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  1. I don't remember that? JB did alright but I don't remember you doing so
  2. Literally shaking here.... From laughter. Tony Clifton Rose you are my hero
  3. It's been St. Patrick's long weekend here. I've been drunk for 5 days straight. The ONLY thing we have is JB posting like he fell on his head. Maybe he is drunk too.
  4. I'm not sure which is worse, Myles picking Slash's ideas, or the amount of fucking threads you start.
  5. @magisme did you notice how Bonham mentioned his gut a few posts back?
  6. I've seen Bonham play like this before. Throwing out suspicions and random votes early in the game. It's a tactic he uses when he is town but I am not 100% certain on that. Anyone else remember him doing this?
  7. I want Yang and Tulsi Gabbard to make huge inroads on the Dems side because they are asking questions that make the status quo Dems uncomfortable and the more disruption the better. Beto is 100% a complete faggot fraud manlet. Hope he gets destroyed and humiliated. As of right now, the Dems are rushing headlong into sabotaging each other with so many candidates.
  8. Because at night I sleep on a bed of money with beautiful women.
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