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  1. Which version? Laserdisc rips or get the fuck out. Also, for those who haven't seen this, it's kinda cool (albeit yes, I acknowledge there's some corniness)-
  2. Just watched it. I can forgive any shortcomings. I had fun.
  3. Has a Daddy Mac/Kris Kross joke been made yet?
  4. I like how the "Russian hack" was literally Russian entities buying ads on facebook that retarded americans believed. Like, they're not unique, everyone does that- everyone uses facebook ads to sell bullshit.
  5. I guess I'll forgive Jon Favreau for Lion King since apparently Mandalorian is getting fanboyish reviews from literally every person I know or semi-know on the internet. Edit: fanboyish as in super duper extra awesome excellence
  6. I'll never forget when he thought he had "insider" knowledge of the GnR Best Buy deal. lol. Because his manager at Best Buy told him.
  7. I love people like Tyler. And by that, I mean he's a never-was. And never will be. He has no talent, but like millions of other retards, he spams the internet with his insipid and hackneyed in-crowd emotional deep thought poet artist shit. It's so comical because of how much denial he's in. He thinks he's gonna be a star. He thinks he already is a star. He thinks he's talented and that people care about him and his life. There are millions of people like him. "Influencers". "Musicians". "Artists". Why did he go after this forum? That's what I'd like to know. He still has some comeuppance coming his way. heh heh heh
  8. He has not been there nearly a year. He just started back like a month ago. I would say there's a difference between ass-kisser and politician. He's been careful not to disparage Vince, but he's also been very open about all Vince's fuckups and weird personality traits. Trust me, I listened to every goddamn episode. There's some shit in there I can guarantee Vince doesn't want out there. Anyway, time will tell. But I'm betting Punk was his idea. Hey, baby steps.
  9. Dude, everyone in creative has had bad ideas. But I'm telling you, Bruce is smart. I've listened to almost every goddamn episode of "Something to Wrestle With, with Bruce Prichard." He, by far, has better ideas than Vince, Stephanie, and Triple Sycophant. You're just gonna have to trust me on this. Sure, has Brother Luv had shit ideas? You're goddamn right. But I'm telling you, he is going to make the product better. Mark my words. If we look at raw numbers, he's made the least number of dumbass shit storylines and characters. And like I said, him discussing the past 30 years on his radio show has primed him for another run in the company. Your point is taken, but we'll just have to see. Trust me, Vince has had some horrid ideas. A lot more of them than Bruce. Cut Mantaur a break.
  10. Isn't Bruce back in the fold? Pretty sure. I'm expecting some better shit to happen. He's spent the last 3 years discussing and analyzing all the decisions in the WWF/E during his tenure(s) there. Vince knows Stephanie and Triple Sycophant don't have the goods. Brother Love is here to save the day. What better way to boost the company than bring the anti-hero back and let him talk shit.
  11. I think I'm confusing "her" with someone else, but wasn't izzygirl a dude? Perhaps that was the izzygirl on mygnr.
  12. Yeah I don't care. Half the people won't even post. Why don't you go lick broski's balls, since you were his bitch for years. Pathetic.
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