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  1. Leading the charge Bandwagon vote. This was the day he promised to vote for whoever I voted for. I voted for Ragnar. He did this.
  2. I've watched almost every Marvel film and I can remember the plot of like 2 of them. They're so generic.
  3. I don't understand writing credits. If there are original riffs and solos, how does the guitarist not get a writing credit? Just because he didn't write nursery rhyme vocals or what?
  4. Remember when JB pulled this stunt? He says I'm Slash because I made 2 sarcastic posts in which I say objectively nothing about Slash. He uses an exact Cap quote when he's almost certainly not Cap and no one bats an eye? For fuck's sake.
  5. Then let's not kill another townie today? Let's kill off the guy who has killed all of town?
  6. If Iron Man reveals him/herself then mafia knows exactly who Izzy is thanks to all the anti-town role reveals. Iron man should stay quiet about it.
  7. I said my piece earlier and I said I was done for the day. JB is obviously mafia and I don't see how there's even a discussion. I'm not Slash and I'm not mafia. Is that good enough? JB has killed every single town member who has died and you guys are thinking about following him why? Because he says he's Iron Man and claims a couple of shitposts at the beginning of the game prove I'm Slash? Fuck me. What else can I say?
  8. Yeah. I've never gotten angry about mafia, right? I definitely didn't rage-stomp Groghan and make him quit the forum over mafia shitmath, right? I'm done. My vote is in.
  9. I bet mafia wins a higher percentage of games on GNFNR than on any other site on the internet.
  10. If you get away with this, I'll probably quit mafia for the forseeable future, because town never has a chance with this kind of play.
  11. I suppose you want to play this like the last one, state a certainty, give objectively zero evidence, be wrong, and then expect people to follow because they're fucking retarded.
  12. Official Vote: John Bonham Fucking Christ. I told you guys not to rush it just on his word.
  13. What the fuck? You're a hoarder too?
  14. Not much. He called himself handsome and I thought it might be a panic reveal, so I threw it out there. He didn't deny it, but I don't know if he saw it.
  15. How do you feel about this vote @John Bonham? Liars is your other main suspect. Does this change anything re: popcorn? @popcorn's snare I kind of assumed you were Iron Man. I don't know if you saw that. Do you have anything to say about that?
  16. Town is already down 3. We can't afford to just believe him unless he gives us something more definitive.
  17. Come on, man. Don't fuck with the game. You're dead. You can join us in the after-game bitchfest.
  18. But if he were that FAT, why would he act like the FAT and basically give the game away? If you're just playing newbie ignorance and you're the FAT, I quit the forum.
  19. Implying he'd act like Axl when he's Axl and Axl is the bad guy we all want to kill. I got my eye on you.
  20. Alright then. This is what it looks like we're working with: @John Bonham - ? @Bill Brasky - Hawkeye - Town Cop - Night 1 Kill @GnRLiars - ? @KFCBucket - Steven Adler - Town - Day 1 Lynch @hotdogman - Rick (?) @magisme - ? @Val - ? @popcorn's snare - Iron Man @Ragnar - ? @Deadstar - ? @Damn_Smooth - Captain America @uruguns - Duff McKagan - Town - Modkilled Day 2
  21. If you guys appear to have a feud on day 1, people won't suspect that you're knowingly on the same team. I'm pretty sure I've seen you do it before. It's a solid move.
  22. Town fucks town yet again. What if the Damn_Smooth/popcorn's snare fight really was a smokescreen?
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