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  1. I just listened. The biggest standout to me was Axl somehow managing to have lyrics about the entire world persecuting him on an instrumental track.
  2. Age, genetics, nutrition. Gotta know when to ditch the long hair.
  3. I wish he'd bring back the 2001 braids. Axl looks great there.
  4. sorry I just wanted the possibility of that being read out loud in a gnr related court session
  5. to be fair half the posters here talk that way about delicatessens
  6. This entire time the record label was trying to sell CDs at 20 bucks a pop, they could have just been selling leaks at 30k.
  7. I compiled the lyrics for anybody interested when do ygafra gwihew i wont atehwe gwihgew maghge aafeogj jwojew rjegogjre make you gwhgewighewgw Kinda different from his usual stuff. It'll be interesting to see if he uses the same voice throughout the song.
  8. 1 - Catcher......... (Big gap) 2 - Prostitute 3 - TWAT 4 - The Blues (2001 live more uptempo version ideally...) 5 - Atlas (Big gap) 6 - This I Love Aside from 1, 2, and 6, my list would probably change if you asked me every week. edit: Oh this was a bumped thread from when Atlas "originally" leaked last year. I was never given that version, so I am only rating the new leak.
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