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  1. magisme


    Can't wait for Leafs to tank.
  2. Going at people for low effort. Here we go! Literally all we got. Tier 1: McDaddy, hotdogman, John Bonham
  3. Where is this breakdown from?
  4. Tier 1 Suspects: McDaddy, hotdogman Which shit do we flush?
  5. I always use the first post. I thought Liars was still alive for most of Day 3.
  6. The noob factor is the only thing that gives me pause. Problem is that the noob defense is a textbook play for a noob who is mafia. I did it my first ever game. His play has definitely been irregular.
  7. Also one of my main suspects. Sell me on a vote.
  8. arnold was one of my main suspects. @GUNNER
  9. It's time. Official Vote: Dr. Strangelove
  10. Please answer the following: 1. Who did you vote for yesterday and why did you vote for them? 2. Did you believe Deadstar? Why or why not? Thank you kindly.
  11. @Bill Brasky Can I have a cop power tonight?
  12. No reason to let today go beyond tonight imo. I'd like to hear from those two, but I vote Doc before I go to bed unless others have more questions.
  13. Yes. I agree with that. My guess is she misstated what she knew vs. what she assumed. Got her in trouble. I wasn't around when the vote switches all went down. When I left in the morning, Doc was one vote from a lynch that I assumed was inevitable. When I came back at night, Deadstar was dead. I didn't read a lot of her posts in between all that carefully since she came up cop exactly as I expected. @McDaddy @hotdogman Who is your daddy and what does he do?
  14. I'll ask you once again, since you're trying to deflect. What changed here?
  15. Are you not reading my posts? Or are you misrepresenting me intentionally? I have said over and over that lynching Dr. Strangelove today is a foregone conclusion. He will die today. He should die today. I will vote for him today. He is mafia. I will not vote for hotdogman or anyone other than Dr. Strangelove today. I simply want to take some time to gather intel while we know exactly who one mafia member is. I just want hotdog and McDaddy to answer my questions before we move on. Is this still confusing for you? Because literally everyone else seems to get it.
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