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  1. I'm sorry, but I disagree. If you watch the videos of him playing with the regroupening, he kicks ass. He sounds more like original GnR than Axl does. And that's the bottom line.
  2. I have insider brazilian sources which tell me that the real reason Steven Adler wasn't in the regroupening is because Axl freaked out. Axl looked at his own performances, sounding like Sylvester the disco singer, and then saw that Steven had deteriorated less than him in terms of musicianship. As a matter of fact, Steven was kicking ass and reminding people of the ORIGINAL GnR sound. Unable to fathom Steven being associated with real GnR again, Axl went into conspiracy mode and had his minions concoct the story of Steven's injured back and forced him out unceremoniously behind the scenes. In reality, ol Ginger balls had Steven shut out and everyone knows it. Steven would make Axl look bad. I mean, c'mon, you've got Mickey Mouse hopping around your dad at a family reunion, and you've got a full-head-of-hair smiling drummer laying down the same groove that he did in 87. Who are you going to be drawn to? (rhetorical question)
  3. EstrangedTWAT is cool, and he's free to speak his mind. It doesn't bother me, and I like hearing his point of view. We're not playing RISK, a game of global domination. In any case. I still do think Izzy is less shit than GnR these days.
  4. bring back izzy

    Are you buying a lotto ticket?

    I might buy one. I prefer the 5000 a week for 20 year scratch off type ones though. Actually, I like scratch offs because I can look up the claimed ones for each game, which is pretty cool.
  5. bring back izzy

    Weed is legal in Canada

    Mmm, I'd like to know what episodes AxlIsOld saw. Because there are definitely some shit episodes that miss the mark. I feel like seasons 1 and 2 are a good place to start. Ricky growing weed and living in his car. Classic.
  6. No no no, EstrangedTWAT is cool. He's been on this board a long time, longer than both of us by a wide margin, so his perspective on these types of threads and sentiments is different than ours' because this board used to be super edgelord status about the original lineup. So he's understandably tired of it by now. I can't stop you two from insulting eachother, let's just say I understand both points of view.
  7. Izzy standing still and his amp turned down is still better than fatty boombalatti belting out disney's greatest hits.
  8. bring back izzy

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    If you don't believe the entire planet should be granted US citizenship, you're a bigot xenophobe.
  9. bring back izzy

    Weed is legal in Canada

    Him wanting to bang Ricky's wife? That was a fuckin great storyline!
  10. bring back izzy

    Weed is legal in Canada

    I suppose letdown was a strong word. I just felt like it lacked some of the creativity and sheer energy of the season before it. But whatever, I'm just nitpicking and complaining. Yeah without Lahey, they're fucked. I hope they don't go the same route as they did with Jacob being the off-brand Trevor. Jacob was cool and all, just they can't have some imitation Lahey. It needs to be a completely different type of asshole trailer park supervisor.
  11. bring back izzy

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    In other news, the towel heads (wait... is that Sikhs?), anyway the Saudis are now saying Kashooggie died in a fist fight. I fuckin love it. I love the Saudis. They're so shit at manipulating the press. They're so used to just bullshitting their populace with propaganda, that, when confronted with a worldwide situation that requires the utmost precision in their response, they fall apart like retards drowning in a kids' ball pit. But now... it's a fist fight. He died in a fist fight. That's what they're going with now.
  12. bring back izzy

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    Cardi would you bang Elizabeth Warren to get her Native DNA percentage a little higher?
  13. bring back izzy

    Weed is legal in Canada

    Ultimately I hope this results in a good storyline for the trailer park boys. The last season was a letdown.
  14. Izzy is a fucking god. smh You people.
  15. I know I know. I don't deny this is a shitpost and we will never get the answer.