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  1. It's just a convoluted super fast overdone fucking blur. Like a bloody power rangers episode on steroids.
  2. Mad Max Fury Road was a heap of shit.
  3. The last 20 years has been shit for everything. Total shit.
  4. He is exactly like Dr Cocteau from Demolition Man and his forum is exactly like the humourless, bland, sterilised society depicted in the movie. He even has his own mincing Associate Bob sidekick in Dazey.
  5. Dr Downzy and Associate Dazey
  6. It's amazing how libtards and woke bullshit has made a 90s trash movie like Demolition man look fucking profound
  7. Satin? Put down the crack pipe Sean.
  8. The sound sucked live. Axl could hardly be heard
  9. Put myself and Brasky in charge of the new tour. The original AFD lineup. The Ole Beich is a dead cunt tour. Advertising by Creed. We are going to end every show with One In A Million and dedicate it to Andrew Downs.
  10. Can my 20 mygnr alts play?
  11. 10 year old Facekicker getting a glimpse up Stephanie Seymour's wedding dress in the November Rain video in 1992....
  12. "Not having to know what to do with my lips." America 2021
  13. Yeah, very true. Lots of places have closed here too. The problem in Ireland is our health system can't cope with the amount of sick people. Our hospitals are at breaking point.
  14. I knew a few people that died. All over 70. Saying that, my neighbours aged 74 and 82 had it and they are fine.
  15. Biden is like Ashba in his tophat putting the GNR discography on his website while Slash looks on from the sidelines going - "Who the fuck is this asshole?"
  16. I think I've only seen three HOF performances ever - that one with Prince, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne covering While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Iggy Pop inducting Madonna because it was hilarious and GNR.
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