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  1. comedy enthusiast

    Slash Speaks!

    He's indistinguishable from any other nuGnR employee, save for his history with the band.
  2. comedy enthusiast

    Actors who shouldn't be big time (inspired bv Randy's thread)

    Okay but was it okay to like his performance in Zombieland before he hit it big and then resent him later on for what he became?
  3. comedy enthusiast

    Your city/state/country

    My mom was from Kentucky, my dad was from Tennessee. They were distantly related, but only enough to be considered line breeding not inbreeding.
  4. comedy enthusiast

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    My insiders tell me FromHell is BBA.
  5. comedy enthusiast

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    What do you think about bringing back Adler?
  6. comedy enthusiast


    Different Tyler. Tyler Drama doesn't have any talent and uses lots of effects to mask his barren creative emptiness.
  7. comedy enthusiast

    Introduce Yourself: New Members Welcome Thread

    Are we sure we shouldn't have banned gunner and kept maynard?
  8. comedy enthusiast

    Actors who shouldn't be big time (inspired bv Randy's thread)

    Yep. Also, he looks weird since he got that eyelid surgery that all the Hollywood people get. They basically snip off the overhang of the eyelid, but the problem is- that eyelid can convey a lot of emotion believe it or not. So in his case, he didn't have that much range to begin with, and now he can't express emotion as well.
  9. Name any actors who've made it big time, but shouldn't be. I'll start: Cara Delevingne. My god, she is so fucking bad. She was embarrassingly bad in Suicide Squad. But, she almost single handedly ruined Valerian. Okay okay... Valerian had plenty of its own problems, but she was like a lead weight and killed any suspension of disbelief in every scene she was in. If they had cast an actress with actual talent, it would've made that story, and the chemistry between her and the lead character, much more engrossing. It was cringeworthy and laughable. Copy/pasting from Randy's thread:
  10. comedy enthusiast

    Design a Fat Axl poster and WIN

  11. comedy enthusiast

    Requests, Issues, etc.

    Bitching about gunner? What the fuck are you talking about? Oh... mafia. I guess you're still fixated on that. Since y'know, it was like a month ago. And all my complaining about Gunner was confined to one thread. You really are a drama queen. I guess that's why broski was your butt buddy.
  12. comedy enthusiast

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

  13. comedy enthusiast

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Hey BBA, Why is Chinese Democracy disappearing off streaming music services? Care to comment?
  14. comedy enthusiast

    On The Come Up: Actors Who Should Be Big Time

    We need a thread for actors who shouldn't be big time.
  15. comedy enthusiast

    The Expanse

    No big stars are in it. Thomas Jane might be the most well known actor. lol But yeah, season 2 and 3 start getting crazy. The protomolecule- as cheesy as it sounds, it's still a cool concept.