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  1. The CD store I bought Chinese Democracy from isn't even around anymore. The entire chain doesn't even exist anymore.
  2. The crazy part about that song is the E I N G O thing wasn't even what the singer sang in the studio. Axl just cut up the vocals and created that part our of multiple takes.
  3. Surprisingly, that's a pretty decent entry level turntable brand. I was expecting to see them plop their logo on some plastic Crosley type turntable.
  4. That's actually Buckethead without his mask.
  5. "Axl is looking more trim and toned, almost like in the UYI days"
  6. It's actually a really deep song. If you dig into the chorus, you can see how he's talking about the pain of Bumblefoot leaving the band. It's almost like a diss track but also like I still love you. It's the deepest thing Axl has ever done. I have a friend who went to brazil once, and he said he heard Rock The Rock is the sequel to November Rain's epilogue.
  7. I have been analyzing the lyrics a lot lately. It usually takes me a long time, since Axl tend to craft deep songs with multiple different levels of meaning. Did anybody else come to the conclusion that Rock The Rock is a commentary on his relationship with Stephanie Seymour?
  8. "I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm a bit of a pasta enthusiast"
  9. I get your heart is in the right place posting these directions, but nobody would be stupid enough just to paste an article on to a web forum without realizing why they should go through all the steps outlined in the OP.
  10. http://www.noise11.com/news/former-guns-n-roses-manager-calls-angus-young-a-dumbass-australian-little-hobgoblin-20181212
  11. No. I think he's just trying to establish that Axl's musical tastes weren't confined to the type of band GNR was thought as (80's shit metal) and that because of that, he was wanting to do different things. He's not saying Axl liking Trent Reznor's music made him some musical savant or something.
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