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  1. I ain't Mitch either. Coke, strip clubs...turn on the news
  2. If I was Mafia I'd be opting out too and letting town lynch themselves...
  3. Our impeachment is a bigger shitshow than the real one fucking lol
  4. We should all change our avatars to fat axl and then have a weigh-in (off) to decide the lynch.
  5. It helps that people don't tend to shit in the street in the West. Except Sam Francisco. Yeah they are fucked
  6. There should be a slot where "Beta" calls in with her latest recipe. All loved by Uncle Axl "Deep Fried Beer Battered Ice Cream Cheeseburgers"
  7. When Clinton's representative was asked if she was referring to Tulsi she replied - "If the Russian Doll fits." She might not get far with the lawsuit but it will be lovely to hear Clinton deny publicly that she was referring to Tulsi. Honestly the campaign by Clinton and her acolytes in the media against Tulsi is vintage McCarthyism. It's fucking disgraceful
  8. You are not even close to a lunch, don't get too excited
  9. Ever occur to you that if he is lying it is in the interest of town for the real tracker to shut their mouth. The cop has already been revealed. The tracker and doctor need to keep their mouths shut. Even if someone makes a false claim
  10. If I'm wrong, then I'll gladly take the lynch. Someone has to make a decision, it's 66 pages into the game and we are still on day 2 and I'm rapidly losing the will to live either way.
  11. Worth keeping an eye on alright. However, remember the panic over the SARS virus? In the end it killed only 800 worldwide Every year the regular flu kills about 100 in Ireland alone.
  12. Tulsi just sued Clinton for defamation.
  13. I'm telling us, Arnold is a dirty liar
  14. I was one of the first to say it was a bandwagon on you and I pulled my vote. I haven't voted for Deadstar.
  15. Just a thought - if Liars is Mafia how do you think his teammates would have played during his absence?
  16. Or the magic unicorn - a gay, black, cop originally from Brazil
  17. I think Arnold is lying. His reveal was unnecessary and his investment in the game seems to be more enthusiastic than usual. It's not much to go on but I've fuck all on anyone else to be honest. Er...what?
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