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  1. I think it's gone from Broadway now? Yeah I'll visit Trump tower for the laugh. Shaun Ryder? You're twisting my melon man
  2. Someone tell Angela Merkel to cut him off unless he posts again
  3. Any must see attractions in New York? I'll be there for a few days this summer. Have seen Empire State and Statue of Liberty already.
  4. Snacks in the US are horrendously shit. Your chips are crap and Hershey's tastes like putty. You have no idea what you are missing.
  5. America will be in for a rude awakening if they attack Iran. An aerial campaign will not get rid of the regime. Troops on the ground will be massacred by the Iranians. Make no mistake about it. During the Iran v Iraq war they sent wave after wave of child soldiers as suicide bombers against the Iraqis. Almost 100,000 of them. The willingly let themselves be slaughtered in order to take a few Iraqis with them. Saddam decided to gas them on the front lines. It didn't work. You think the American public have the stomach for that? And we haven't even mentioned their proxies like Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthis. Or that they have the largest stockpile of missiles in the Middle East. All of which will rain down on Israel and US bases in the region. They'll also close the Persian Gulf lanes. Goodbye cheap oil. This would make Iraq and Afghanistan look like a minor squabble in comparison
  6. Bran might be important if history solely relied on oral records. But they literally show books being written recording their history. So why give a shit about the three eyed raven Wtf
  7. Danys speech was hilarious. I just kept thinking of that scene in Life of Brian where nobody can hear Jesus speaking and someone at the back thinks he said - "Blessed are the cheese makers!"
  8. I yelled at nobody is particular for the shitbucket throughout the past 6 episodes
  9. Season 8 - The Chinese Democracy of the entire series. Pure shit
  10. It's funny After the night king episode, fans of that storyline were complaining (correctly) that it pretty much made the preceding 7 seasons redundant Fans not invested in the story mocked them for being wrong or not understanding it. Then when Dany went mad Queen and Jaime ended up with Cersei those same fans were complaining (largely correctly) that it invalidated the preceding storyline. (a case can be made that Dany's storyline was just poorly rushed at the end though) So now we have the following characters whose storyline has been irreparably damaged, thus significantly damaging the entire show - The Night King - Daenerys - Jaime Lannister - Cersei - Bran - Jon Snow Just about the only character whose arc was handled correctly (though not without its own faults) is the Hound What a clusterfuck
  11. LGBTQ2 2? Is it a sequel or something? Should there be a subtitle? Electric Buggeryou?
  12. So I had to do one of those psychometric personality tests today with an actual clinical psychologist. I straight up told them not to get too excited by the result and if they wanted to save time I could just tell them outright about my general attitude. Holy fuck though the results were hilarious (and dead accurate)
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