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  1. Facekicker

    Why did Slash allow Axl to put One in a Million on Lies?

    I'd like to think it is because Slash understands the difference between author voice and character voice but we all know it is because he is a gigantic pussy.
  2. I use that site for mine. How is this not a thing in the US?
  3. Facekicker

    Facebook is shit......?

    Brazil productivity expected to drop 20% as Brazilians discover amazing joy of farmville
  4. Facekicker


  5. Facekicker


    Why would you do that to yourself?
  6. Facekicker

    Social Justice Warriors, Feminists and Other Retards

    Marketing and ignorance
  7. Facekicker

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    Au contraire mon frere, au contraire. I was far from "mute" - as the events occurred during the night/early morning for me I had to catch up on what had happened and then made a very decisive vote on Gunner without hesitation. The same Gunner who was Mafia. You on the other hand went straight for Wasted's throat all the while defending Gunner's "logic" Now you come out with this revisionist nonsense to frame me and also Magisme (the very first to vote Gunner) This guy eh? What a fucking chancer
  8. Facekicker

    Social Justice Warriors, Feminists and Other Retards

    Politics aside, their razors are overpriced shit. All a man needs is one of these. Cheaper, sturdier and a far better shave. Gillette is inferior plastic rubbish and at an extortionate price. Now they are calling you a cunt too to add to the bargain. Any man that continues buying their shit after this is a cucked idiot.
  9. Facekicker

    Social Justice Warriors, Feminists and Other Retards

    That Gillette ad and the NPC reaction to it's criticism, from the usual libtards, just boils my piss.
  10. Facekicker

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    The White House should convert one of its wings into a fast-food hall. McDonalds, Burger King but not Taco Bell because it might attract Mexicans
  11. Facekicker

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    You'd have to assume with the three groups theory that Bonham's clues are genuine and not a troll in itself. Illuminati, paranoia, conspiracy theories, anything is possible.
  12. Facekicker

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    Look at this for a bullshit post. "Yeah I'll just sit here and do jack shit while you guys do all the legwork"
  13. Facekicker

    Land of the Free - The Killers

    I've always hated them since my former roommate in college, a complete fucking steamer, used to play their music at 8am in the morning when he had to get up for class, even though I was asleep in bed. The third time he did it I told him that if he valued his life, let alone his stereo, he better turn off that band of fags.
  14. Facekicker

    Land of the Free - The Killers

    That tosser Brandon Flowers had the audacity to try and claim that his "Are we human or are we dancer" lyric was a line from Hunter S. Thompson. Hunter never would write such swill.
  15. Facekicker

    The Illuminati - DAY TWO

    I'm not going to read back over 27 pages to check but I am pretty sure I indicated in at least one post that I believe Magisme to be town. I still maintain that I_Are_ess and KFCBucket are looking a bit dodgy, skirting around the sidelines and not offering much to chew on.