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  1. http://www.investopedia.com/government-stimulus-efforts-to-fight-the-covid-19-crisis-4799723#united-states I don't even disagree that there should be more stimulus checks, as they're a relatively small piece of the whole pie, never said I did, I just think this whole "US has done nothing! Everything wrong!" meme is nonsense. And people can poo-poo about the stock market issue all they want, I think it's shit too, but if the world wants to keep spinning with its entirely fictional finances and continue to lol grow while doing so, you'd better believe they have to prop that shit up. Of course one can argue for a reset, and that's probably the only responsible thing to do, but no one is arguing for that, since it would require a fundamental reordering of the world economy and geopolitics, plus a whole lot more immediate term suffering than we're seeing right now.
  2. lol, now the discussion is really over with you, i should have cut it off when it became clear you were going this route Thank you posting a factual and practical critique. A big reason they can't make money on their loans is that the Fed has interest rates so low, though. That's another huge part of this fucked web of an economy.
  3. So simpleminded, thinking that keeping the largest companies on the planet solvent has no effect on employment (starving people) and the world economy. I'm not advocating for the way things are, but it's the way things are, and no amount of undergrad tier hoping and pretending it away changes it. Just see what happens when we get another tank before the election. Everyone will be calling world recession/depression, just like every other time.
  4. That's a degree of ignorance I never would have expected. I'll take it as a troll/argue at any cost.
  5. And I guess that discussion is over too. fact and figures vs. the feels, the eternal struggle
  6. Still not understanding that the stock market has effectively become the world economy. If we let it tank, and yes all the responsibility is on us, all of your countries tank.
  7. US GDP: 20 trillion US coronabux: 6 trillion Canada GDP: 1.7 trillion PROJECTED Canada coronabux: 150 billion Ireland GDP: 382 billion Ireland coronabux: 10 billion
  8. >not understanding how criminally intertwined the stock market and the world economy have become
  9. What did the Iraq war cost? Something like 2-3 trillion? We're over 6 trillion halfway through the year. Also, increased riches do not counterbalance increased complexity with such a difference in population sizes.
  10. No, but I'm sure you can point out a good guitarist as comparison. I doubt you can find any country comparable to the US that's doing some bang up job.
  11. population of usa: 328 million population of canada: 38 million population of ireland: 5 million
  12. By the end of the year we'll probably have spent $10 trillion on this thing and you guys act like the US gov is a miser. As far as I know, another stimulus check is likely in the works. As far as "actually helping small businesses", I don't know what to tell you. This is how emergency aid works, unfortunately. Governments offer huge pools of free cash to help struggling businesses and the shrewdest people with the best lawyers usually get the lion's share of it. This is all incredibly complex. "Moar Money, Do Better" isn't a serious position. I understand a lot has gone to shit, but considering the circumstances, a lot hasn't.
  13. You too. I know "America a shit :D" is the current fashion, fine, I'm open to it, but why? What did we think was going to happen when we SHUT IT DOWN? Like, I know where sixes is coming from, he's been anti-shutdown since go. JB I'm not sure exactly, but it seems like he became anti-shutdown at some point along the way. You are pro-shutdown, right?
  14. How do you fact check Biden when he basically has a seizure every time he opens his mouth?
  15. JB deals with this while the guy that turns Axl's mic down so no one can hear him gets his regular paycheck.
  16. Yup. Either that or the crew should get their stimulus check and file for unemployment, just like everyone else.
  17. I love it when the guy everyone's laughing at thinks he's hot shit.
  18. Unsurprisingly, commie Pearl Jam took out the biggest band loan. Kanye got between 2 and 5 million for his shit clothing company.
  19. I didn't know it. I'm so boomer, I don't even reddit.
  20. But is evil anyway? Didn't recognize who it was. Who are the others?
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