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  1. Ireland population 5million produces enough food for 40million. We also produce over 50% of the world's ventilators. A company near me produces 2million facemasks a week. What's fucked up is that we are short on ventilators and have had to send planes to fucking China to get facemasks. Fucking China! What. The. Fuck!
  2. Only way to stop this is extreme social distancing until a vaccine or effective treatment is found. I see no sign of any of these things in the U.S. right now. With the population density in places like New York you are going to be worse than Italy by next weekend.
  3. Art and Books. Mostly art by Ralph Steadman and Joey Feldman. Books by Hunter S. Thompson, some Irish authors, and Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk, Beat Generation
  4. Only to the chemists or supermarket. Can only exercise up to 2km from your home. No social visits whatsoever. All groups of people banned everywhere.
  5. Our Prime Minister just addressed the nation, announced a full lockdown for two weeks. Quoted Terminator - "There's no fate but what we make for ourselves." 😳
  6. Been hidin' out And layin' low It's not a flu ta me Well you can't always find some toilet roll If you keep quarantined They raided all the stores And they closed all the flights They won't touch me They scream and yell And die all night You can't infect me I covered my head I protect my eyes They won't cough on me 'Cause I got somethin' I been stockin' up inside A years supply isn't that long It's out ta infect me It won't catch me I'm fucking sanitized They can't cough on me Sometimes it's easy to forget where you're goin' Sometimes it's harder to leave And every time you think you know just what you're doin' That's when some chink just sneezed They push me in a corner said they'd cancel my flight but They can't touch me They sneeze and cough and die at night You can't infect me I wear latex gloves and a mask that's red They won't touch me 'Cause I got somethin' I been buildin' up inside I'm already stuck at home They're out ta infect me They won't catch me I've fucking sanitized They won't cough on me Some people say it only affects you if you're older And some would say that means me But I didn't take that flight to China that you gave me So I'd be quick to disagree They're out to infect me They won't catch me I've fucking sanitized They won't cough on me They're out to infect me They won't catch me 'Cause I'm sanitized So, you can't suck me Take that wine out of your shopping cart
  7. Fatten the curve. We need exponential growth. We need to send PPE to Malibu urgently. That is Pasta, Pepperoni and Enchiladas.
  8. A cold is very different to influenza. It's just a cough, sneezing and sore throat. You can still go about your daily life. The flu is a mutherfucker to deal with. I had it twice in the past 2 years. Thought I'd end up in hospital. Fever, hot and cold sweats, the sweat was pouring off me. Couldn't get out of bed for a week. Aches and pains all over, crushing headache, felt so weak, couldn't eat a thing. It was fucking horrible. I wasn't right for weeks. I don't want to get this fucking Chinese Coronavirus if it's worse than that. No fucking way.
  9. I'm almost a month into isolation. It's fine really because I can go out and about whenever I want and meet almost nobody. If I lived in a city I'd probably go fucking crazy though. Not from boredom, from having to meet other people and not know whether they were infected or not. I went into the city today for a very short time to get something. One store I went into this stupid bitch ignored all the social distancing measures and just walked right up behind me in the line. I just glared at her and then the security guard told her to move behind the line until I had paid for my stuff. Dumb fucking moron started sighing and acting out. I felt like decking her. Then three guys around 16-17 started running around the store shouting and roaring and behaving like fucking jackasses. I wouldn't mind martial law if it meant assholes like the above got a rifle butt to the face. It is these kind of dumb fucks that will spread it to people who are doing the right thing.
  10. 10 deaths in Ieland today. Up to this point we had nine in total. Now 10 in one day. Fuck. It's as clear as day that way more people died in China than they admitted, the bastards.
  11. Axl is so fat it took Han Solo almost 24 parsecs to navigate the length of his waist in the Millennium Falcon. That's double the Kessel Run.
  12. Aboulomania Balletomania Cacodemomania Clinomania Phagomania Sophomania
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