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  1. I watched American Psycho again tonight and was in tears laughing at it. No fucking way it would be made today. And not a hope in hell that the book would be published. Hollywood is a good microcosm of western society as a whole. In terms of output, it has become utterly vacuous (moreso than usual), ideology has won out over aesthetics and all the while their fucking hypocrisy is now unashamedly parading in your face. A house of cards on the one hand but also dangerous in the way that a cornered dog can turn vicious. Burn it all down.
  2. So I'll be meeting Bret Easton Ellis next week through work. His new book is some epic trolling of libtards
  3. It has been terribly executed. Rian Johnson completely fucked not just this trilogy, but the entire nine-episode film arc with his contribution. The guy should never be let near a movie again unless it is entirely on his dime. Kathleen Kennedy should be fired. Her feminist agenda and "the force is female" bullshit has destroyed an entire iconic franchise.
  4. Like the hypocrites they are the Dems and their celebrity chums are now against this. Beautiful move by Trump
  5. I love how Star Wars nuts casually refer to the Emperor as Sheev these days. Some book revealed his full name as Sheev Palpatine a few years ago and now it is like this cool marker as to how much of a fan you are to just refer to him as Sheev "oh my god Sheev laughs at the end of the new trailer" Fuck off. Cunts
  6. He should throw her aside like a broken 3 wood
  7. I hope is off banging hookers tonight
  8. "as we reach the end of the concert and November Rain starts playing, the man's own heart, filled by God knows what, attacked him and got him killed immediately." His heart had the sense to pull the plug there and then. Must have had advanced knowledge of This I Love landing some day in the future.
  9. Lets see how this plays out. It has been well publicised that Assange has a dead mans switch file dump should he come to harm (which I presume also means getting put away) Maybe it is a ruse but I hope he has some real juicy shit just ready to be released. Wikileaks have tweeted several encryption keys over the past few months. Apparently all that is needed is one other one to unlock everything.
  10. There is a shit tonne of important stuff leaked by wikileaks but said importance largely depends on what part of the world you are in. The Arab spring for example, pretty much kicked off thanks to the leak of U.S. diplomat cables which showed the widespread corruption between governments and the U.S. across North Africa and the Middle East. The Collateral Murder/Bradley Manning leak could be argued helped turn public opinion even more so against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan The Podesta/ Democrat emails definitely damaged Hilary but again it is hard to truly put a measure on such things. I guess it also depends on how cynical you are as to how shocking the wikileaks stuff is but he definitely exposed a lot of high level corruption. Unfortunately instead of people grabbing their pitchforks and hanging the bastards from the lampposts a lot of the stuff faded from the news cycle or was ignored eventually thanks to most people having the attention span of goldfish. Even the Edward Snowden NSA leak didn't really achieve much in the end. People want to live in the Matrix and pretend everything is ok.
  11. After the unmitigated disaster that was the last one Abrams has resorted to bringing back Palpatine, Lando and the wreckage of the Death Star. So much for establishing new characters for the future. Arnold is right, not a single memorable new character in the entire Disney trilogy.
  12. The inversion of normality, mental illness the new accepted standard. We're so fucked
  13. Like a turd that won't flush, Hilary has surfaced to state that 'Assange must answer for what he's done' - namely exposing her for the cunt that she is.
  14. Because he is desperately afraid of being exposed as a homo
  15. With a little luck, Axl will soon suggest a Greta Van Fleet cover.
  16. Trust the cunt Brits to do the dirty work for the US. Shower of bastards. Hope Wikileaks dishes everything they got now
  17. I can't wait to see the sperg army on 4chan troll this election.
  18. How bad are the Democrats that Joe Biden is seen as their champion
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