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  1. Drunk, and with a moment of inspiration, I made a topic about GnR's 87 Ritz gig. I mentioned the uploader on youtube, and said "fuck you" to whoever was taking down videos and applying pressure to this site. Welp, several people said "good job dumbass, now it'll get taken down." I was under the misguided delusion it would stay, since the video was not monetized, it was not an official release, and the video had a message saying it was not for commercial/moneymaking purposes. Well, my naïveté shown through in vivid colors, and the 87 Ritz video was killed. And it's my fault. And I'm sorry. The Ritz '87 gig is a show that every GnR fan should watch at least once. While the 88 Ritz gig is special, the 87 one is special not only because of its rarity, but because it was a solid gig with the original 5 in their prime. I'm an idiot. I want to fight back, but I can't really do much. My two ideas are have this site moved to a host that won't give a shit, and to find a site that GnR videos can be uploaded to. All for spite against whoever's doing this. And for the fans. We've endured enough abuse. Anyway, I'm sorry. I really am. Go ahead, you can rip on me.
  2. bring back izzy

    Big Red Wants You To Vote Blue

    To be fair, Vince did the MTV interview challenging Axl to a fight in the most pussy-assed way possible.
  3. bring back izzy

    Happy Birthday Ashba 🤟

    ban pls
  4. Videos are being removed solely because they are appearing on this site. Is there anything we can do? Is this the new reality? Are you fucking kidding me? This is it? We just take it up the ass from Team Brazil?
  5. bring back izzy

    Is it DJ Ashba's fault that Axl wears eyeliner now?

    Well that's not the same as wearing it all the time, like part of a post-shower routine. Like DJ Assba.
  6. bring back izzy

    November 7, 1991: Izzy Stradlin left Guns N 'Roses

    There are people on this board who talk mad shit about Izzy. Oh he can't play, he can't remember the parts, he can't do this or that, overrated, not that good. They're all morons. He was the anchor from which Axl and Slash tethered, musically.
  7. bring back izzy

    Is it DJ Ashba's fault that Axl wears eyeliner now?

    It's Darren Jay Ashba's fault that Axl brought the eyeliner back. Axl should've consulted Slash for current standards.
  8. DJ is to blame for Axl's eyeliner. That fucking twat waffle Ashba. I will admit, Axl needs to listen to Slash's advice about how to be "cool". Slash is cooler than Axl, there I said it, fuck off.
  9. bring back izzy

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    It started happening a while ago. Any video posted here would get taken down. Then it escalated and JB got kicked off the web host. Now, we can not post any videos whatsoever.
  10. bring back izzy

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    Hey! That picture's been stretched and Wilford Brimley'd. This is the untouched version:
  11. bring back izzy

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I thought you were a really good saver and were investing and putting money in a Vanguard or IRA or 401k or something.
  12. bring back izzy

    Axl's Straight-Up BEST Lyrics

    I always felt Locomotive, excepting the chorus, had pretty strong stuff lyrically. Maybe that's just the gnr nerd in me though.
  13. bring back izzy

    Anyone get the Fat Axl book yet?

    Thank you. Admittedly, I just wanted to bump this thread because I think more people should be aware of this book. But it's good to know it is on ebay. I am going to order it for Christmas.
  14. I get where you guys are coming from, but I believe there is a strong chance that his videos won't get taken down. I believe he's done his homework on fair use. It says at the beginning of the 87 Ritz video that "This DVD was created for trade via fans and collectors of live music. Any intent to sell or market this DVD was not the intention of its creator and is not to be permitted." I know that may not mean shit, but it does in some ways bolster his case to get the video reposted if it does indeed get taken down and he challenges it. We'll see what happens. Me posting the channel name here was indeed a challenge to whoever is narc sniping from afar. And if the vids do get taken down, it's not out of the realm of possibility he'll get them put back up after he challenges the removal. I guess I don't subscribe to the fact that we can't even mention anything youtube related now out of fear. We have to keep this kind of shit secret? If I turn out to be the asshole who's the catalyst for all GNRontour's videos being taken down, then I will feel bad and stupid. Until then... ...as of right now, Id36RUfZM6E (Ritz 87) is still up.
  15. It appears as if GNRontour.com's youtube channel is not being censored or its videos killed. So whoever you are, whoever has been filing complaints on this site for youtube videos, has been getting youtube videos taken down, here's what I have to say to you: fuck you. Fuck you. Check out the Ritz 87 video that GNRontour.com has posted on youtube. It's pretty sweet, other than the 80s coked up camera trick effect shit. EDIT: I'm sorry. I'm an idiot. I feel bad. The video has been taken down. I thought it could withstand the onslaught. I was naive. However, this is the first time I've seen "This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint.". That could mean it's being challenged/evaluated right now. Again, my bad. *hangs head*