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  1. I forgot half of these people were even playing.
  2. DS 100% confirmed objective town due to discordgate.
  3. You have to unvote me and vote KFC. Re: Discord - Because most likely not all discord fags are mafia and this feels like a bandwagon. Look how quickly we got within a vote or whatever of lynching him. How is the case against him so convincing that everyone immediately voted for him? Re: Commagate - I've always been on his side with Commagate.
  4. There seems to be a mafia chat on discord. That means that we should probably focus on people who would be involved in a discord chat. uruguns founded a discord server with Doc Strange, therefore uruguns and Doc Strange come under suspicion, as do other known discord posters, such as yourself.
  5. Dude. It was the fucking weekend. How many games in a row do I have to not post much on a weekend before I stop getting called out for it? It's every damn game.
  6. No surprise there. That place is basically Dante's Inferno. Probably sponsored by a bunch of pedos.
  7. uruguns trying to convince us that JB is part of some gay mafia discord chat. Nice. Maybe discord fag = mafia.
  8. "He's not posting constantly on a Sunday when the shit Giants and the shit Rangers both have afternoon games!! Must to be mafia!"
  9. Please look into it, Don hotdog. Everyone will see that, despite the insistence of a few mafia members, said "defense" literally doesn't exist, not even in a "slight" way. I asked, "Why the Ironfin votes?", got a couple of answers that were legit, and never mentioned it again. Seriously. WTF is it with this shit? Are you guys actually illiterate? Do you not know what "defense" means?
  10. Giants lost the game, so I think that means they won The Shit Bowl.
  11. magisme


    "We're second in the division. Let's fire the coach." ?
  12. The Shit Bowl is today. Giants vs. Jets.
  13. Daily suggestion to lift weights. http://rippednomad.com/gyms-in-tokyo/
  14. How many fags will cry because Ozzy is objectively better than Axl in 2019?
  15. Yeah. I was watching. It was such a nothing collision too. And he was playing so well. Jaylen with 30 on 18 shots.
  16. I gotta start watching some Mavs games.
  17. magisme


    magisme Buys Coffee *country song about US of A blaring outside* Coffee Girl: Do you need these ground? magisme: No. Coffee Girl: Are you here for the parade or just coffee? magisme: Just coffee. Coffee Girl: That's nice. magisme: What's the parade? My head is so far in the clouds sometimes.
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