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  1. This is pretty good, but the paragraphs are too short and that's not Skeeter spacing. The tone is spot on though.
  2. He annoyed me one day and I was mean to him. That's all.
  3. I just hope he gives us a wall of text about how some people might think it's OK to skip out on their bets, but he's a man of his word and always pays up. LOL that we questioned him.
  4. @Miser Do some research and report back.
  5. The American public has no say in this.
  6. magisme

    DEXTER Mafia sign up

    You should call them a bunch of faggots, role reveal, and then peace out.
  7. Why did he say that? Kawhi is one of the classiest guys in sports.
  8. magisme

    DEXTER Mafia sign up

    In. Bets on who quits the forum close at the open of Day 1.
  9. magisme


    Literally both third period goals. You're not gonna beat a hot goalie with that shit.
  10. magisme


    Imagine blaming Rask after a tough break on a tip and a complete defensive breakdown. Maybe he could have done better with the second, but this isn't his fault. When the Bruins give up opportunities, they give up wide the fuck open right in front of the goalie opportunities. Tighten the fuck up in the defensive zone and stop having Marchand cover for defensemen who think it's a good idea to get stuck deep in the offensive zone. And pray Binnington concedes a couple.
  11. What can I say? I enjoy characters, and he was a character.
  12. Name names, faggot. This is GNFNR. That said, one of the names is magisme.
  13. The bad news was that I lost my weed guy. The good news is that I found a better one. The bad news is that I still have to hunt down weed like I'm a methhead in current year 2019.
  14. I'm almost at the point where I won't watch TV shows or movies with female leads. It's not the female lead, it's the monotonous predictability. We get it already. You're stronk, you've been so oppressed, you overcome the patriarchy, you can do anything a man can do, and joke's on us for ever doubting you. Fucking Christ.
  15. Me too. If I wanted something that needs constant care and attention, I'd get a girlfriend.
  16. It was this past Saturday night. They made the strippers dance to Death Grips too.
  17. Do you remember any of this? How old were you at the time? Is your father still healthy?
  18. I think he got shit for that. Can't remember. The American way is usually to speak English but to put on the accent from wherever. It's still odd if you think about it, but it's what we're used to.
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