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  1. Good game guys, shame I didn't get to play more but thats the nature of the beast.
  2. Grind my teeth in my sleep and sometimes clench, its very bad when I'm stressed. I will take up in the morning and the right side of my jaw around the hinge will be swollen and stuff so I can't close my mouth properly.
  3. Time to get this game moving a bit quicker, sorry bud but you're the best candidate currently. Official Vote: Catch Her In The Rye
  4. Think the difference is you placed your vote on him after Broski made it clear he would be mod killed for inactivity.
  5. At least we know Broski's not gonna role reveal on Day 1 this game. Wasn't that my thing? Yeah, I thought Broski's thing was claiming to be the cop.
  6. Yes, college/ University if not mean to be easy, you got to work your ass off to do well and rightfully so.
  7. Are you sexually attracted to them? Or do you just think they're good looking? There is a difference, loads of straight guys can appreciate other guys that look good.
  8. Exactly what I thought, reading the post nothing 'gay' really jumped out at me.
  9. Depends what I'm doing really, if I'm out celebrating someone's birthday we usually start around 2pm or whenever we grab some food and then just pace ourselves. If its going out on a weekend usually start predrinking at 7/8pm and if its a BBQ then whenever time it starts. It is very rare for me to start drinking before midday though.
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