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  1. Ohhh, sorry to break it to you, but Slash is just an employee now. He doesn't have any creative input. Sort of like bumblefoot.
  2. Rudy Giulliani was about to pork that kid. I'm sure all the trump nutlickers around here probably think it's okay though. How many of you have kids? Would you let your kid hang out with Jeff Epstein? Of course you would, he was friends with Donald Trump. They hung out lots! Donny even said that Jeffy likes girls on the younger side. No big deal right?
  3. Did you know miser looks like George Michael's long lost lovechild?
  4. Let's play, fruitcakes. There's no voicechat unless we use discord (LOLOL). So it's just typing. I think for our games, we'd want to make the discussion/voter timers longer so we can hash it out.
  5. The mix sucks and matt sorum sucks and it's anemic and castrated. it's the sound of bloated duff and smacked out slash and egomaniac axl and a bunch of employees. fuck this album.
  6. Man, Slash was really getting fat by that point. Kind of embarrassing.
  7. So instead of shitbumps, it's redundant threads. What a coincidence, miser's favorite thing! I want a hairline update thread about yourself. I think you're bald now.
  8. so you're actually spending time trying to 'prove' your impression of him from the original video I posted. lol. which, again, you called him gay because his vocabulary was too much for you. now you're desperately trying to Google quotes and find anything to back up your premise, and the best you can do is Hagar talking shit. Roth is just secure in who he is. you clearly wouldn't understand. you also appear to be ignorant about how a lot of rock stars from the 80s dressed. unfortunately for you Dave is not gay, but keep spending time googling the f
  9. I mean ultimately it's Slash and Duff's fault for signing over the name.
  10. http://www.nsfwyoutube.com/watch?v=A6CZ2J8gJtk
  11. Sorum was more okay with Scott's opiate addiction. In that reality show-esque documentary VR did about searching for a singer, Sorum was a huge fan from the getgo and hated all the other singers. Slash on the other hand, knew what they were getting into with Scott's addiction, and having the "flu".
  12. In Idiocracy, people called the main protagonist a fag for having a good vocabulary. I think that's what's going on here, no offense. This man had piles of pussy. Piles. He looks nothing like Gronk either.
  13. They're not the 1985 Bears, but we'll take it.
  14. Diamond Dave is second to none. Fat Axl could learn a thing or two, even from old hairplug action dave. Post david lee roth interviews here. Basically all of them are excellent. I mean, it's unreal. Eat Em and Smile is better than 5150, fight me.
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