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  1. I like the part where he rhymes you with you.
  2. The song name always reminded me of the way Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys would speak so I made a cover.
  3. Why would they kick Pitman out? He was in Tool.
  4. I thought this thread was going to be making fun of Axl for dressing like a transexual pirate.
  5. When you get old, you can usually identify the one choice you made when you were young that resulted in your life going the wrong way. A kind of decision or action that unleashes a labyrinth of consequences that leave you defeated and old. The problem is, it's impossible to know when it is happening that you're making that wrong choice. If you knew all along, you wouldn't have made that choice in the first place. There's one bad choice, and when you're old and angry, you can bring everything back to the one day where you ruined your life without even realizing it.
  6. He's got to understand that while Axl is a comedy enthusiast what the video says is not factual. Axl is not a woman.
  7. They should record any old (new) songs from scratch with the current lineup. Even if the current lineup is inferior to the Buckethead era lineup. Judging by Chinese Democracy, the previous recordings are way too dense as it is. Re-record it without the billions of layers.
  8. Being racist is only racist when conservatives do it though!
  9. I kinda like doing it though. It makes me feel more clever than I actually am.
  10. Who do you guys think will become Prime Minister in the upcoming Canadian election? A lot of people have told me that the Liberals have suffered from having a lot of leaks in their party.
  11. We'll get the Chinese Democracy demos in 15-20 years as part of a box set for a re-issue of the supposed upcoming album. If Axl's Enemy List (working album title apparently) has a bunch of CD era songs like Quick Song and Atlas Shrugged, it would make sense to use the demos for an extended edition.
  12. Recording vocals on studio albums.
  13. $$$$$$$$$$ There is no way Slash looks at Axl thinking Slash is secretly possessed by a demon or whatever other wacky shit he thinks and decides to get boo boo faced and leave the band. He would need to have a lot of integrity to do that. It's easy to have integrity when there's no money involved. He's not going to leave the band. Maybe if they hate each other again, it would prevent them from recording future albums. But with how little integrity they have over their live product (re: Axl vocals) I would imagine they could probably just release a generic hard rock album to make cash while not taking it too seriously.
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