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  1. Well I'd care if the HOF mattered but it doesn't. Run by that bellend Jann Wenner, I'd take it as a compliment not to be included and if I was nominated I'd tell him to fuck off.
  2. Lucky Charms and leprechauns. Irish people actually love them as you can't get them in Ireland. It's funny to us but if we were a bunch of uptight arseholes we could claim racism and cultural appropriation and all kinds of bullshit.
  3. Sasha Volkova Sophie Anderton Or any number of other "friends" of Axl.
  4. I flew into Atlanta once, never again. Worst airport I've ever been in by far. It was like landing in the ghetto. Couldn't understand a goddamn word of the people working there, it was all ebonic shit. Airport is a fucking dump.
  5. I should post this video on mygnr and tag Downzy
  6. Did you see the infamous Kremlin meeting with Merkel. Putin brought his dog, knowing full well that Merkel hates dogs.
  7. I can't fathom why Germans put up with Merkel. She has royally fucked them forever with that migration stunt.
  8. Again you seem to be jumping to conclusions here, nobody here claimed to be Sophie Scholl at all. Carano shared that post and the point people here are making is that it should not warrant getting fired as a result. As for the comparison between the political climate in America and the early days of Nazi Germany the point is that a climate of absolute hatred towards a segment of society inevitably leads to violence. It is probably not the best comparison historically but there is no denying that conservatives have already been targeted and murdered this past summer an
  9. Merkel has been a disaster for Europe. I have no doubt her successor will be just as bad.
  10. That's because the media don't want people to see the original post, which she shared and did not actually write herself. Here it is.
  11. Her point was that the Government manipulated the population to the point where neighbours turned on each other, preceding the eventual hunting down of Jews by actual Nazis. This point is being lost, over and over. That was her comparison to the current hatred being demonstrated from the left towards conservatives. It is an explicit warning of the eventual path this systemic hatred leads to. It quite clearly is not saying that the current left are Nazis.
  12. Cue the awards season where all these vacuous cunts will be preening and moralising and slapping each other on the back for being so great and wonderful. Vomit inducing.
  13. If someone feels that there are warning signs right now as to where society is going I feel they should be able to draw comparisons without being condemned by a baying mob. We should be able to make comparisons and take warnings from history and not have some morons try and claim that you are saying it is literally exactly the same. Or try to claim that your comparison somehow insults the memory of victims. Not being able to discuss the issue with any sense of nuance is a sure hallmark of a society that is dangerously out of kilter. If a clumsy point is being made use it to start
  14. Porno and Skagboys by Irvine Welsh.
  15. It wasn't the Holocaust she was referring to it was the climate preceding it.
  16. The left have disenfranchised, deplatformed, silenced, fired, bullied, banned, harassed and otherwise tried everything they can to destroy conservatives across multiple online and offline platforms. We have seen an outpouring of violence across America this past summer that was not just sanctioned by them but actively encouraged. They now control government, the media, education and big tech. And it is only ramping up. It is only a matter of time before things take an even more sinister turn.
  17. He is way worse. Does HTGTH even exist anymore?
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