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  1. And which drummer did Duff present the idea to? And when?
  2. I need some real insiders and experts here. Did the drum intro for You Could Be Mine originate with Steven or Matt? I just need to know. Have a good day.
  3. Is Dazey Catholic and Cigarette Smoking Man Protestant?
  4. Fuck i'm late to the party. I'll play. This game is better with people you know or sorta know. Playing with randos sucks.
  5. Bad news for all the capitol stormers who brought their cell phones. The Capitol building has mini cell towers (basically) so that congressmen and staffers can have cellular connectivity. So even if bluetooth and Wi-Fi and GPS are off, if your phone connected to one of those mini cell towers inside the capitol building, they are going to pull those logs eventually. Could be bullshit but I don't think so.
  6. I'm sorry, but Trump's a dumbass. He's not some clever social media wizard. He just says whatever he wants to be true and lets the shit float in the air to see how far it goes. Anyway, 2 cops dead at the pro-trump capital protests/break-in. Oh right, "it's all antifa." Except it isn't, because the trump supporting retards all have been ID'd because they're dumb, and it's easy to ID them. lol
  7. Doesn't matter, a cop was killed by bludgeoning. That's still an indisputable fact.
  8. They arrested crackhead Jebedia Springfield. He lives with his parents in Arizona. And, the officer who died was killed by a fire extinguisher. That is- it was bashed against him. Straight up murderin blue lives. This is a coherent movement, mmhmm.
  9. Miser is George Michael's illegitimate son.
  10. For my job, I'm on the fast track to getting it soon. I'll let y'all know how it goes. I'm fine with it. Once you actually look into how vaccines are made and how they work, the microchip behind the curtain is revealed, and it turns out the wizard of oz isn't concealing a microchip at all. Miser rejecting it along with big phrama is laughable, after he spent years upregulating his GABA neurons from all the benzo abuse. Guess what Miser? You're already a puppet of the pharmaceutical companies. However, getting hooked on benzos is trendy after opioid restrictions w
  11. Pretty violent death for the cop who was killed. "Blue lives matter! (except when storming the Capitol)".
  12. Apparently a federal police officer was killed. Not lookin so good for Jebediah Sprengfald and his inbred flunkies.
  13. I wonder if the Monuments Act will be enforced on the "revolutionaries" who stormed the Capitol. That shit would be glorious.
  14. Do we have video of the Trump supporter who tasered himself and had a heart attack? So do you guys want to bang the lady who got maced and said it was a revolution? She looked like a real sharp tool.
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