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  1. popcorn's snare

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    I dodged the carolina reaper challenge. *whew* Who else is dirty? Hmm. Who was Arnold on to? I'll have to look back through the thread. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it's a place to start.
  2. popcorn's snare

    Favorite Axl Rose Picture

  3. popcorn's snare

    Should Adler's Appetite cover this song?

    It's just Adler, no more Appetite.
  4. popcorn's snare

    Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

    Joe is cool and a smart critical thinker. I don't know how good is comedy is, but apparently he's a comedian. However, he does sometimes get carried away with his ass-licking. He drank the Ronda Rousey kool aid somethin fierce. It was embarrassing. He's done it with a few other fighters he's been super enamored with. He'll get exceedingly hyperbolic to the point of deifying them almost. Anyway, one of the perhaps more obscure episodes that was really good was with Dorian Yates. This guy was a 6 time Mr. Olympia. He's from the UK. He revolutionized bodybuilding because he only worked out 45 minutes a day. But he helped popularized High Intensity Training. Perhaps "popularize" is not the right word. He proved that it works, and that people who spend hours in the gym every day are wasting time. Very interesting guy. He of course talks about steroids. He released what he took, and people didn't believe him because nowadays, the bodybuilders and gearheads are taking massive amounts. His intake of steroids was modest by today's standards. Further proof that he worked his ass off in the gym.
  5. popcorn's snare

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    All this dwelling on gunner. You guys realize he does bizarre shit in these games, right? I mean, I get that meaning needs to be extracted from his behavior, but don't get too carried away.
  6. popcorn's snare

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    So, mayhem, meatpuppet, i_are_ess, and kfcbucket = didn't vote for gunner
  7. popcorn's snare

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    That was asked and answered on page 25. magisme, facekicker, wasted, gnrliars´╗┐, arnold, me = voted for gunner
  8. popcorn's snare

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    If Mayhem turns out to be town, I will put a carolina reaper up my ass.
  9. Slash is half black. Was he not offended?
  10. If you wear contacts, this site lets you order them without a prescription. It's fuckin great. They even are usable for rebates, and have a wide variety of contact lenses. Not everything, but a good supply. It's been interesting trying out all the different kinds, which you could never do from an eye doctor, since the brand of contact is part of the prescription here in the U.S. So anyway, I stumbled on to this site because I hated the brand that this shit opthamologist gave me. They weren't blurry, per se, but just everything felt slightly out of focus. Two people I know who were prescribed the same ones hated them too. My bitch opthamologist simply adjusted my prescription, but gave me the same fucking brand (Coopervision plain grey and white packaging). Pissed off and tired of dealing with an incompetent cunt who was obviously bought off by the company she kept prescribing, I decided to seek out a place on the internet that would let me order contacts without any restriction. Lo and behold, I found http://www.visiondirect.co.uk/. If you don't have insurance, then you can save money if you know your prescription, because you can just order them from here and not have to pay the exorbitant US prices for health care. Even if you do have insurance, like I said, this site is nice because you can try a different brand. And I've discovered there are significant differences between brands and types. You can order 30 at a time for the dailies. So far, I like the Acuvue TruEye the best. Good sharpness in vision, and good comfortability. They also do well for using more than one day. The Acuvue Oasys were good as well. I thought the Alcon Dailies Total 1 were interesting- they're very lubricated, but I could sometimes feel them when I blinked. TL;DR: this site allows you to buy contacts without a prescription whatsoever. The only catch is they're in the UK, so the price is in pounds, which is currently at like 75 cents to the dollar.
  11. popcorn's snare

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    I feel like I should be allowed to edit that post so it show's Axl tweet.
  12. popcorn's snare

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

  13. popcorn's snare

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    Hmmm... what do these clues mean?
  14. popcorn's snare

    The Illuminati - DAY THREE

    If anyone has a convincing argument, I'm all ears. Otherwise, Mayhem is just so obviously mafia, it's not even funny.
  15. popcorn's snare

    Why do some people still push the Axl-vs-Slash narrative?

    Because Slash is the devil. Also, because I don't believe in fascism.