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  1. Thanks! I'm sure I will. GNR forums rock! More so than the band itself I would say. LOL

  2. There's something wrong if masturbating is better when you're drunk. IMO it's great at any time! Just take care of it like ^ she says.
  3. Hi there! Look where I just turned up! LOL xo

  4. I find highly intelligent people incredibly attractive. But let's get this straight, super duper nerds are not at any point (even with multi million dollar bank accounts) attractive. But guys with reasonably good looks and superior brains are very sexy IMO. If you can add to that a good sense of humour, then double whammy! Woo hoo! Then I'm in love!
  5. Try not to laugh, but I'm a big Mozart fan. (He's a genius for anyone who hasn't listened to him before). And I've always loved this choral piece of music called 'Misere'. It was written in the early - mid 17th century by Allegri (not Mozart) and was only allowed to be played during Holy Week in Rome by order of the Catholic church. That's all. Only during Holy Week and at no other time and obviously not being the age of CD's or MP3's that meant that no-one ever heard it outside of Holy Week. Fucking boo hoo! BUT! In 1770 when little Wolfgang was in Rome (and only 14 years old!) he heard it performed during Holy Week and being the genius that he is REMEMBRED it from ONE hearing and wrote it down. So since that time the Catholic church has not had the stranglehold on it that it did previously, and that IMO fucking rocks!!!!!!! Mozart is awesome!!!!
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    I'm new here so I wouldn't have a fucking clue.
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