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  1. Spanish Rioja, Olives stuffed with Chilli, french brie with garlic and oregano crackers, Italian Capocollo, salami and Parma ham.
  2. 336 pages on mobile since Nov 12th Downzy managed 17 pages since January 13th
  3. How the fuck can someone in Texas receive an electricity bill for $17,000 Wtf is going on over there Jesus fucking Christ.
  4. He'd be better off not trying any of that shit. I've yet to meet a single person that says antidepressants have worked and made their life better. Quite the opposite in fact. On the other hand, lifting heavy weights and getting outside in the fresh air has worked wonders for just about everyone that tried it. Get a dog too, a proper one like a German Shepherd or a Doberman. You'll have to take the fucker out for a walk every day. You'll have no excuse.
  5. He opened the thread all excited and got a weird boner so now he's mad. Again.
  6. One of the worst things in recent years was seeing people going completely loolah about Trump and they are not even fucking American. Loads of them in Ireland too, the entire media here is infested with them.
  7. Read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley next if you haven't done so already.
  8. America is so fucked it's unreal. The internal hatred between citizens is just mind-blowing.
  9. Shut yer coupon ya fuckin pusillanimous mooching cunty heathen. Sounds like yer speakin from experience.
  10. I wudnae speak to ma simian-like friend like that unless ye want a burst mooth ye fuckin bam cunt.
  11. That jakey cunt? I don't know who I'd trust less, Forrester or some yankee dipstick. He'll be lucky if he doesnae escape wit a kickin, though if it has tae come doon tae it we cud give um a go offa Val, though I suspect Dazey wud be mair up his street ya ken?
  12. I used to sell that shit by the bucketload. So going by the amount of repeat customers it most certainly has something to it. I take zinc, vit d, fish oil and quercetin.
  13. An economist here in Ireland nailed it when he said the real divide is between insiders and outsiders.
  14. True, I can't believe what I am seeing. So many people I know have fallen for it too, to the point that I am seriously reassessing my friendship with some of them. I sure as hell don't trust them that's for certain. Not when I see them cheering on all this BLM and cancel culture bullshit and flat out denying that Antifa and others were burning places to the ground.
  15. It's weird how liberals have found a way to be even more obnoxious than hard-line religious conservatives. That is one hell of an achievement.
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