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  1. That's exactly what i said. Well done.
  2. Yes, shooting someone at point blank range is different than likely contributing to the death of some guy drugged out of his mind. Neither is good. One is way worse.
  3. Sorry to hear it, man. Thoughts with you both. Make sure to post or pm or whatever if you need to. Bro hug.
  4. The cycle of violence will never end until we pass sensible Marvel Comics control legislation.
  5. Of course not. They're so globohomo brainwashed they forget that's literally the first and foremost duty of any elected government, to serve its people.
  6. That's what globalization has always been - suppress wages, extract resources, entrap in debt. It's shit, but it's hypocritical to blame China for doing the exact thing other developed countries have been doing for the last few decades. It's like the environmental thing, "we already had our industrial revolution, you're not allowed to have yours xD". Of course China is going to tell everyone to get fucked.
  7. Watched 2/3 of Knives Out. Utter shit.
  8. Maureen Dowd is still around? Also, what's the latest on my free corona money? Who wants to give it to me and who wants to keep it from me?
  9. magisme


    Watched the Rangers games. Boring as fuck. Wouldn't be surprised if I don't watch another game this lol season. I might just not be much of a sports fan anymore. Did Kung Flu kill it for me? I hope not. We'll see what happens if it's ever normal again.
  10. What do you mean he banned it?
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