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  1. You could have found a video that wasn't stretched. I hate that shit.
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot all about the guy who was hired for the sole purpose of fooling live audiences Izzy was still in the band.
  3. How many times did Izzy need to be resuscitated for heroin overdose? Slash OD'd a 100 times and had to have a babysitter with him at all times. Then there's mister megalomaniacal himself, ginger balls. Did you know that dolphins are rapists? Izzy is the coolest and Baby Ran is better than most of post UYI "GnR". Fuck all the gay no-vocal leaks and buckethead noodles #10467. You guys would probably get a hard-on for DJ Ashba songs. Izzy is a God. Show some respect you queer autist gnr messageboard hipsters.
  4. I feel like this could be a good meme. How much would it cost to host a single picture of Axl on the site? We could post it to reddit and instagram for internet points. Also, I found the thing Axl is using that Tom Cruise told him about- the laser hair regrower.
  5. I like Marius Pudzianowski (or however you spell it)
  6. I could only send in the roleblock. All the kills I deferred to DS and uruguns. It just happened to turn into a food meme massacre for giggles.
  7. The next mafia game, I'm going to get blitzkrieged by multiple people.
  8. Thank you. I feel really bad about you and mags supporting me throughout the game. I just rolled with it. I know there will be consequences.
  9. I didn't vote for DS because he was on my team. /autist response
  10. Good game though. Lots of fun. I enjoyed it. Everyone goes through their stage like Liars and swears off mafia, so I don't fault him. Hopefully he'll enjoy his vacation and then come back and play a game in a year or so when he's ready. I got pissed and skipped a few games. I'm sorry to all the townies who I fucked in the ass. Mags, Strangelove, Deadstar. I think there's a few others too. When these townies defended me and said I was town, or quietly sided with me, I honestly feel guilty. All because I took advantage of them. I just want every townie to know who I fucked over, that I am sorry. I humbly apologize.
  11. Here are my favorite Damn_Smooth quotes from the mafia discussion. This is the reason for food-related killings. Damn_Smooth 6:00 PM Let's block Mags and kill someone random just to fuck with them. Who should we kill though? Damn_Smooth 8:11 AM I don't know, man. I don't really care if we lose, I just want to fuck with them as much as possible until the end.
  12. Day two I don't know how we missed the mags lynch. I'm not sure what happened there. Night two was hot. Arnold investigated me but we killed him. The tradeoff was that mags investigated uruguns. We weren't for sure that mags wouldn't be protected. As a sidenote, there was a little drama behind the scenes for mafia. I was really pissed off at uruguns for voting for me and I deleted the Slack channel we were using completely. I felt he was selfishly voting for me a little too early. So I was like, oh if we're playing like that, I'm gonna get your ass voted off. It didn't happen, but then by sheer luck, mags investigated him. I felt he was bringing a little too much heat on himself. There were a couple times people had some votes on him. I recreated the slack channel and calmed down. I guess this was all day two since it lasted so long. As a side note, this is the second game DS and I have won as mafia. However, I'm not bragging because I've fucking lost a ton as mafia two so my record is shit, but it's not "zero and shit." Here is the transcript of the second Slack channel I made on Jan 17th. Wish I still had the first one. I was really upset after uruguns tried to off me. Still, this might be an interesting read. popcorn's snare 4:33 PM joined #mafia. popcorn's snare 4:41 PM renamed the channel from “general” to “mafia” popcorn's snare 5:08 PM Alright guys, i'm sorry Damn_Smooth 6:52 PM joined #mafia. popcorn's snare 10:15 PM Hey we're not doing half bad. Sunday, January 19th uruguns 12:39 AM joined #mafia. uruguns 12:40 AM i dont know, day 2 should be over like a week ago Monday, January 20th popcorn's snare 6:05 PM So let's discuss who we are blocking and nightkilling. popcorn's snare 6:13 PM If mags is protected, his investigation turns up paranoid, which means anyone he investigates comes up town. 6:13 If I'm interpreting the rule right. Damn_Smooth 6:13 PM They come up mafia. popcorn's snare 6:14 PM OH duh, you're right. 6:14 Man, so many things can go right. But so many things can go wrong. Damn_Smooth 6:16 PM Yeah, we'll see. Saturday, January 25th Damn_Smooth 10:25 PM I say we both block and kill Brasky. He's been claiming doctor. uruguns 10:28 PM I'm not sure he implied being the doctor... 10:29 killing mags or arnold should be considered too uruguns 10:29 PM but you both probably know better than me 1 reply 13 days agoView thread Sunday, January 26th popcorn's snare 2:27 PM We kill either arnold or mags. There is a good chance mags will be protected. 2:27 If mags is protected, then his investigation will turn up parnaoid. 2:27 I say we cockblock mags and kill arnold popcorn's snare 2:33 PM block mags, kill brasky, i'm fine with that, but arnold has been up our asses all game 2:33 brasky is selfish though....he could be protecting himself Damn_Smooth 3:38 PM That's what I'm worried about. If we block and kill Brasky at least we'll be rid of the doctor. I hope. He could have been lying. I kind of want to keep Mags around because we can use him for his voting theory to get another town kill. Did any of us even vote Fackicker? popcorn's snare 3:42 PM Okay I'll send it in. Block brasky. I think it's a mistake though. I think we should kill arnold. All day. Damn_Smooth 3:42 PM I'm fine with that. Kill Arnold and block Brasky. popcorn's snare 3:43 PM I mean, will arnold be protected? 3:43 I'll send in the brasky block right meow Damn_Smooth 3:43 PM I don't know. popcorn's snare 3:44 PM I sent in the role block of brasky. I'm cool with whatever. Killing brasky is fine too 3:44 Unless he protecc himself Damn_Smooth 3:44 PM It's a guess on who's being protected no matter what. popcorn's snare 5:23 PM Well send it in, whatever it is. Monday, January 27th popcorn's snare 8:43 PM Mags investigated someone. Or so he claims. Buckle up, here we go. Tuesday, January 28th uruguns 6:07 AM Rip me uruguns 6:55 AM Magisme would of been a smarter kill. 6:56 Wasnt it kinda obvious that the Doc was going to protect someone else.. popcorn's snare 5:42 PM So, block brasky again and kill mags, DS? popcorn's snare 5:47 PM Or block mags and kill someone random? The doc's protection only extends to keeping them alive, it doesn't protect them from a roleblock, right? Damn_Smooth 6:00 PM I like your way of thinking. Doctor only saves them from a kill and if Brasky protected him his reading would be off anyway. Let's block Mags and kill someone random just to fuck with them. Who should we kill though? Wednesday, January 29th popcorn's snare 2:26 AM Hmm 2:28 Either Salsh or kfc 2:28 lol 2:28 But dude... what about block brasky, kill mags? 2:29 I don't feel strongly. You and I have had some heat from people. That's my only concern. 2:29 I'm cool with whatever. Damn_Smooth 8:11 AM I don't know, man. I don't really care if we lose, I just want to fuck with them as much as possible until the end. If it matters to you we should probably kill Mags. I still think he'd help us with his vote theory though. Especially now that town shouldn't be stupid enough to question him again. 8:13 I think we should kill Salsh over KFC though. Brasky thinks KFC is mafia. popcorn's snare 9:13 AM Ok roleblock mags and kill Salsh? I'll send in the block. Damn_Smooth 9:14 AM Sounds good. We're going to lose, but this is going to be funny. popcorn's snare 9:17 AM We have a chance. They can only lynch one of us. 9:18 I saw we go hard on KFC 9:18 We'll see. Damn_Smooth 9:21 AM True. Let's let Brasky and Mags start leading the way. I want to see their reactions to this. Sunday, February 2nd popcorn's snare 1:00 PM Block and kill brasky? 1:00 Can we please kill brasky or mags? 1:01 Take a risk and block/kill brasky, and hope mags investigates someone else? 1:01 Think about it. 1:01 I can't believe we made it another day. Damn_Smooth 1:01 PM We have to kill Mags. Killing Brasky gives him the chance to investigate us again. 1:02 You want to risk Mags investigating us? We can if you want. 1:07 Letting Mags investigate someone will clear another townie though. 1:07 If he doesn't catch us. popcorn's snare 1:15 PM Block braskky, kill mags then? Damn_Smooth 1:16 PM I think that would be the safest thing to do. popcorn's snare 1:16 PM I'm down Damn_Smooth 1:16 PM Do you know where KFC is from? popcorn's snare 1:17 PM Negative Damn_Smooth 1:17 PM Me neither. Think we should wait to send in the kill though. Still make it look like foreigners. popcorn's snare 1:18 PM I'm fine with that. 1:18 lol 1:18 I can't send the kill in anyway Damn_Smooth 1:18 PM Oh yeah. Forgot about that. popcorn's snare 7:25 PM Be sure to post elsewhere on the forum. Thursday, February 6th Damn_Smooth 10:53 AM Kill Brasky? We're going to need to be in there when the day starts because as soon as somebody votes for someone that isn't us we win. uruguns 5:58 PM block brasky, kill SL. My two cents popcorn's snare 6:03 PM I think i'm toast after tonight. 6:03 I work 8 to 5 central timezone, sometimes it's tough for me to be johnny on the spot. 6:04 Definitely kill brasky. He's after me. 6:04 Strangelove has been supportive of me. 6:04 Regardless we have to block brasky, so I'll send that in. 6:05 Strangelove is going to be easier to manipulate. 6:06 Deadstar and KFC are swayable. Brasky is not. 6:06 Brasky is blocked. JB just confirmed. Damn_Smooth 6:14 PM I'm probably dead if anything. They'll blame me for Liars. Oh well, at least I got him. I'll send in the vote to kill Brasky later so the heat is off you. Just say it was an obvious frame job if they start saying you killed him. I'm going to try pushing for Deadstar. Today Damn_Smooth 5:40 AM I need you to come vote Deadstar before they kill me, 5:42 Please say how it's obvious because she was the last jump on vote and point out how she tried voting off Brasky after he said he was the cop. popcorn's snare 8:57 AM Alright fire in the hole. Damn_Smooth 9:56 AM Congrats, Sir. We did it! 9:57 *Sirs uruguns 9:58 AM gg wp popcorn's snare 11:16 AM I believe that's two we've won, DS. Am I remembering right? 11:16 Although I might've been dead when we won the last one. new messages Damn_Smooth 11:24 AM Yep. I don't know if you were dead though. 11:25 You weren't. JB gave you mvp.
  13. Deadstar did jump on the Liars vote at the tail end and was trying to get rid of Brasky after he said he was the cop. I honestly thought she was clean early, but since I've been a moron in this game, I've come to the realization and now I'm wondering if she's a super stealthy mafia kingpin, playing off her "inexperience" and naivete. OFFICIAL VOTE: DEADSTAR
  14. Well fuck. I like how they kill brasky after he was trying to get votes on me. There I said it, I'm not afraid to talk about it. I nailed uruguns to the wall, but I've been a shit townie since then. I get pissed off at people who are trying to make me look bad. I just like, take it personally. Not as personally as gnrliars mind you, y'know with the whole DRAMATIC STATUS UPDATE shit, but I was irritated with him all game. This happens every time- he assuredly convinces town to vote me off- like this has happened so many fucking times. I admit, I voted for him. I thought he was dirty because he was coming after me. And he always comes after me, I just get fucking annoyed. But I did think he was dirty. I'm kind of dejected. Not dejected like liars or anything, but pretty dejected. I just feel dumb.
  15. And Mags knew I was town, he said so. But these retards are self-destructing town. Like the Renegade in WCW. I'm the real ultimate warrior.
  16. I'm so done with this game. Vote me off, yeah it was all part of my brilliant master plan to get uruguns killed on day 2 to make myself look good. Fucking genius. OFFICIAL VOTE: GNRLIARS
  17. I dunno yet. Liars probably. He's been acting weird the whole game. Not his usual self.
  18. Because they're butt buddies and always have been. Liars swings off brasky's jock all the time.
  19. Well we're self-destructing again. Liars is getting all dramatic. Brasky has his usual hard-on for me. They always vote me off when I'm town to get their jollies. I led a charge against uruguns on day 2 and brasky was nowhere to be found. But that doesn't matter. Brasky putting lotion in the basket is what's happening to me.
  20. I admit, I voted for matir. Other people were all up his ass the whole game. He tried to put heat on me, which always pisses me off. KFC was sure, other people talked shit about matir. So I went with it. I'm weary. I'm tired. As a food-named screename, I can guess that mafia will off me tonight, if I'm not lynched. Whatever. Protect me billy, don't kill me.
  21. Sooo... this virus has a few commonalities with HIV. This will be the next conspiracy theory, but the parts of the virus that are shared in common with HIV are highly variable and very simple. So, it's not for sure it's engineered. It's like 4 things out of thousands happen to be similar or something. That's as best as I can simplify it. Gets into serious bioinformatics or whatever, and I'm not even saying I understand it. But... something to think about.
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