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    Tiger Woods

    On a completely unrelated note, BigCatRescue on youtube is the shit. They have all sorts of great videos. In one one video, they rescue a tiger, and one of the dudes was missing both his arms, replaced with those metal pincer things.
  2. comedy enthusiast

    Tiger Woods

    I wish there was footage of his ex-wife bashing the window with the golf club while he's all fucked up on ambien trying to back out of the driveway.
  3. comedy enthusiast

    Living The Dream

    Myles sounds like every fratboy trying to be profound with the feels at an open mic.
  4. comedy enthusiast

    Tiger Woods

    Tiger would've accomplished more if he had inherited the black dick gene. Instead, he got the Asian dick gene.
  5. comedy enthusiast

    Webhost that will let us post videos and music links

    I think they were making a joke, Gunner.
  6. Now, I ain't no interwebz genius, but my pentium 386, ball mouse, and 1309 pound CRT monitor have enabled me to learn a few things about what city slickers call a "web host." It's the thing where a guy has a server in a room, and the server has the website on it and serves it up to the people on the internet So, I'm askin all you fancy internet people out there, does a web host exist that won't hassle JB over a fucking youtube video? There's gotta be one right? One that doesn't charge an arm and a leg. One that will fucking laugh when we tell them why we're using their service. I mean, there are web hosts which host torrents and dark subject matter. This is lightweight shit. I feel like it would benefit the site tremendously if we could post videos and no other GNR site could. Axl's goons wouldn't be able to do shit. That's the end goal here. Can any of you help? Do any of you know anything? Does anyone have any useful information? I know a little, but I'm like the Chris Pittman of website knowledge. And yes, I understand you can punch this shit into google, but I guess I'm asking if someone really knows something firsthand, or knows a guy who knows a guy.
  7. comedy enthusiast

    McKagan Gets Awkward When Asked About Izzy Stradlin Snub

    I got news for Duff, Izzy would make it more GnR if it were him there instead of the King of SJW poser cuck McKagan. I wonder if Duff has been castrated. Hey Duff, why don't you tell Axl his voice sounds like a joke. Oh that's right, you won't, you'll just keep cashing those paychecks and pretending he sounds fine. "Axl's voice is so on!" -Duff in a tweet
  8. comedy enthusiast

    McKagan Gets Awkward When Asked About Izzy Stradlin Snub

    Duff is such a try-hard goodie-two-shoes bitch. YOU DIDN'T WANT TO PAY IZZY. That's the reality. Go back to writing your 8th grade level editorials in the Seattle paper.
  9. comedy enthusiast

    Please don't post music

  10. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Woke Axl Rose

  11. comedy enthusiast

    The Return of Woke Axl Rose

    Axl triggering all the trump-is-god retards on this forum, I like it. Sorry guys, but Trump's a dumbass. And I tend to lean conservative, so fuck off.
  12. comedy enthusiast

    GnR are over. Fuck'em.

    Pig latin spamming faggots.
  13. comedy enthusiast

    Please don't post music

    We need to start reaching out to webhosts that will laugh at this nonsense and gladly host this site. I think it can be done, and not more expensive than whatever is being paid now. I think it's a real opportunity.
  14. comedy enthusiast

    GnR are over. Fuck'em.

    God, he's dumber than a box of rocks.
  15. comedy enthusiast

    Chinese Democracy Sales, DEFINATIVE

    You and awad have basically ruined the forum. Big surprise, both speak pig latin.
  16. comedy enthusiast

    inside Axls laptop!!

    I honestly feel bad for MSL. At the weight he's carrying, he is almost assuredly beset with arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis. I hope he sees the light, and makes a big comeback in wrestling as a lean mean fighting machine. It's time he gets on the gear and use steroids like all the great wrestlers of the past.
  17. comedy enthusiast

    Salsh: "I'm also to blame for the end of VR"

    I like how Slash carefully manages his image to make it look like everyone else is an out of control junkie.
  18. comedy enthusiast

    What it would take to see a cash grab again

    Adler or fuck off. He deserves more money than bronski beat axl.
  19. In breaking news, Axl Rose has joined a reformed Bronski Beat and will be touring and releasing an album of new material. Asked about this stunning development, Steve Bronski had this to say "When I first heard Axl singing in his counter tenor voice, I was amazed. He sounded fantastic. He was putting this new spin on the GnR songs and I was in awe. He sounded like Jimmy Somerville in his heyday. So I made some calls, and put the word out. Well he called me soon after and that's how it happened. We talked and he said he was really into Bronski Beat and he wanted to be a part of it. I was blown away." In a faxed statement, Axl's managerial team said GnR and Bronski Beat will tour together and Axl will be on double duty singing for both.
  20. comedy enthusiast

    Axl rose viral again

    Axl's got low Testosterone.
  21. comedy enthusiast

    Halloween 2018

    It needs William Shatner, since that's his mask Michael Myers is wearing.
  22. comedy enthusiast

    EU passes "meme-killing" law

    Gunner is from Europe.
  23. comedy enthusiast

    Axl rose viral again

    We'll see how all you cunts look at 50 whatever.
  24. comedy enthusiast

    I don't understand why handicap people get to park closer.

    I shit in them all the time. Always more room and not a middle stall.