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  1. He should be ashamed to admit he was roughed up by Bon Jovi
  2. Christ almighty, Obama is about the furthest thing from a renegade as you can get. Ditto for Springsteen
  3. Infamous days in forum history. Aug 10th 2014, Generalissimus Downzy begins the great purge.
  4. He has been a collosal figure on the world stage for the past 20 years. It will be very interesting to see who his eventual successor is, I can't see Medvedev taking over. Hasn't the chops. Putin has run rings around every Western leader bar none for two decades, he is in a league of his own.
  5. There is stupid and then there is George W. Bush level stupid. Holy shit. He mentions Iraq and is obviously oblivious to their request that US troops leave on Jan 10th last. It was reported by every major news outlet as it came in response to the Soleimani assassination. The US said no, they will decide when that happens. Saudi Arabia (The correct name, Saudia is their Airline ) take military and financial assistance because they'd be fools not to. The US pulled out of there after 9/11 and has only recently reluctantly returned to counter Iran. The presen
  6. Amazing the amount of Biden supporters having buyers remorse after only a month. And all for things that were oh so predictable before the election. Thick as shit. And Democrats love to throw shade at Republicans for being dumb. They are all fucking retarded.
  7. Eye patch guy is suspect. I'd replace him with that dude from Florida that pisses off everyone.
  8. No politics at the Golden Globes this year. Everything is wonderful now that President Pedo is in office.
  9. We have the longest most severe lockdown in the world. I've every right to not be happy at the situation. These people are anti-vaccine, think Covid doesn't exist and refuse to wear masks. These are the fools prolonging everything for everyone else. I wear a mask and have done so from the beginning. I am not happy about the speed at which the vaccines have been developed but I will get one at some point. If you think Covid doesn't exist you are a moron. I don't have any issue with peaceful protests. It's our democratic right. What happened yesterday involv
  10. Yeas indeed, I think he was a strong identification with the confederacy, especially given his birthplace of ...*checks wiki*...er, Indiana.
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