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  1. I got to 1:17 in the video and spotted what looks like a black power salute in the crowd. Then I knocked it off. Also Kim looks like a fucking hippo. Everyone in that room should be first up against the wall.
  2. I try to blank it out along with the rest of CD and the past 20 years of Axl's vanity trip.
  3. I can't remember the last time I used ebay.
  4. In case you didn't see it a short teaser aired the other day
  5. Had to have been Slash's management. No way in hell he'd have answered that question without prior approval. You can see how he shut down when asked about a reunion.
  6. what's wrong with classicrawker? at least he is a legit GNR fan People give the likes of Shades shit because he is so obvious. Classicrawker is no better but because he is a Dem it tends to go unnoticed. There is also the added sense of smug superiority that goes with being a full on liberal flag sucker. Him and Shades are basically two cheeks of the same arse with downzy right in the middle.
  7. I wouldn't ban Shades at all because he does a better job than any Democrat of making the GOP look like a bunch of knuckledragging apes. Though the Dems aren't much better when you have the likes of Classicrawker on their side.
  8. How about an exclusive T-Shirt? Maybe a DVD of Appetite for Democracy.
  9. Mygnr will be like Syria and this place will be facing an unprecedented influx from all angles like Europe right now. Lol Downzy and his Mod Squad - the ISIS of GNR forums.
  10. You know things are fucking ridiculous when you have a GNR forum run by a social justice warrior like Downzy, where sections like Anything Goes means the exact opposite and one of the moderators is basically a frustrated soccer mom. In an odd way however it makes perfect sense that GNR's biggest fan forum would be fucking cringeworthy, largely populated by morons. All the decent posters have left, been banned or lost interest. That leaves them with the likes of Kasanova King, Classicrawker and Luciusfunk. The Troika of Retardation.
  11. Sick Boy


    Pablo Escobar you say? I'm in.
  12. We are having a two hour meeting tonight to plan-out the next five years of forum dramma. We now believe even more. By take care her JB.
  13. Two courses at Washington State University have introduced a set of strict guidelines as to what the students can and cannot say. One is “Women & Popular Culture”, taught by Professor Selena Lester Breikss. In her course notes, which you can read here, it states Another course, called “Introduction to Comparative Ethics Studies”, and taught by Professor Rebecca Fowler, does encourage the use of “male”, if prefixed by the word “white”. This is to be used instead of “the white man”. For more, see here.
  14. Can JB clarify if he has ever had a three hour meeting with The Beta?
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