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  1. You know people can click on your profile and see your username history, right?
  2. Axl spent all his money on the tom cruise laser hair follicle restoration dealy.
  3. To be clear, this isn't towelie is it?
  4. One in a Million demos or gtfo
  5. What's unfortunate is that RED zinfandel is excellent wine. High alcohol, great flavor, smooth. But they chose that grape to make the ghetto trailer park white version, which is just the wine without the skins, or very little exposure to the skins. But real red zins, it's what the vinyard assholes drink and share with eachother.
  6. I've seen a dog with cushing's. It looked like axl with a distended abdomen and skinny appendages.
  7. Slash Hudson & the Myles Kennedy & The Conspiratorizationalizers Experience
  8. CHAP or CHAZ or whatever it's called. I watched a youtube video of this guy walking through it. It's grafitti, drug addicts, plywood, outhouses, and tents. Good job, CHAZP. Way to show everyone the utopia.
  9. I've noticed that many long term posters are changing their names. Well goddamnit, I just wanna say I understand why it's annoying when people changed their names. I've changed my name a bunch of times. Which on this site you can see in someone's profile if you're not a retard and can figure out where to click. And every time I changed my name, I didn't realize what it was like for others. It's also fascinating to see how you perceive someone, and then re-perceive them when you realize what their old name was. Anyway, I was changing my name before you assholes.
  10. I hate to admit this, but at this point, I want the hospitals to be overflowed in Texas. They can set up tents. Everywhere you read, various media spins a story, either for clicks, political agenda, or being bought off. It's time for a reality check. We've strayed in the US, we need to zero in, let people have their freedom, let them infect others. It's what the government did with the AIDS virus. When they found out it was fags and needle users, the Regan administration actively gave no fucks about HIV. Hell, they didn't give a fuck when the blood banks infected almost every hemophiliac. It's really interesting actually, if not dark. So, the government once again is letting people choose what they want to do. If you want to avoid the virus, it's on you. You gotta wear an n95. You have to avoid certain places. I mean honestly, that's not that unfair actually. I'm ready for some hospitals with no more capacity. That's when the fun begins.
  11. Let's be honest. Duff has to go. Arguably, Steven had more of an impact on the sound of AFD than Duff did. And a better one at that. Steven is part of the signature real gnr sound. Sure, Duff did it's so easy. Otherwise, Steven has the essence of GnR more than Duff. Am I right?
  12. I love it. Treat it like it's the flu. That's the gameplan. Just let it run its course. Let it wash over us like a baptism. We can assume actual infection numbers are way higher. But how much higher? So death rate is lower than what it looks like. Still, 120 grand dead in the States and no sign of stopping. Buckle up, Dorothy. I mean Alice. I mean I don't give a fuck. What're you gonna do? We can't shut everything down. But is it so much to ask to just wear a fucking mask when you go in a store? It's not rocket science. A mask lowers your sphere of influence, literally. Except if you fart. Not sure if covid is communicable through farts. That's the million dollar question.
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