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  1. magisme

    GNR Cornholes Fans Again

    @volcano62™ Does he know you made the sign?
  2. magisme

    Banned/Suspended Members Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't have guessed that.
  3. magisme

    What Are You Listening II

    U2 a shit, but that song is awesome.
  4. magisme

    Cemeteries - What do you think of them?

    I had to dig deep to find an aggressive hot take, but I got there.
  5. magisme

    Cemeteries - What do you think of them?

    Today's ideological fads express joyous disdain and disrespect for the past, so I distrust any impulse to eliminate monuments to the past. "B-but, magisme, I have so many arguments about economic growth and population growth and efficiency, and don't you care about the living? Why do we have to waste the land on buried boxes full of rotting organic matter? Lol. Those people are gone. Just get over it. No decaying death park is going to bring them back. Burn them all. It's a final solution!" Literally go fuck yourself.
  6. The United Nations loves them some celebrities. One of a million reasons why the UN is utter shit.
  7. magisme


    I liked Gatsby.
  8. People still smoke cigarettes?
  9. magisme

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    Probably just their appearance fees.
  10. White Christmas Supremacist checking in.
  11. You left out the best part of the quote, where he literally turns into a menopausal divorcee. "... of traveling this globe of ours coerced these words into songs that tell my truth, and one that I hope will spread and help us all. I do this for my daughters…I do this for my love of where I grew up…I do this, because I truly feel it must be done and said right now."
  12. magisme

    Trash celeb gossip site claims Axl was POISONED

    OP has: 1) original thoughts in post 2) proper formatting for text and link 3) not posted the same thread 6 gorillian times in the past two days
  13. magisme

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Not that I care if this "well ackshually" faggot gets the rope or not, but sounds to me like he probably dindu nuffin.