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  1. I honestly thought about that, like I hoped for it to be a reality. 😂
  2. Depends on the user. When people starve themselves, as junkies often do, the body releases natural anti-oxidant type shit. It's amazing. That's why there are a great deal of drug addicts who have aged amazingly. But then there are some that have aged pretty bad. RDJ looks pretty damn good for all he's been through. We're all gettin old.
  3. Bullseye. The prequels are better than the sequels because the root elements of REAL star wars were still there. You still had the same guy who created the originals helming the direction. Are the prequels bad? Absolutely. But the last two Star Wars movies have been straight fan fiction. I'll just barely give force awakens a pass. Hey let's kill off Han, Leia, and Luke. Fuck that. FUUUUCK that. Oh and they killed off rylo ken too? And palpatine's grand daughter changes her last name? Yeah, brilliant.
  4. I really had high hopes for this show. I dunno what I was expecting, but it made me realize how fucking good Game of Thrones was in its early seasons. Witcher has potential, but goddamn, it takes some effort to make it through all the episodes. And that right there sorta is the rub- it's corny sometimes, but you kinda want to keep watching it.
  5. *yawn* More theatrics and showboating and attention-whoring from Arnold. I didn't vote for him and somehow that "means something." Yeah, I'm fucking hesitant. I don't want to vote your retarded ass off and kill another townie. I may actually be agreeing with matir98, the more the thread goes, the more people reveal themselves. On to page 70!
  6. Should I or shouldn't I? Fuck Arnold. Hmmm.
  7. Yup, he most certainly was. I'm pretty sure he paid for the best ones- where they transplant single hairs at a time. Or maybe not single hairs, but small enough sections that don't look like plugs. In all honesty, they did a pretty good job. I can't blame him. At least he didn't go the Brett Michaels route. That shit looks ridiculous.
  8. Well considering he said he's the cop, I think I'm right and you can suck a dick, bitch.
  9. I don't think mags is dirty. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I'm starting to wonder if uruguns is Bud Dwyer or Bad Apple. lol
  11. Just remember who voted for me- those are your prime suspects when I'm dead. After re-reading the thread, several people stick out, but for now, I'm goin with uruguns. He just seems the most retarded, and did a bandwagon vote to get rid of me.
  12. What's up with me? Tell me who to vote for that you're sure is mafia and I will vote for them. Aside from matir98 being a retard, I'm trying really hard not to play my usual aggro style. The past few times I was town and played all aggro and troll-ey, I got voted off, and it was really frustrating. So this game I acknowledge I'm trying to be more laid back instead of injecting hostility into the game. So you and whoever else is absolutely right, there is something up with me and I'm not playing the way I have in recent games. But it's because I got voted off those games. Now, of course you could say "oh well you're playing different because you're mafia! ah ha!" But really it's because I remember how much it bothered me that I got voted off in those previous games. So I'm trying to be a smart townie, and I'm trying to participate and assess each player and try to find out who's dirty. I just wanted to say that. Thank you, have a nice day.
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