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  1. Yes, but are traitors from past days still traitors today or does it reset each day?
  2. @GUNNER Who are the traitors right now?
  3. Fuck your optics. I'm going in. Unvote: auad Official Vote: arnold layne His answers were shit and they have a point about why announce his power unless to do a "hey, look how town I am!" fakeout.
  4. Let's run through this. If mafia know mafia, then arnold is clean. Makes zero sense otherwise. He wouldn't kill a known teammate. If mafia does not know mafia, then it could go any of 3 ways. Town arnold: GUNNER: You are town, arnold layne! xD arnold: Thanks, GUNNER. My cat has the beetus. GUNNER: .... GUNNER: send your night power arnold: Kill JB. Let's see how this Liars thing shakes out. ..... arnold: Holy shit! I cracked the case! Mafia arnold: GUNNER: You are mafia, arnold layne! xD arnold: Thanks, GUNNER. Makes sense. Mafia probably have hot wives. .... GUNNER: send your night power arnold: Kill JB. He already got one of us. He's not getting me. .... arnold: Fuck. Indie arnold: GUNNER: You are independent, arnold layne! xD arnold: Thanks, GUNNER. Makes sense. I've always felt like I was all alone in the world. GUNNER: .... GUNNER: send your night power arnold: Kill JB. Doesn't matter what he is. I just want to kill someone .... arnold: Whatever. Why do you think mafia is more likely than the other two? My question for @arnold layne is: If you are town, why kill anyone? You know the odds aren't in your favor, especially with one mafia down already.
  5. Where does GUNNER say this? Please don't just say, "In the OP," or something vague like that.
  6. He single-handedly killed JB, a member of the mafia.
  7. If auad isn't getting modkilled, I still think he's the safest kill. @Major Mayhem, please explain why you think arnold is dirty. That's what has me suspicious of you.
  8. @GUNNER, are you going to modkill auad for essentially quitting the game?
  9. That's right. I forgot that part.
  10. This is somewhat important to consider before we kill auad or Mayhem. If arnold is going to kill me anyway, there's no point in killing someone else to see if I'm town. Instead, we should discuss who arnold should kill at night and then kill me so you guys can finally put the whole Liars thing to rest. Down one townie (me), but if arnold's kill is a group effort, we have a better chance than if we guess during the day. Where is my logic wrong?
  11. Bottom line though, is Skeeter the traitor?