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  1. I made an 11 track album with all the songs with vocals and titled it 2000 Intentions, used a modified red hand cover for the art: Hard School OMG Atlas SOG Nothing Tommy Demo #1 Eye on You Quick Song Going Down Silkworms Perhaps Then I made a double disc compilation of all the instrumentals called Where's Axl with the picture of the band accepting the Paradise City streets signs as art. it was originally only gonna have the locker instrumentals but since I used that picture I figured I'd add the studio solos: PRL Millionaire Dub Suplex Mustache Oaklahoma Devious Bastard Zodiac 13 Tonto RealDoll.com Inside Out Prom Violence Dummy Soul Monster Circus Maximus D Tune Curly Shuffle The Rebel As It Began Thyme Mi Amor Ballad Of Death James Bond Theme Pink Panther Theme I also put together an alternate version of CD from the locker & the remixes. I had to use the 2009 rehearsal of scraped since there's no alternate studio version.
  2. agreed, probably the best version & intro to that song. i wish they would put out a live disk with a bunch of songs that weren't included on live era like this, LALD, Civil war etc.
  3. thematinator

    Iron Maiden

    Jesus Christ I've never seen so much Maiden hate in my life, whatever, haters wanna hate. Maiden's one of my favorite bands & I'm pretty psyched for this new DVD they just filmed in South America, the new set list has been killer.
  4. looks fantastic, though I'm a bit disappointed because in the original announcement blizzard had a unreleased version of mother earth on it & came with a bonus CD with the Southampton gig & diary had long versions of tonight & you can't kill rock n roll as bonuses plus a 2010 remix of diary of a madman. Wish they would've kept these, especially the Southampton gig as it was the show the Mr. Crowley live EP was recorded. you'd think they'd at least include the original EP remastered as a bonus, or at least you said it all since that track isn't available anywhere else.
  5. I've been here for a while, but looks like I'll be making this my new permanent GN'R home, what's up everybody?
  6. Excuse me, Beatles, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish but Coldplay was the greatest band of all time.
  7. I really find it hard to believe that there's any GN'R fan wouldn't be exited for a reunion, it's just baffling. I want a classic lineup reunion as well, but I'd also want Dizzy involved since the majority of UYI had keys, & i can't see GN'R doing a big scale reunion tour & just crank out one album with a few other songs, It'd be like a Sex Pistols tour
  8. well, anyways back on topic. i wouldn't mind seeing a 2nd volume of live era with lesser known tracks & songs that should have been included on the first one, I'd also like to see AFD & Lies get remastered with some b-sides & rare tracks, but i doubt this will happen, I don't think Axl wants to release anything new from the old lineup.
  9. Hate to break it to you, but i doubt the labels gonna shoot down GNR the money to record a new album when A) how much CD cost to make they have at least another studio album's worth of material laying around. Simple as that.
  10. I hate live backing tracks! I'm sorry I know a lot of my favorite bands use them but they're so dumb it's not really live if you use backing tracks. It's especially ridiculous in a band like GN'R who has 8 members & the majority of them can sing!
  11. I've been wondering what's with the alternate version of beautiful dangerous. Maybe it's that instrumental version that was steamed before the album came out.
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