I care if the guy bagging my groceries has bad cardio, because it isn't a pre-requisite to me getting my money's worth. But Axl is a vocalist, it's his job, and when he and the band are asking top dollar, it is silly for him to turn up the performance he does.
  3. They clearly chopped up the show, and chose the songs because they are in the one voice Axl can still sing in. Or, at the very least, he can still sing in those other voices, but doesn't try live.
  4. Axl wore a rain coat and it rained, didn't it? That has to count. He was prepared.
  5. You guys give Axl shit, but he is right to oppose Trump. I know you guys think Trump's act is cute, which sometimes it is, but the guy is a racist and homophobe. Have you heard that song he wrote back in the 80's with the racial and homophobic slurs? .... oh wait.
  6. "Axl, we love the new album. A lot of fans are praising some of the creative choices you guys made. The one question on everybody's mind, what gave you the idea to rhyme 'you' with 'you' in four straight songs?"
  7. It will have Elton John's sensibilities as if they were remixed by Korn.
  8. Sorry, thought you were referring to a different General.
  9. I can't reveal my source. Although, sometimes I wonder whose side is he really on.
  10. 'Enemy List' would be a great name for an autobiographical Axl solo album. Every song could just be named after someone on the list.
  11. I too wonder if Axl wrote it. It would be one of his more Macho songs.
  12. I can't reveal my source. He'd run wild on me if I did. I am just trying to verify if anybody else has seen this before.
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