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  1. It's more the constant droning about the aesthetic of his "entertainment console" and worrying about guests thinking of him as a "gamer" as it doesn't fit with his lifestyle. He sounds like Patrick Bateman, if Bateman was a flaming homo.
  2. No prizes for guessing who wrote the above.
  3. Not sure I love the portrait orientation. I'm sure (or hoping) you can lay it flat. Won't fit in my entertainment console if I have to sand it upright Not sure I love the design of the box, mostly because my entertainment setup is very dark and this would stick out At least the XSX will blend in with stereo and other entertainment equipment that are usually dark or black. It would be aesthetically consistent to everything else that resides under my TV (plus my tv/gaming room is dark as well). The PS5 would stick out like a sore thumb. I'm really picky whe
  4. Group chat I am in (all white ppl) Woman 1: talk about gruesome murder Woman 2: the murderer is white I am sure of it. Woman 1: Actually he is black. Woman 2: Wow, I'm surprised to hear that. Me:
  5. Can't wait for Shaggy to remove Axl's mask only to reveal Old Fat Axl underneath "And I'd have gotten away with robbing KFC if it wasn't for you damn kids. And Slash."
  6. Lol they stopped Harry Shearer voicing Dr Hibbert and some black guy is taking over starting this week. So shit.
  7. At this point the rest of the world should just sue America for persistent gross stupidity on a scale never before seen.
  8. I think she's one of those people Biden was talking about who can't get on and operate the intertubez.
  9. And what exactly does it mean to be a "minority business owner." Does he get a medal or something?
  10. That's an idea, must try it.
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