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  1. Axl is working on a strategy, sweating profusely, to get all those free tacos for himself.
  2. Help me troll my stupid uncle. Is there somewhere I can sign him up to receive Trump Campaign yardsigns and shit. 😆
  3. My uncle in the U.S. believes that Trump phones Putin every week to receive instructions on what to do next. He's ex-military. Jesus Fuck
  4. In one of the texts, Hunter Biden allegedly says to his sister-in-law (also his lover) that he face-timed a 14-year-old girl while naked and doing crack - "she told my therapist that I was sexually inappropriate." He's a fucking "superpredator"
  5. DOJ and FBI just confirmed the laptop is legit. (duh)
  6. Giuliani just stated that there is child porn on Hunter Biden's laptop and that he has turned it over to Delaware State police
  7. This fucking pathetic sack of shit http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/us/it-s-his-dishonesty-lack-of-character-his-deceit-ex-cia-chief-excoriates-trump-1.4386322
  8. I haven't been in a bar or club since fucking January. I'm putting a slush fund together with the sole purpose of throwing the biggest fucking party I can in Ibiza or Amsterdam when all this fucking cunty chinky fucking bollocks is over. FUCK CHINA FUCK CHINA FUCK CHINA FUCK THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT
  9. Media here had an epic fucking meltdown over it.
  10. The funny thing is the locals in the village where Trumps Hotel is here are fiercely loyal to Trump. Money talks. There's fuck all there except the golf club, a few pubs and post office and a church. His hotel IS the economy. Anyone that badmouths the Trumps there are told to fuck off in no uncertain terms. There'll be an epic party there if he wins. Here's the scene when Trumps sons visited last year and went on a pub crawl in the village. They also paid for every drink in the place that night.
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