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  1. Borderlands 3 is optimized for shit. Makes my video card heat up like a reactor. And the fuckin game still has problems. Bought Doom Eternal. It runs at 120fps solid, with no drops. My monitor is set to 120hz. Only a 1080p monitor, but it still looks awesome at 120 frames buttery smooth. Game's better than I thought it would be. It's entices to explore and play.
  2. popcorn's snare

    The Next Game

    Fuck it, I could host. I need to give back to the community anyway.
  3. Anti-oxidants are key. Some of the damage being done to lungs and other tissues is oxidative stress. French paradox, baby. They drink wine regularly and eat rich fatty foods. But their incidence of heart problems is lower than the United States by an incredible margin. Why? Because they're gettin that good resveratrol in the wine. Anyway, just some bullshit for those who want to prep a different way- anti-oxidants. Get the found-in-nature ones, not like dl-alpha vitamin E (d-alpha is the good one, but you still want something like from a plant), milk thistle, lycopene, resveratrol, vitamin C with rose hips, shit like that.
  4. The other thing is that vaccines have to be thoroughly tested. They can be dangerous if they're rushed to the shelves. Noooo, I'm not talking about anti-vaxxer retard theories. I'm talking about the fact that an improperly vetted vaccine can cause your immune system to have undesirable response to an infection. The dengue vaccine is an example. It seems easy on paper, "oh yeah, just throw in some dead virus particles and the body will create anti-bodies and therefore immunity." But it's really a complicated math game. If the body develops the wrong type of response, you're fucked. And in particular, they've struggled with creating coronavirus vaccines already. So Mister little dick president is just gonna have one knocked out in a few months and distributed? Yeah, no. With increased funding and tons of brilliant scientists dedicated to it, hey maybe. But I'll be skipping the first round of coronavirus vaccines. Maybe let 'em hone it in. Reuters article: As pressure for coronavirus vaccine mounts, scientists debate risks of accelerated testing Studies have suggested that coronavirus vaccines carry the risk of what is known as vaccine enhancement, where instead of protecting against infection, the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus. The mechanism that causes that risk is not fully understood and is one of the stumbling blocks that has prevented the successful development of a coronavirus vaccine.
  5. Flattening the curve doesn't fucking matter in the long run. This virus will be here to stay just like the influenza. It spreads too easily. So yeah, you flatten curve. Good for you. Then what happens? An infected poor person rides the bus all over town, or is some sort of delivery peon. It doesn't matter, it could be anybody. The virus is super contagious when there are no symptoms- that's the fuckin problem here. The viral load is off the charts in your throat when it's incubating. That means just breathing is spewing out tons of active viral particles. I didn't get that info from some media outlet. That was from a medical expert. But it'll make a comeback regardless- that's the point. It's inevitable. So the bottom line is that people who are vulnerable are going to need to be protected... forever. Otherwise, it's just going to spread again when things return to normal. I'm betting it mutates enough that whatever vaccine they come up with will not be 100% effective. Which is fine, hey better than nothing. Part of me really wonders if the administration intentionally withheld testing so that the virus could spread as far and wide as possible, with the hope that lots of people get it and therefore have antibodies and therefore won't spread it as much if they get reinfected. That's a whole 'nother topic. I'm not saying that everything I just wrote isn't Captain Obvious. I just felt like level setting some captain obvious type shit. Hopefully they get some good treatments. Problem is, when you to to the ER because you can't breathe, it means your lungs have serious damage already.
  6. That's awesome. Some of the shit the guards are saying... fuckin great.
  7. The administration wants to get people back to work lickety split. We'll see how that goes. I'm all stocked up on anti-oxidants (resveratrol, vitamin C, milk thistle, selenium) and probiotics (kefir). Probiotics aren't just a trendy lame thing. There's good data showing that a healthy gut biome is good for you in all kinds of ways. Probiotics are linked to strengthening the immune system. Surreal times. Those spring break retards.
  8. Yeah so this in-place shelter ain't gonna work as well as they hope. Went to CVS today, people don't give a fuck about social distancing.
  9. Why are we bailing out the Cruise industry? Because of all the jobs that will be lost? How about, let the Cruise industry fail, and instead of giving money to the Cruise industry, give money to the people who are out of work.
  10. Honestly? Temple of Doom. I think it has to do with me being a kid when I saw it. However, having seen it as an adult, it's still my favorite. I like that it's just an adventure in his life. Although Willie is super annoying now, I get how that portrayal was intended. But yeah, of course the first and 3rd movies are great, but the red headed stepchild of the 3 (not even dignifying plastic skull with a count), Temple is still my favorite. Say what you will.
  11. popcorn's snare

    The Next Game

    You assholes have time. C'mon let's do this.
  12. Your description of britfags who used britshit talk reminded me of him. Forget his name. He was popular, everyone licked his ass. But to me, he sounded just like when white trash fat girls try to talk like they are from the hood. That's what he came off like. Sorry for random drunk not-on-topic shitposting that no one cares about. On topic, it's apparently offensive to say China virus. Tons of virtue signalers spreading the good word not to use that phrase. Fuck it, it came from China. Why can't we call a spade a spade?
  13. Even though I'm a peon, I'm "integral" to the functioning of the company in this crisis, so I still have to work and hold the hands of people who make 300 grand a year use touchpanels that literally have one screen of well-labeled buttons to control the room. The buttons are all on the outer edge and don't move. You can't get lost. They never change. They're always the same buttons on the screen. Only the center part of the screen changes... to show the detailed controls for whichever button you picked. That button changes color to indicate you've touched it. Really complicated stuff here. I bought Borderlands 3. It was between that and Doom Eternal. Ultimately, the more i looked at Doom Eternal, the more it came off like a really big DLC expansion from Doom 2016. Now don't get me wrong, I know it's got new gameplay mechanics (oohl automated wall climb) and new weapons, and I loved Doom 2016, but all the gameplay videos of Eternal just looked like new levels with the aforementioned gimmick features. Some of the new gimmicks look fun, no lie. But some of them are just automated/animated actions. I'll get it when the price drops. BL3 is pretty good so far- you know what you're getting into with Borderlands. Definitely better than that shitty pre-sequel game which some dumb Australian wannabe developers made a few years back.
  14. Oh god the pseudo-faux-wannabe-british pakistani guy who was so desperate to come off as a white hip british kid that he try-harded every single post with annoying slang and lingo, coming off like a 10 year old parroting UK urban dictionary terms like a thesaurus. He was such a tool box. But then I found out that Pakistanis in Britain are literally inbreeding and marrying 1st cousins. So it all made sense after that. He was literally retarded.
  15. Cancer likes acidic blood ph.
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