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  1. Citation please. I don't remember what you did.
  2. Trillion dollar wars, trillion dollar defense budget... "Hey, let's create and fund an entirely new branch of the military!" "OK. Let's make them uniforms!" "Slow down, little guy. We're trying to save money here."
  3. Shit. I broke the rules with the role reveal?
  4. Was arnold even that close to a lynch? Why role reveal already?
  5. First episode of The Outsider was fucking sweet.
  6. I'll give it another listen, but I'm not watching that video again.
  7. Darkness is terrible. That video is cringe.
  8. Salsh McBorski flying way under the radar.
  9. But that takes place in a jungle on Earth. And the camo doesn't work. It's the mud that hides his body temperature that works.
  10. There's some good fast rapping, but it's nothing we haven't heard from him before. Same Out Ta Get Me butthurt about everything. I want Slim Shady back.
  11. Someone is going to have to explain the benefit of camo in space to me.
  12. I hate being town. I feel so dumb.
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