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  1. I don't think I was part of this one. I think he's mad at Brasky and JB.
  2. It probably is a troll alt. No idea who though.
  3. Imagine writing this and pressing "Submit Reply".
  4. That was my guess -- that even the "real" members were Rikki. I like it.
  5. I'm just sitting here carving out your navel.

  6. Who are the strength and conditioning coaches who signed off on this debacle?
  7. I wonder if Shannon would be fat and shit if he was still alive. I bet he'd be fat and awesome.
  8. Out of the albums mentioned in the thread, my favorites are Slave to the Grind and Heartbreak Station.
  9. Been listening to them a bit since you mentioned them. Good stuff.
  10. This is the only way to do GNFNR. If you're not here until you die, you're a fag.
  11. I might be over the NBA. Two Celtics wins and I give zero fucks because the quality of play is ass. "B-but magisme, Kyrie had 37! He played wonderfully!" Wanna know how I know that you didn't watch the game?
  12. My apologies. Honest mistake. Your posts are so shit that I just assumed.
  13. This is your brain on Brazil. Kids, don't do Brazil.
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