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  1. I don't see anything better than what I've come up with. I asked Liars to work together. That was a waste of time. Others still want to go with Deadstar, but I'm gonna stick with my own idea for now. I'm switching from Redhook to Liars though. He's been much more shit today. Unvote/Vote: GnRLiars His tantrum seems a bit overcooked for dramatic effect. I just don't see the argument for voting for her. Shitmath 50/50 and Deadlinegate? Is that the entire argument? I'm open to voting anyone if I can hear a good reason why.
  2. That's bullshit. It's more likely than not that at least one mafia voted to lynch SoA and almost lynch me. If votes count for nothing, then nothing counts for anything. The votes are all we have. Deadlinegate looks like nonsense to me. If I'm wrong, I'll own it. But Deadstar makes the mistake about a deadline, asks JB, thinks it's Monday, gets corrected, and admits her mistake all before popcorn says anything about a deadline. I just don't see that as collusion. Go look at JB's post. If you're shitscanning the game, you could make the mistake that he's declaring a deadline.
  3. Why do you keep having persecution tantrums. My vote isn't on you. I'm not actively campaigning to lynch you. What the fuck do you want? You ask for us to work together, so I ask for you to give me something better than what I'm doing, and then you freak out again, as if you weren't paying attention to the conversation you're a part of. I'm pretty sure that JB had an official vote count where I was at 7 votes. How in the fuck is revealing with one vote to go "too early"?
  4. Are you even reading the game? Cross-referenced votes is my strategy.
  5. Then dish. What do you suggest? If it sounds better to me than my strategy, I'll join you.
  6. @Deadstar I'm never talking to you again if you're mafia.
  7. I never claim perfect play, you on the other hand exhibit not an ounce of humility after anti-town votes, you're basically brasky tier this game
  8. lol "first hint of pressure", I was one vote from a lynch
  9. mad because he votes for townies 100% of the time and got called out for it, literally town's most anti-town player fuck off, you whining bitch, you almost got me lynched, I've done nothing even close to you
  10. Slash will learn the release date at the same time we do. Asking Slash is little better than asking Fontus.
  11. You should break your partnershit with Liars. Not that you should vote for him, but voting with him has had you voting anti-town.
  12. As long as there's a daily weather report, I'm in.
  13. For what it's worth, bacardi would be my #1 suspect if I didn't know he was town. Doesn't give me a lot of confidence.
  14. I hear you. I could be off the mark. I just don't have anything better to go on, plus I've been suspicious of you and Liars from early on. At some point, I have to make a decision. It's not foolproof.
  15. I don't completely believe him, but it's enough not to lynch him. My vote is on RedHook, but I'd just as happily vote for Liars. Watch they're all town and mafia didn't even have to vote because we're so shit.
  16. Votes on both SoA and magisme: Strangelove Liars arnold layne Redhook All 4 voted for Deadstar, I believe. Strangelove is town. We kill one of the other 3. Check that I'm right about Deadstar votes.
  17. Deadstar also did not vote for SoA. I'm not saying she's cleared, but she looks a lot better than others.
  18. I think I might be illiterate. I rushed my read earlier and I think I got it wrong. I still don't think they're working together. I'll do a better reread and explanation in a bit.
  19. Of course it's not 100%. That's why I said you're probably mafia, not you ARE mafia. I'll do a full cross reference later if someone hasn't done it already.
  20. I'm just going by my system. You voted for SoA, me, and Deadstar, so in my mind you're probably mafia.
  21. It looks to me like they both misread JB's post. They both misread it differently too. Deadstar thought there was some imminent modlynch looming while popcorn thought the deadline was Monday.
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