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  1. I can't see what this is, I get a pop-up saying "Content from this region not secure"
  2. He needs to start drinking a gallon of vodka a day again. Jesus Christ I never thought I'd see the day that Duff would turn into such an insufferable asshole
  3. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. I liked it. Not his best by any means. It's the kind of movie enjoyed best when you are high as fuck. Brad Pitt steals the show.
  4. Sculpted to celebrate the NITL tour, this bust is signed and limited to 50 pieces. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity Bid in Bitcoin. No reserve, auction ends September 1st
  5. Has Axl been virtue signalling over this yet? There's 500 armoured cars parked just over the border in a stadium, ready to roll. China is going to crackdown hard! They're fucked.
  6. Duff looks like he just heard his new album
  7. I have a psychoactive garden. All the plants will fuck you up. I want to add some mushrooms next.
  8. I could never figure out what was quite so "off" about Germo until MSL let slip that its a ftm tranny
  9. Er..that Japanese chick..who is she? For eh...research purposes
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