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  1. It's a bit too cabaret for my liking certainly. I do like Steve Howe as a guitar player but his live tone is absolute shite. Assuming it's all digital Line 6 stuff. You can kinda get away with that if you're mostly doing shreddy stuff (hiya Ron!) but for more vintage stuff, particularly with a hollodbody guitar is sounds gash.
  2. It is. Seems to play guitar on a few things too. Can't blame him for taking a regular paying gig really.
  3. So has nobody else noticed that the first vocal melody you hear in Atlas is eerily similar to Time Of My Life from Dirty Dancing?
  4. Wasn't Atlas one of the tracks Brian May was involved in? Someone should send it to him like they did with Catcher years back.
  5. Atlas is nice enough but certainly sonically speaking, the song is of its time. Has those 90s Pearl Jam guitar textures in there. Also getting a slight Soul Asylum vibe to it.
  6. Sounds it. Reminds me slightly of mid - late 90s era Paradise Lost when they still had that doomy feel but had started bringing in the electronic elements. This sounds heavier tonally though. Just wish it'd made Chinese as it sounds decent.
  7. There's seemingly a new clip of Soul Monster aka Jackie Chan circulating which is something different from the alleged Atlas.
  8. The so called "Atlas" is a load of shite. It's a track from a computer game that someone has put an Axl scream over.
  9. Nice to see some familiar faces. Formerly "Bansidhe" from mygnr.
  10. Nice to see some familiar faces. Formerly "Bansidhe" from mygnr.
  11. Aye I think the actually Bucket "solo" is just random Bucket licks that someone has sampled and pasted into the song, hence it sounding pretty disjointed.
  12. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TYYB21I4 Alt mix of Shackler's. Vocals are mixed a bit differently and also has a mental Bucket solo.
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