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  1. I haven't watched any Browns games because I can't stand the sight of LOLBJ. Daniel Jones looks like utter shit. He's gotta be good next year or he's gotta be out. If the Giants get first overall pick, they take Clemson boy and ship Jones to some retarded team like the Browns for picks.
  2. Out. Sorry, Facekicker. Discord faggots ruin it again.
  3. Have they released 12 versions of You're Crazy?
  4. Can't believe I'm going to have to enforce the Towel Rule on gnfnr.
  5. I listen to my music library on shuffle all the time. I skip the Guns And Roses songs.
  6. I enjoyed some of the football this weekend @arnold layne. Obviously not the Giants, but the ravens/texans and chiefs/chargers games were fun. Didn't watch Sunday night or Monday night. I'm too old for that shit.
  7. When does CNN suggest that Trump had something to do with her death?
  8. Can't stop talking about me. Literally obsessed.
  9. I know, right? Downright tragic that I think Hetfield sounds like ass these days and that I'd like a post saying so. Dark days at GNFNR.
  10. Can't wait for President Trump 2040 to outlive Axl and liberate the vault from foreign control.
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