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  1. Just take a look at that woman's timeline and all the people interacting with her. This shit is not normal.
  2. Obama proved that the right look combined with polished speeches will allow you to get away with absolutely anything. He's a complete and utter fraud whose actions are the polar opposite of his statements. Yet millions the world over love him.
  3. The sad thing is retards actually believe that.
  4. Her truth is she's a morbidly obese whale These people are seriously fucked in the head. Giving a child an action figure of a fucking politician? Should be put into care and the mother into a mental home.
  5. Tyson carried Roy through the whole fight, there were several instances where Jones was wide open and Tyson didn't take the shot. Tyson even laughed at one point because Jones left him with a wide open head shot but Tyson pulled it. Likely due to KO agreement. Had Tyson taken any of those shots, he'd have hurt Jones real bad. He also held back in the clinches, trademark uppercut nowhere to be seen. In a real match, he'd have punished Jones for that.
  6. Jones "fought" like a bitch. Tyson still has it. If that was with regular gloves under normal rules Jones would have been in serious trouble.
  7. Nearly finished The Basketball Diaries by Jim Carroll. Really enjoying it, it''s a quick read. Few hours and I'm nearly done. Have never seen the movie.
  8. Ugh, why did you remind us of this?
  9. Maybe so but when was the last time you actually had to confront someone, without warning, face to face, that wanted to smash your fucking face in and dance on your head? Ever have someone pull a knife on you? Ever had a junkie threaten to stab a syringe in your neck if you didn't hand over your wallet. Ever had a broken bottle held to your throat? Ever had five or six guys beat the living shit out of you down an alleyway at 3am and leave you coughing up blood unable to move because you are black and blue all over? I could go on. As Mike Tyson said - "Everyone has a plan until the
  10. Get ta fuck you'll be hiding at home afraid to go out in case you catch a fucking cold. You are as soft as fucking butter lad.
  11. Nobody knew that though. That's totally different.
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