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  1. But he's really cucking sorry, guys, so it's OK.
  2. magisme

    New Discord

    "It's better!!!" Reasons given: 0
  3. magisme

    New Discord

    I didn't ask you to compare. I asked you why we should care about discord. You really can't give one reason, can you? Be honest, do you even know why you use it? Anyway, enjoy your most recent meme form of communication. See you next year when it's something completely different.
  4. magisme

    New Discord

    What's gonna change between my visits yesterday and my next visit? Jokes aside, you still haven't given us any reason to get into it. It's on all of you who want us to use it to convince us. "It's better new thing!" isn't gonna cut it. The two things I saw you mention: 1. Links - we already have those 2. Livechat - we already have that and no one uses it I'm not even trying to be argumentative with this, but why should we care about GNR discords?
  5. magisme

    New Discord

    How these niggas not understand that we came to GNFNR to get away from the type of people who populate these shitcords?
  6. magisme

    New Discord

    These fedora retards with their "things belong in x time... hurr durr..." nonsense. Either a pathetic old person trying to impress the kids or a kid who doesn't know shit. Either one is a faggot... FOREVER.
  7. We love you here. We can't take another day of your split affections. ๐Ÿ’”
  8. I know of this cool place called GNFNR. We should all just chat there. This Discord stuff is out of hand. We need to have Discordgate and BraskyLeaks in their own threads. I don't mean to be a dick, but can we do that?
  9. Dear Fermanager, Let's put jokes aside for a minute, my man. I miss you. Do you remember the years and years of hilarious burns I provided you before I even knew you were my biggest fan? Do you remember that fateful day on that weird Swedish forum when you admitted your feelings for me? And then there was my love letter into the abyss, the first "Dear Fermanager" letter. I posted it on the LGBTQ Canada forum, as was appropriate, but I assumed that I'd never hear from you. While you were amused by my forum shenanigans, surely you didn't yearn like I yearned to take turns enjoying each other's long posts. But you came. And then, for the first time, we came together. Nothing would ever be the same. We frolicked for days, inviting everyone to join in. It was glorious. But then we had our first fight, which turned out to be our last fight. You called me a hater and I told you to go fuck yourself. I knew I would soon be the sacrificial lamb, because, as we know, gay Canadians are partial to Brazilian men. They feared I'd drive you away, so they panicked. One night, they broke into my profile room, wrapped me in pink ribbon, placed me in a little gay boat, and set me to sea. .... I don't have the strength to continue the story until I hear from my Dear Fermanager. Please bring him to me. I am eager to express myself all over the thread. Love, magisme
  10. Yeah. I think so. We love Manets but he ain't got "burns" like me. Someone tell him where I am and that I'd love to chat.
  11. Who is the real mendosa even? I've never heard of most of these people.
  12. This guy is shit, and his name suggests he should be on the southern side of the wall.
  13. I don't think discord is for me. I tried both of them, but 99% of the posts put me to sleep.
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