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  1. I thought they are supposed to be good with drums though 🤣
  2. Just tucking into this now. Salami, Pepperoni, Chilli and Rocket (Arugula) with Buffalo Mozzarella and Basil. It's unreal.
  3. Yup. I know some that moved to those places too. And vote libshit accordingly. "Hey why did you move from California?" "Cost of living is too high, rent is crazy, homeless everywhere." Moves to red state. Votes Democrat
  4. I like Meat Feast pizza with Chillies or pepper. I'll tolerate some rocket on it (arugula for the yanks) That's it. Different types of meat and chillies. No other gay shit like corn or peppers or onions and definitely not fucking mushrooms. Though I do acknowledge the above as legit toppings Anything else like anchovies or olives or egg (wtf) should result in public flogging.
  5. I remember same pizza I had in Denver. Blackjack. Christ I wouldn't feed it to a fucking dog. Barely qualified as fit for human consumption. Total shit.
  6. It is not beyond the CIA to do something like that. Operation Northwoods called for the CIA to bomb American military and civilian targets in a false flag attack to blame Cuba in 1962. They wanted to assassinate civilians, shoot down airlines and hijack planes. Another proposal was to sabotage the space rocket carrying astronaut John Glenn and blame Cuba. President Kennedy rejected the whole thing. A few months later he had his head ventilated. They are evil cunts.
  7. Making fun of Biden the Pedo not allowed in the new America
  8. If you click into this and view on Twitter it has a fucking sensitive content warning and you can't see it until you click on "view" : 🤡
  9. That was made up as a parody of a real story CNN published about some politician grabbing a crowbar as he fled his office in the capital building last week. They later published a clarification that it was in fact a power bar, not a crowbar The mad thing is that either story could be the real one with CNN. Fucking clowns.
  10. I like to make my own 🍕 Going to make one tonight after reading this thread. The nicest pizza in my hometown comes from a hole in the wall place run by an Italian guy who has lived here 40-50 years. You got to see this place. Looks like an absolute fucking dump from the outside. Inside isn't much better. Everyone calls the guy Papa. He is an absolute character. Works there all on his own. Has the most obscure accent that is a mixture of Italian and Irish. My girlfriend once asked me what language he was speaking. He always asks if you want pepper, which he is dead pr
  11. Mental isn't it? Troop numbers are 25,000 now. WTF is actually going on? If this was Trump the hyperventilating and sheer hysteria in the media would be off the charts.
  12. You could say - "She'd eat their lunch." Fucking state of the whole lot of them.
  13. They pull out their salami and ask the rich housewives if they want a length.
  14. You go into an electrical store here for a refrigerator and they have desktop, undercounter, family size and American. I'm not even joking. You guys know this right?
  15. He'll be delighted. It means cake, lots of cake.
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