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  1. Man, people are fuckin harsh. I know Steven's a retard, but damnit, he owns a large piece of Appetite's groove. He's a legend. And he was great on Celebrity Rehab. When he told Gary Busy to shut the fuck up because he had brain damage too, that was great television.
  2. Just what do you think you're doing you dirty mafia scumoso!
  3. I'm town, so please remember that John Bonham and Bill Brasky came after me. Please mark this post. You can find it easily by searching for cuntlickerjbrasky.
  4. Also, the new Terminator looks like shit. I was watching trailers on youtube, and some commenter and called it the lbgt-4000 as the name of the androgynous terminator from the trailer.
  5. Alright Mister Sensitive. Are you mafia? I think you're mafia. You're milking this vacation thing like a mafioso would.
  6. It's normal. But, as the host, if you want to force something, then do so.
  7. Hey look, I understand. I never sign into websites on my phone. I get it. But this is mafia. If you forgot your password, reset it, and sign in on your damn phone. Also, it should be noted that this is a classic mafia tactic. While I'm sure it's true JB is on vacation and I applaud him for playing while vacationing, many a mafioso have had similar legitimate excuses and skated on by because of it. Not this time. OFFICIAL VOTE: JOHN BONHAM
  8. I mean it is so bad. Part of what makes it bad is you can tell the creators of it think they're being clever. That's the icing on the cake. It's almost like wannabe-wes-anderson... or something in that vein. They even manage to make Snoop Dogg look like a total douche. But anyway, now I have to google harmony korine. Never saw Spring Breakers, but I sometimes will watch bad films intentionally.
  9. You know what movie sucked? The Beach Bum. It was fucking terrible. Like, how do you screw up a movie with Mcconaughey as a stoner, Snoop Dogg as his buddy, and Isla Fisher? I barely was able to watch the whole thing.
  10. I love that thread has people being accused of stealing "moves" from other people. This is a good game. It's less shit than some other games.
  11. Okay okay mister fucking professor with your requirements for actual details and evidence. Might as well be a lawyer (which are the people I work with irl). Uh, well so, basically, to me, he seems, how shall I say, different than his usual self. His style seems forced, like he's going through the motions to appear the same as he always is. But he's not that good of an actor, and I just feel like he's "off" this game. Something's not right. Of course, he could be a townie with a power, and he's just doing a poor job of concealing that. How was that answer? F- ? Regardless, or should I say irregardless to troll you, I felt strongly enough (which wasn't that strong) to throw a vote to see how he reacts and because it's day 1 and I don't have anything else. Okay I just talked myself out of it. UNVOTE: GNRLIARS
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