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  1. I've noticed that Axl and Slash both wear girdles to slenderize the appearance of their midsections. Do you think they are promoting a certain brand? Do they share? Maybe DJ Ashba could design a demented girdle for both of them.
  2. "Your account has been suspended from mygnrforum for offensive, bigoted and sexist posting. You must donate to the forum to re-enable your posting privileges. Mod note: Seriously man, you're better than that. You left me no choice. There was no need for that. We have a lot of women on the forum with children. Try to think about their point of view the next time you want to post something so egregiously against the terms of service. Please donate at least 20 dollars and we'll unlock your account and send you a t-shirt."
  3. Trump's a dumbass for saying that on Twitter. It's funny, but what a retard. You don't go overt. You go subtle. You say something sly, making fun of Iran's military. Or something like that. Something a little cryptic. But you don't just say "We're gonna kick your ass."
  4. Thanks Bill. I'm semi-retired. I was defeated by the whole youtube narc thing and this site getting legitimate threats.
  5. I'm about to watch the last new episode of Game of Thrones. I've already read most of the spoilers already, by choice. Although it's supposed to feel like I'm savoring it... it doesn't feel that way at all. I know plenty of people have died that were important in previous seasons, but it just seems like the deaths meant more. This season, it's like they're crossing off a list. Sure, characters are going to die in major battles. But I dunno man, damn, each death felt hollow and lame. Except Missandei and Lyana Mormont- thank god they got killed off. But all these characters dying in cheap storytelling ways. Like... the show has invested 8 fucking seasons for some of them and major screentime. And they just die with zero satisfactory resolution of their arc. Cersei hides in the castle, and... that's it. Jamie survives multiple organ stabs and... he hugs his sister and they die in rocks. Jorah Mormont... shaking my damn head. That's it? That's what we got? I knew the Hound didn't have a chance, but damn... I didn't want him to go out like that. I guess that might be the least complain-aboutable death, but man, I was hoping he would kill his brother, and then live out his life. Just because he had some of the best lines in the show. Here's the bottom line. I just think anyone could've done a better job. Even most of you assholes.
  6. Lars Sullivan. What are people's opinion on him? Looks like he's getting a big push.
  7. Roger that. I will trust your suggestion. Also, on another topic, isn't there some new big guy that looks like a cro magnon man and has limited ability? He resemebles a caveman with his giant brow bone. Has a terrible outfit.
  8. What's funny is grumpy cat would totally agree with your sentiment. The cat brought a smile to a lot of people's faces. Brightened their day. I liked grumpy cat. Taking a shit in the morning, browsing reddit, regretting not going to sleep earlier the night before- grumpy cat lifted my spirits. At my previous job, we didn't help students with their computer problems- we were faculty and staff support only. But our office area was a converted classroom, right next to a bunch of classrooms. So lots of students would walk in with their hosed computers because they got loads of malware. So anyway, we created our own grumpy cat memes and put them on the door to let students know that we wouldn't help them with their computer issue. So I was very thankful to grumpy cat.
  9. I just see too many homeless people charging their cellphones. Also, most of them are just drug addicts. Others are crazy. Others just have degraded brains. But... these days, they can make a killin. There's a guy in my local area that has an actual facebook page with sightings of him since he always says he's trying to get to a town 30 miles away and his car broke down. He's literally been using that same line for 20 years.
  10. I guess you're right. And to be fair, when Bray Wyatt started getting hot, it had real potential. But now I think the gimmick has stalled. It needs to evolve. Nothin crazy. But it just feels like he stares at people ominously and then does crazy laugh smile face. And then the lights go out. And then there's spooky candles. They need to do some swamp thing type action. Like have his hand start turning into a plant that's super powerful and has moving tendrils. Somethin like that.
  11. Wat. The fat guy who stares at people and pretends to be "mystical" and "have powers" and makes scary kid faces? Yeah, no.
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