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  1. With a little luck, any idiot that buys this tacky shit will end up getting it delivered AFTER Christmas.
  2. It's collapsing already and with it any hope of them winning in 2020 Trump is going to win bigly. i reckon it could be as brutal as Nixon's thrashing of McGovern in '72
  3. As a Dudeist Priest I ah...well you know man ah...wait what day is it today?
  4. Yes. Chasing connections, elevating their profile. Buttgig will do well out of this, because he looks competent in the eyes of the people that take these things seriously. Kamala "Clinton 2.0" Harris on the other hand got destroyed by Tulsi Gabbard in front of everyone. Her campaign died a death overnight. God that was satisfying.
  5. I prefer the expression "two cheeks of the same arse."
  6. Time to open a Celebrity Death Pool 2020 thread
  7. Why hasn't she been arrested? Don't answer. We all know why. ^^^^
  8. It's ok. I'm not too excited by it yet.
  9. He's like someone with a nervous tick the way he keeps rubbing his arm
  10. Schiff claims he doesn't know who the whistleblower is. Well asshole, it's only all over the fucking internet and has been reported by multiple news outlets, media personalities and politicians. Oh and your own panel interviewed him. Are you dumb or just a liar? Because it is one or the other. What a farce
  11. I don't believe so, she's missed the deadline in some red states but that's it. She can still be on the ballot in others no?
  12. I'd take anyone over Clinton. She's a legitimate psychopath
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