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  1. Woods cracks me up, he really knows how to troll.
  2. There is something very wrong in the Biden campaign. He's gone into hiding 9 FUCKING DAYS before the election. Nobody does that in any election anywhere. I don't think you can even say it is over his memory loss. It's something else and whatever it is it's BIG.
  3. She's hated though, even by her own party.
  4. Isn't it amazing though, utterly amazing, that things have come to this? The reason Trump will get re-elected is because the Democrats have actually managed to make him look like the better option. Four years of the biggest temper tantrum in political history that has made everyone fucking sick to death of their bullshit. Four years of trying to destroy people's lives because they might dare to disagree with them. Four years of the media dropping all pretense of impartiality in order to destroy a president Four years of weekly "bom
  5. Trump needs to blitz the airwaves with this.
  6. He can't even remember George's full name. Christ his family are assholes for parading him out like this.
  7. Google Trends is a very interesting tool to play around with right now. Hunter Biden is being searched for more than Joe Biden in the last 7 days. Trump win absolutely crushes Biden win as a search term over the past 30 days and has dominated completely over the past 12 months. Malia Obama has soared as a search term over the past few days
  8. He thinks he is running against George Guy is losing it quicker than they can control.
  9. Ireland's most libshit newspaper has started contemplating 4 more years of Trump. They know.
  10. Pandemics have historically led to massive political and social upheaval. This one will be no different.
  11. Just the priests. We locked them up. The Church here is dead and buried
  12. I don't know about there but even a hint of anything like this with an Irish politician and their family and their career would be over.
  13. I think this is the big story as to why Biden called a lid until the election. I think they are going to need more than that.
  14. Oh I've seen it buddy. It's a cult.
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