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  1. Facekicker

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    Looks like Strasbourg just suffered a diversity incident at the Christmas market. 2 shot dead, 11 wounded. Gunman on the loose
  2. "That look you get when Grandma finishes off the last of the Turkey gravy"
  3. Facekicker

    Your Dream Job

    If you get a Ribfest going do we all get backstage passes? Or a special viewing gallery for gnfnr members where we can mock the acts with impunity? Myself and @magisme after the first support act
  4. Facekicker

    Your Dream Job

    John Bonham presents TacoFest 2020 Headliner DJ Ashba's Guns N Roses With support from Slash and Myles Kennedy Also GlibyClarke
  5. Facekicker

    Your Dream Job

    Smut Baron with enough fuck you money to troll the living shit out of feminists and libtards and other retards. Would run for President just to fuck with everyone
  6. Facekicker

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    Faggots gonna faggot
  7. Facekicker

    Do you use tobacco products?

    A day?
  8. Facekicker

    Greta Van Fleet

    Touring Brazil sporting mullets
  9. Facekicker

    GNR Cornholes Fans Again

    Knew he was a chubby chaser but he's really going for the "big" league there. "PAPA ROSE SMOOSH SMOOSH" Disgusting
  10. Facekicker

    Greta Van Fleet

    .Jesus that's brutal.