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  1. Ever notice that the people who like to proclaim the loudest that they are on the right side of history all look, sound and behave like escaped mental ward patients?
  2. Admire his taking a stand against bullshit. Not to say I agree with him on everything, he's a bit of a Jesus freak, but at least he engages with a topic in a reasonable manner and actually listens to those that disagree. He's got balls and put a lot on the line in standing up for himself and for freedom of speech.
  3. There's a black African academic being given all kinds of airtime here to tell us all how racist we are. She came to Ireland and got a PhD here, waltzed into a lecturing position at a major university where she teaches a course on race relations and racism. She's also a life coach. Lol She first came to prominence when she screamed racism all over the media a few months ago because she was in a hotel here having dinner and ordered some red wine for her table and received a blackcurrant cordial instead. Racism. Reminder. 1.1% of people in Ireland are black.
  4. Popular radio station here playing "revolution songs" for the next three days Reminder - I live in Ireland which is 96.4% white. The black population is 1.1% "Fight the powah" Fuck. Off.
  5. People are falling over themselves to be the most virtuous today online. Most of these people don't give two fucks in reality about what is going on.
  6. All my social media full of sheep posting black squares to their timelines. Minimum effort, maximum attention seeking, zero results. Fucking morons.
  7. Irish Media in full on Orange Man Bad mode. You'd swear he was our fucking President and the riots were in Dublin. Entire shows on TV and radio discussing it. Not a single Republican interviewed or anyone that isn't a full on Trump hater. It's unreal.
  8. The US is beyond help. There's no rectifying the deep rooted delusional insanity over there.
  9. Is that her retarded AOC impression?
  10. I have seen those posts but I am actually referring to people I know. The actually believe Russia is behind this. Fuck me.
  11. Social media filling up with libtards blaming Russia, China and Iran for the unrest. Jesus Christ the delusion is off the fucking charts over there. Insane
  12. Wishing that someone you dislike dies from a disease is hardly glorifying hate and violence. At worst it's childish. There's nothing radical about free speech. In the U.S. it is a right guaranteed since 1791. People getting bent out of shape about any of the above are nanny state snowflakes, most likely millennials and liberals who have been the most vocal advocates for censoring people they don't like in living memory. They can fuck off and die of AIDS.
  13. What a fucking hypocrite. How did he turn into such a fucking virtue signalling, sorry excuse for a man?
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