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  1. OK, buddy. You did it! When no one else was willing to try, you and a couple of other brave heroes worked so hard and did more than you should have to bring leaks to the community, only to find that the community didn't appreciate you enough and didn't deserve all the sweat and blood you gave. Out Ta Get You, tried so hard, weight of the world on your shoulders, oh, my love, do you see what I see, whatever the fuck. OK, Axl?
  2. He's pretty terrible live these days. I forgive him because he releases the best music on the market like every other year.
  3. I wasn't going to get into the English, but since you bring it up, what part of "specifically" is difficult for you? I know you thought you were spitting revelations when you said that "generally" when someone says "we" it includes themselves, but that literally has nothing to do with anything. I said "we," basically meaning GNFNR. I spread the love. You covet internet attention specific to yourself. That's why you think I'm focusing on myself when I say "we". You project your own narcissism. Now, back to my original post. You'll see that I said we memed him into an actual insider. Wouldn't that mean that the memes came before the legit insider status? Which is not to say that the memes were more important, but rather to mark that there was a line between memes and actual insider status, which means that the meme people weren't necessarily involved with the actual insider work? I'll stop here to see if you have any questions. I know your 3rd Teepee education is limited.
  4. Holy shit. You're such a child. I can't even reply to this nonsense anymore. Pick a fight about something else.
  5. Literally my post that made you mad. I didn't mention myself specifically until you did. Does "we" mean something different in Native Canadian?
  6. It's a large messenger's bag. There's literally nothing wrong with scarves during winter in the Northeast. You're actually retarded if you don't wear them.
  7. Is it the bag? You gotta remember, I'm carrying around books and notebooks all day. I have to have a bag. I'm too old for a book bag and I'm too young for a briefcase.
  8. 1. I have a few nice scarves, but they're strictly for cold weather. 2. I carry one of these for work, not just walking around in life. 3. No joke, I openly mock teenagers with man buns.
  9. You remember that TB+mygina poster with the clasped hands that NGOG made way back when? Doc and I are like that, except with dicks.
  10. I was the first to push the "100% confirmed legit insider" tag on him years ago. You jumped on board when the train was already at full speed.
  11. You caught me on NFL day. Then I had to watch the recorded Rangers game. I got a lot going on over here.
  12. Do you guys realize that we memed Brasky into becoming an actual insider?
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