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  1. Soon is the word. They've had a three hour meeting. And today is Tuesday.
  2. Accepting that position is probably the death knell for any political career. Nobody in their right mind would want it because Dems know they are going to lose.
  3. He should announce his VP as "Generic Black Woman." I googled her. Her she is folks
  4. Occupy wallstreet "vets" (lol) are planning a new protest called Occupy the White House. Starts September 17th. I can't wait. The Secret Service aren't going to let these fucks turn D.C. into Portland. The wailing hysteria is going to be fun.
  5. Jesus Christ that's unreal. But then, when you look at the sequels, it makes perfect sense. It was so obvious throughout the sequels that the people involved didn't even understand, get or like the original trilogy. Or the original characters. I'm looking at you Rian Johnson in particular you absolute cunt.
  6. We had cases here down to 5 cases a day in the whole country but over the weekend it exploded to 174 cases in one day after an outbreak at meat factory's. Tiny in comparison to other countries figures but we are a small country of 5 million. As of today masks are compulsory in shops and other indoor settings with fines of €2500 and/or 6 months in jail for not doing so.
  7. I'm typing a post, spot a typo, click into the editor box (touchscreen mobile) and my entire screen shows the previous webpage I visited, like a screenshot. If I touch the screen again it goes back to the editor Fuckin weird
  8. I'll never forget Stephen Hawkings warning about making contact with aliens. If they come here they will be unfathomably more advanced than us technologically. We know from our own planet that anytime this has happened on earth, where a more advanced civilisation encounters another, it never, ever ends well for the less advanced group.
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