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  1. Before long, I'll be watching the Mets just 1 out of 5 days.
  2. magisme


    Only watched the Rangers game. I was pleasantly surprised at how intensely both teams played. The atmosphere is shit with no fans, but the players were into it. No social distancing, that's for sure. Rangers were shit though. Hank was the only reason the score was so close. Carolina could have easily scored 3 more the way the ice was titled. Same terrible Rangers defense. No chemistry up front. Kakko looked good. Season over soon.
  3. Watched about 10 minutes of the Celtics game. Nope. Only good part was Gordon Hayward's back of the jersey shitpost with "education reform".
  4. My point is entirely about censorship. I don't care what she said.
  5. Have to suppress "dangerous" opinions. Don't worry. I'm sure they won't expand the parameters of what's dangerous.
  6. Maybe it's more of a storm than a wave and they picked the wrong metaphor.
  7. I wonder if Axl gave Frank a raise as reparations. Put your money where your fat is, Alex.
  8. I bet they don't even support gender reassignment for kids. Cunts.
  9. Close to the definition of a borderline hall of famer. Being a Yankee might get him in eventually.
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