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  1. For all the shit I give you in mafia, I'm cool with you saying I'm a retard and that means nothing. I do respect your intuition and your skillset. But at this point, I feel like the game has stalled. And that's not picking on this game, a lot of games have a stall here and there. I'm just tryin to kickstart it and pull the lawnmower cord (whatever that's called). Y'know? Now that you know what I'm referencing with regard to her, I'd be interested to hear your take on her play.
  2. I've talked to her on the phone and seen pictures that seemed to match the voice on the other end of the phone. Never did video chat though, admittedly. This was a while ago, and obviously NOT during the game. I do agree with DS's implicit premise that you cannot trust "females" on the internet. However in this case, Val is a chick I'm pretty damn sure. I also say that because of corroborating stories and accounts of those who have interacted with her, since she was quite the flirtatious one on mygina. Oh and, my vote still stays on her. lol. She said Brooklyn earlier, and YES I UNDERSTAND IT PROBABLY DOESN'T MEAN SHIT AND YES I UNDERSTAND THE GANG DYNAMICS, but I still view it as a Freudian slip mistype that subconsciously relates to her affiliation.
  3. I just don't get why they're not on a torrent. People thought they were going to make 10 grand?
  4. Okay but what about the flash drive in China? Can we throw that in for a bonus?
  5. I voted for Val because of a Freudian slip she made earlier.
  6. You're just the latest in a long line of morons who can't follow simple guidelines about where to post. I'm guessing it's because your mother used meth while pregnant. It would explain your not-so-good grasp on the English language. Typing sentences is hard! By all means, talk shit about Adler, you dumb fuck. Just quit spamming the main forum with off topic crap. No one cares.
  7. No, it wasn't a fucking funny image, and it was spamming the GnR section. Y'know, the section about GnR. Also, you don't seem to know very much, about a lot of things. That's fine, i'm sure in your own mind, you're a brilliant comic.
  8. Did we really need a fucking thread for this in the main gnr section? Post it somewhere else and quit spamming.
  9. Yeah, how about this: you're the retard posting pictures of him on the forum. I'm sure you think that's brilliant and whatever other nonsense, but the bottom line is you're bringing attention to him. We don't do that here. Do you understand? OH IT WAS SO FUNNY!
  10. Why is the pro towel waver liking posts in here? Can we ban him already? Or ban him from this section? I just really hate him. He's already posted in the thread like a retard.
  11. Whatever Brasky and Strangelove were doing in PM- they were doing it for quite a while. Which may support the theory they weren't doing anything wrong.
  12. Two mafia players using personal messenger. Coincidence?
  13. Maybe not retire it. But like resurrect your other account. There are lots of people who moonlight with gimmick accounts. I'm just sayin bring back the OG ZoSo. Y'know the one, that met Slash and went to concerts and all that. Who made good posts and was chill. You just gotta have a thick skin to all the honkies on here who like to swing on Trump's dick. Stand up to them, call them out. Don't let 'em have their little circlejerk echo chamber. It still bothers me that you left because of such things. I woulda jumped in and had your back had I known you were feeling like bailing on the forum. Fuck these assholes. They're short white men who sit behind a computer acting all mature edgelord. Fuck 'em. I've been day drinking by the way. But I mean it.
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