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  1. >some >might >12 patient lol study >"patients could do cardiovascular exercises to improve their lungs" >"it's too early to establish long-term effects of the illness" Fearmongering headline. All "journalists" involved should be summarily shot.
  2. It's definitely how he trolls. He knows that people looking to take offense will take offense, so he's happy to upset them to display how unhinged they are.
  3. From means location. It implies that it's an lol citizen only for people looking for it to imply that, and probably not even for most of those people, because the idea is so ridiculous.
  4. Watched Captive State to get some ideas. We need bombs made of chameleon-like organic matter, guys.
  5. "global praise" We're fucked. Remember when we thought the Patriot Act was bad?
  6. The irony is that his letter is the very definition of inequality. Bill Gates has a brain fart and it's taken as a manifesto. I'm over here literally saving lives with fat Axl jokes and all I get is a few likes and a star.
  7. Temple of Doom scared the shit out of me as a little kid. Why you gotta rip out dude's heart like that?
  8. Name 1 time Axl Jones has ever contradicted himself. The man is a intellectual beacon.
  9. Having to deal with dad throwing a temper tantrum because we told him he's not allowed to use carts at the golf course for now. The sheer boomerness is mind-blowing.
  10. Deep Thoughts with Naked Grandma
  11. It's probably better for everyone to say he wrote the lyrics in a week too.
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