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  1. what kind of fucking liberal bubble do you have to be living in to not know that photo of AOC is genuine in 2021?
  2. I don't think I ever listened to, or read anything by Rush Limbaugh in my life. He was kind of one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Bush era GOP so I couldn't be arsed giving him the time of day. Political commentators, be they on tv or radio or in the newspapers, are absolutely painful personalities by and large.
  3. Absolutely. Bored middle class cunts with empty lives who want to be seen as fighting for something "good", in the easiest way possible, so they spend all day hectoring people on social media and preening for likes, attention seeking dipshits.
  4. Everything with that anus faced dipshit Simon Pegg.
  5. I love a good skin pelt solo. You just don't get that with Lana Del Lasagna and Dustin Beaver
  6. He won't even be alive by then, let alone still President
  7. Harris starts sharpening the knives.
  8. A kind man that loves to respect other cultures 🤮
  9. Downzy must be going into a dark room with a shotgun and a bottle of whiskey
  10. He's on a roll, his handlers must have been dying inside.
  11. The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot
  12. What the fuck, I'll have to check this out
  13. Will Bill Gates be eating synthetic meat or will he just keep eating the finest steak and buy some more carbon credits as a PR exercise like he does at present while jetting all over the globe in his private jet? Interesting that he is also the largest owner of farmland in the US.
  14. Fuck you cunt. You pissed off to fondle Downzys nutsack for years and whine about this forum then you flounce back in here after the election to gloat non-stop like the two faced cunt that you are. Everyone here knows you for what you are, even your "friend" EstrangedTwat told you to fuck off. You were trolling non-stop here since November so don't act surprised that people here think you are an annoying cunt.
  15. Hahaha Christ he is almost a parody of a woke fucking ponce at this stage.
  16. It's just...what can you say? The disconnect and blatant propaganda is just fucking unbelievable. What does it take for people to say enough is enough?
  17. Of course you'd be a Walter fan FFS
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