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  1. Things I've forgotten since I was last in the US. How fat people are New Yorkers are assholes Manhattan is a simultaneously incredible and a total shithole.
  2. I'll head to Trump Tower tomorrow to test the mood of the nation. The epicentre of the American Dream.
  3. You kind of wonder where this thread will be in 5 years. Paedo Pride Parades probably
  4. Everything is politicised these days. The police here have the gay flag flying over their station this weekend and have two of their cars covered in rainbow stripes. Fuck me, a total clown world.
  5. Well he is black...
  6. Christian Bale modelled his take on Patrick Bateman, the nice guy persona, on Tom Cruise. Says it all really. I suspect, in private, the guy is a monster.
  7. I used to be of the mind that it's not an issue because it doesn't affect me. Live and let live and all that. Not any more. It's an openly hostile political movement now and most moderate people have been completely caught off guard. We gave an inch and they took a mile. Not any more.
  8. It's a shame Hunter S. Thompson never launched a Freak Party Presidential Bid. His campaign for sheriff of aspen was fucking amazing trolling and he only barely lost. 1970 and he wanted to decriminalise drugs, stop land developers from fucking up the environment, make Aspen car free and punish dishonest dope peddlers on the steps of the court house with a bastinado He was anti-interventionist, set up a foundation to protect the fourth amendment, and was an NRA member. Neither the Republicans or Democrats could figure out how to tackle him, so the Democrats weaseled out of the race and backed the GOP to defeat him. And they only barely won. On a national platform it would have been fucking hilariously entertaining
  9. This is a whole new level of fucked up. And it's not just this either, there is a massive increase in gay propaganda targeting children. It's in the schools, all over the media, fuck even the bookstores are selling gay shit for kids. It's almost...co-ordinated... Get them while they're young...straight out of the religious brainwashing handbook
  10. yup, as I suspected, pulling that attention whore leg over head instawhore yoga pose
  11. Imagine the fucking losers that are actually buying that shit. You have to admire her in a way for playing these suckers
  12. Someone show this to Fernando. Axl Rose Bathwater. $500. Pre-Order now. First in line Warchild followed by Black Sabbath.
  13. The candidates the Democrats have are fucking appalling. And the one exception, Tulsi, is being sidelined and villified because she's anti-war Makes you realise how far off the deep end they have gone.
  14. Right. Holy shit the ideology is in your face from the opening line of the trailer.
  15. I'll cut you, pussyface!
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