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  1. I don't know, but I've been told, a fat and shit Axl ain't got no soul.
  2. magisme

    Duff about his new solo album: isn't ROCK

    Let Papa Duff put his wisdom in you.
  3. They should thank him. Shitlibs are their own worst enemy, especially Hollywood shitlibs.
  4. magisme

    The Best and Worst of Mafia

  5. magisme

    New Axl article in Penthouse

  6. I think I broke GUNNER I triggered him so hard.
  7. That's bad, but on the other side you have people like jermo and any DJ Ashba fan. Still a wash in my book.
  8. You made up the "real rock concert" part. Also, Canadians don't count.
  9. Imagine choosing to side with either Vegas residency fans or NITL fans and not choosing to kill yourself instead if those were the only options.
  10. Eurocucks and European "football" BTFO once and for all. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6716559/Abused-girlfriend-Alex-Skeel-reveals-injuries-Jordan-Worth.html
  11. magisme

    The Official Weather thread

    Jersey doctors prescribe patients to drive drunk and high, so they have to be more cautious than other states.
  12. Let's get serious, gnfnr. Let this thread be a catchall for discussion about my homeland. How many other Americans do we have? If you're not American, what are your impressions of this great country? I think I might vote for the second time in my life. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/deez-nuts-is-running-for-president/
  13. Imagine the walls of text DS has had to sift through.
  14. >I can't accept that anyone thinks differently than me! >you're an SJW the mental gymnastics are astounding
  15. You're right. You're not assblasted. What was I thinking?
  16. If that makes you feel better about your opinion, go with it.
  17. People are allowed to think that the name doesn't make it GNR.
  18. Jesus Christ. I love ya, but clean your shit up. You're an embarrassment to yourself lately. You and bacardi are the only two assblasted people in the thread. It's weird to see you guys try to flip it as if it isn't obvious.
  19. The reason I asked was because Bonham had just died and I still thought maybe he, Liars and I were the entire mafia. How slow are you?
  20. Has anyone denied that the legal name of Axl's solo band was GNR? You know, there's a reason "in name only" is an actual established saying. It's because it's an actual thing. "Hurr Durr, what words do say?" Literalists are literally subhuman.
  21. If you put CD more in the solo category, it is by far the best solo GNR, even though it's not great itself. I've only heard some songs from the other albums. They were too shit for me to go back to.
  22. How many of those songs ended up sounding like they did in 1989? And then how many ended up drowned in effects, 300 layers of vocals, shitwhispering and such? I think they're GNR albums, but they also made it clear there'd be no more.