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  1. I wonder did Broski know he was a meme shared almost 10,000 times before he croaked?
  2. Slash's record with women is a sad story alright. I mean holy shit the guy has zero standards.
  3. That's the stuff Tony Soprano eats Gabagool
  4. Nah he's only dead a week, though a week can feel like a lifetime when you are grieving.
  5. From the local media...I kinda feel bad for him now. He had the car on autopilot and slapped his head off the road sign.
  6. Get the skip the queue everywhere and free entry to Disneyland.
  7. Jesus H. Christ I'll pay them to stay the fuck away from me. Top right looks like an orca. I'll throw her some sardines. Bourbon tour and slugger factory sounds good. Will visit Churchill downs too. I'll be in New York too. Will shitpost with photos from Trump Tower.
  8. I registered here first but barely posted most likely due to BlackFaggot or whatever he was called. Went from mygina to thegnrforum and from there to here. I missed a lot of good shit here. Fucking Blackfaggot goddamn that creepy bastard.
  9. We'll never know the greatness that is Jackie Chan re-recording #57
  10. True. Myles Kennedy is boring as fuck and these new songs are mostly shit. The guitar is good and all but after a while you just start skulling pints
  11. I didn't even know he was here, my shitradar must be broken. I still can't wait to get shitfaced at an Adler gig and bring him to abrakebabra afterwards the fucking loon
  12. I shit on him from a height from day 1. Let it be known and recorded and told to your grandchildren
  13. Holy shit you're right! And the meme was shared over 9000 times
  14. Nothing wrong with being bald. Shave your head and don't be one of those weirdos that wears a hat constantly, as if that hides you being a bald cunt. Whats even worse is the half bald look or the going bald but trying to hide it look. You look like a half shaved ball sack. Fucking ridiculous.
  15. I'd love to send every one of these cunts back to Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia under Stalin so they'd realise how fucking unbelievably privileged they are to live in the U.S. today. Un-be-fucking-lievable - if you are a white female in the U.S. today you are in the top 1% of women worldwide in terms of the potential on your doorstep. A college educated white woman has it even better. Ivy League education. You are about as privileged as you can possibly get as a woman on this planet. But yeah, Trump the patriarchy, we are literally living in a brutal dictatorship. Dumb privileged cunts.
  16. Handmaid's Tale is supposed to be good but I've been put off by all the feminists that won't shut up about it
  17. How the fuck did he close the sunroof on his own head?
  18. That didn't bother me. You don't see Tom Cruise speaking German in Valkyrie etc
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