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  1. Actually there were some interesting people on that flight.
  2. I wonder if that was recorded around the time he was blowing Pat Patterson to get promoted in the company.
  3. I thought I was special when I talked to her on the phone. lol
  4. I liked Blind Melon when they had that one hit song, but that hit song was basically the grunge/alternative version of a power ballad. Tons of bands at the time were getting big on the backs of power ballad-esque songs. Blind Melon, a supposedly "rocking" band, found its popularity from that song. But no one gave a shit about their mediocre hipster rock that followed. But since Mags says they're good, I'll have to give them another listen. I just remember buying that album and being a little bit disappointed.
  5. We got Alaska, we're straight. Tons of fossil fuels just waiting to be tapped when the global crisis happens and we go back to the old ways. We can just take a little piece at a time, like Russia did with Crimea. Just use Alaska as an ever expanding front.
  6. I wonder what My(gn)zr thinks of Ed Snowden. Honestly this is what happens when you mainline benzos. Like, it literally starts to degrade brain function, and the remaining parts can't quite keep it together, but they kick into overdrive in an attempt to compensate.
  7. Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice were good shows (for bad reality tv I mean). I was so hoping that was the Trump we were going to get- smart, calculated, well-spoken. Instead we got some drunk guy in a bar.
  8. Ok, alright, well, so, mm hmm, yes, good, fine.
  9. I was immune to being voted off. I shoulda trolled harder.
  10. No you're not. Mafia finishes you; you don't finish Mafia.
  11. Alright town let's get it together. Something's afoot. The snow of subterfuge and lies has piled up. It's time for Mister Motherfucking Plow.
  12. Jesus Christ town. Jesus Christ. Why don't we all just bend over together?
  13. We have a new insider! However, we may never know if this recording session takes place. It'll just happen and not be reported since they're so secretive.
  14. Angry? Huh wha? I guess you're not the best anymore.
  15. Metallica's first 5 albums are good. Everything else is shit. Maybe Death Magnetic and the other one have some passable stuff on them. But when you listen to Megadeth, you really hear how much more talent Dave Mustaine had than Metallica. The time signature changes, the intricacy of the licks and riffs. After listening to Megadeth, Metallica sounds a little more watered down and basic. Not trying to start a Megatallica debate, but just saying, Mustaine's musicality was the highest of the original Metallica members.
  16. Backpedaling aye? You've said repeatedly you're the best.
  17. Dude, Mike Clink is a monster. He produced AFD and RIP. I didn't fuckin know this. Axl needs to bring this guy back.
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