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  1. Ireland's first real rock band. Phil Lynott was the first public figure in Ireland that was black. For years it was as if he was the only black man in Ireland and I'm sure he felt like that was true too. A pure Dublin man through and through he was absolutely loved the length and breadth of the country. I met his mother at a Slash gig in Dublin a few years ago. She was almost 80 and there she was giving it loads having the time of her life. She used to go to all the rock gigs in Dublin. She gave Slash a miniature version of the bronze statue in the photo above and he played a Thin Lizzy song and dedicated it to her. It was a nice moment and got a great reaction.
  2. We are exposed to more news now than any other time in history. It's definitely having a negative effect. 24/7 misery and fear-mongering can't go unnoticed. Globalisation means we are more connected now than ever. And the benefits largely seem to be for the rich
  3. Every election they try and say the youth vote will make a difference and every time it largely fails to materialise. With 60+% of the voters saying the economy is doing better and they gave more money in their pocket it is hard to see a way to topple Trump Even Bill Clinton knew this - "It's the economy stupid."
  4. Yeah I think the DNC certainly know. They are in full on panic mode after everything they've thrown at Trump has failed to take him down. It's the average Democrat #resistance voter that is on for a rude awakening. The amount of deluded shit they come out with never ceases to amaze me, most recent one I can think of was in the aftermath of Adam Schiff's closing speech in the impeachment farce. My Facebook was flooded with people saying his speech was "mesmerising, historic and one that will be taught in universities for decades" A few were even suggesting Schiff should fun for POTUS and that he would best Trump in a landslide. What fucking planet are these fools living on?
  5. I love watching the evolving demoralisation of the average Democrat. First it was Biden 💯 Then a brief rally around Kamala 💯 Then Warren 💯 Then Pete 💯 Now Bloomberg 💯 Hilarious watching them argue each of their merits for defeating Trump while they drop off like flies one after the other. All the while denouncing Sanders steady lead and why he hasn't a hope. Reality is it has been the Sanders show before the bloody thing even started and it will continue to be until the DNC find a way to block him Anything else is delusional. I admit I thought he was finished myself after his heart attack but not even that could derail him. I still fully expect Bloomberg and the DNC to try and steal this from Sanders. Doesn't matter anyway because as it stands right now, the Democrats are heading for a thrashing in November and they haven't a clue that it is coming.
  6. The guy on the right had more than the other three combined. That's all I can say for sure
  7. Bloomberg/Hitlery 2020 is going to be the ticket according to Drudge
  8. That's a great idea. All he needs is a bandana and you basically have Axl. Maybe change the green to ginger.
  9. Is it true that this is predominantly an issue in Democrat controlled cities in the U.S.?
  10. It makes perfect sense. Fans could try and catch Axl Rose the Pokémon at concerts, with the Pokémon only spawning during the actual concerts. Or each gig could have a Pokémon gym where Legendary Pokémon Axl would spawn and fans would have to team up to take him down They could even do the three evolutions of Axl as Pokémon Axl Evolves into W.Axl Rose Evolves into W.A.R.
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