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  1. Only if it is Dolphin meat, from a freshly slaughtered Dolphin that was hunted down and killed with a harpoon by Matt himself.
  2. Yet UK Variant and South African variant are fine and dandy? Chinese Wuhan Variant it is then.
  3. We went into a level 5 lockdown in the New Year. Just been told it will be extended until March 5th. A year on and we are still doing this shit.
  4. They don't want to be confronted with the reality that they live in a deeply troubled country, with an ugly government that has committed countless atrocities and continues to terrorise half the planet in the guise of "democracy." They have their heads in the sand like ostriches and they don't want to deal with reality.
  5. Smug Liberals just want a President that talks nice, has a nice wife, shakes hands, kisses babies and says nice things to respectable countries abroad. Essentially an Instagram President that puts on the best face for everyone. They don't give a shit what they actually do in office. Just like they don't care that Instagram isn't real, all that matters is the fake persona.
  6. I've seen him live twice. I enjoyed the gigs because his band rocks but I couldn't understand a single fucking word he "sang" and in one of the gigs didn't recognise a single song. Turns out he played several classics but they were completely unrecognisable. I couldn't be arsed seeing him again.
  7. Only one thing for it really. Burn the damn place down.
  8. Lol and all the dumb cunt Irish media kissing his pedo ass because he is "Oirish".
  9. He is like a bewildered lost child at the best of times.
  10. She's probably laughing at the latest figures for black males being incarcerated.
  11. Sounds like a bunch of excuses for him being a gigantic fucking dork.
  12. Musicians around the world play gigs from their own homes, empty venues and studios for their fans throughout this shit. Axl: Eh...Beta...mommy ...more pizza 🍕 I can't move...just keep it coming.
  13. It certainly condemns Russia for several things too, that is clear. But it also clearly disagreed with the narrative put forth by NATO and others that it was all Russia's fault.
  14. After a 12 year investigation by the European Court of Human Rights, the court has concluded that it was Georgia that started hostilities with Russia in 2008 and not the other way around. "After almost 12 years of trial, the ECHR ruled that Russia should not be held accountable under the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for incidents that occurred when Russian servicemen repulsed an attack by the Georgian army on the peacekeeping contingent and local civilian population during the events in South Ossetia. The court also did not su
  15. I know two diabetics that are hardcore Biden supporters. I bet they still find a way to blame this on Trump, the deranged fat cunts.
  16. I haven't watched a single one since he went to Spotify and changed to that goofy new studio
  17. Russiagaters whining about QAnon is just...breathtaking.
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