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  1. Very, very jealous! I love Smashing Pumpkins and Billy Corgan's voice is one of the most soothing things for me when I'm in a certain mood. Siamese Dreams and Adore (Ava Adore being one of my favourite songs of all time) are brilliant. I think Billy is a really unique artist and I just ignore all the attitude crap that surrounds him. To me, it's like Axl, at the end of the day they make great music and being difficult and a bit loopy is a general characteristic of real artists. If they reasoned with everything and everyone like the general population they wouldn't be the unique individuals they are that brings us the great music. I do think though that artists should be aware that two people on different sides of the planet can create virtually the same thing at the same time. I guess it's called the Zeitgeist. We used to see it in advertising all the time. I can't tell you how many times campaigns were scrapped half way through production because a very similar ad appeared for another product by another agency before ours was released and vice versa. Happens all the time in fashion too, even without all the copying. Creative trains of thought follow similar paths and with so many people on the planet it's impossible for there to be 100% originality anymore. BC should know this but he's just being his pig headed self.
  2. What the fuck even is LinkedIn? I don't know anyone who has an account, it seems pretty useless to me. Social media is such a waste of time except for when you actually want to use it for your own purposes. It's not a tool where you should feel obligated. In any way whatsoever.
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    This page is particularly outstanding.
  4. Don't worry, you usually do that pretty well yourself.
  5. I thought it was great too. I loved the fact of it being a little glimpse into some random location (could have been any 7-11 anywhere in the states) from a time gone by. You look at it with all the years of retrospect and appreciate it now in a way that is different to 10 or 20 years ago. Each person that entered had something to contribute and had a personality and the way they engaged with one another was awesome. It was totally random but had the feel of a scene from a novel. It's just an amazing little document of history. It's quite beautiful actually. I'd love to see a series of them from a similar setting in 1957, 1967, 1977 and that one from 1987. Kind of like the 7 Up series but as a snapshot of random people's interactions together and capturing the mood of the time.
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    These on the other hand are lovely and incredible.
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    Well there are some real ghastly asses in here! Sometimes I wonder if this thread is just 'post an ass, any ass'. I mean, NONE of these are any good at all. Basically if the ass is OK, the legs are too short, if the legs are OK, the ass is ugly, and so on and so on:
  8. The reality is that every job has its pros and cons. The more complex the job you're doing, the more stressful it will be. The more competitive the industry, the better you have to be than everyone else and the more hours you will do. There's no way getting around it, so accept now that everything is a trade off. Just find the job that is most suited to your personality and intelligence and you'll be fine.
  9. Who are these people? Where are they now I wonder? Are they alive, dead, happy, miserable? Did they turn out to be massive GNR fans? I'd really like to know.............
  10. Oh yeah!!! She's amazing! Those shoes she's wearing are goddamn ugly though (not that you'd have noticed, but her legs and ass would have looked even better if they'd put her in a better shoe. )
  11. Just be thankful it's them and not you. You have the sense to know that that epitomises what it means to be a moron. (Which means you're not one).
  12. Sleep is such a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  13. So how come you were so offended about the "rape thread". Just toughen up, if someone rapes you. Afterall you could have stayed at home I have not been raped. Is that what you thought? Um, no it's really not. One is a crime and a jailable offence. The other is someone choosing to not take responsibility for himself with pretty clear consequences if he chooses so. But that's his choice.
  14. We'll miss you, but do what you gotta do. Go for it and better luck second time around. A lot of people fail at things first time around. Theres no shame in that. Sometimes it's necessary to see what's really required. You can't be expected to know these things off the bat. The only shame that can come is from not trying at all. You put in plenty of hours studying first time around, so consider making a strategy that will make your study hours more effective.
  15. I never had toys like that when I was a kid. Rich spoilt brat. Hahaha! Me too. I remember when everyone had Cabbage Patch dolls but they were really expensive and my parents couldn't afford it. My Mum made me one instead and it was awesome! Better than the store bought ones and everyone wanted one like mine. I gloated over my doll. The only thing I rage over is traffic. I muttered 'fucking cunt' once at a guy who parked in my way and he he had his window down and heard me and chased me for a few kilometres to scare me. It worked.
  16. Oh we'll that's a real shame for him then. I guess that throws my theory out the window. No doubt stress can play a factor but I also know people who ate terribly, drank a lot and lived to over 90. I guess it's just totally random. He might pull through, but the way he spoke in those quotes sounds like he's not hopeful.
  17. I think that's a great and worthy cause he has. I don't necessarily agree with all the views he mentioned, but if he believes it it is his money to assign where he wants. It's just good to see someone doing something with it that might actually make a difference. Another thing I've noticed is that several of these high achieving, high power guys end up dying fairly early from things like cancers and heart attacks. I can't help but think that their jobs and their achievements take the ultimate toll on their bodies. They worked fucking hard to get where they did and without doubt coped with huge amounts of stress throughout their careers. At certain points in time their work would have taken every ounce of their attention and energy. I don't think this is healthy. Life is all about balance. I guess as long as they enjoyed it and are proud of what they've done they can't be criticised, but I'd prefer to have and achieve less and live longer. There's no doubt I'm already achieving the former........
  18. Well I would except it's winter here. Anyway, I've got next week off work and going to two gigs on my own where I always end up meeting some people and hanging out, having a few drinks. In fact one of the gigs I'm going to is for a local band that I met and became friends with when I went to the PiL gig a few months ago. Good times are to be had, but a change of scenery and escaping the routine surroundings to clear your head are invaluable. Like CR said it takes more than a few days to unwind and i think it's hard to get your head out of the space it's in, in your normal environment.
  19. Think he meant that without her support he wouldn't been here anymore. He was in some pretty dire circumstances for a long while there.
  20. Which one? You really are such a charmer Barry. I bet you just have women throwing themselves at you, right?
  21. The next 10 days all to myself.....hmmm....what mischief can I get up to? Suggestions anyone?

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      Don't get mad at red cause she gets laid Broski... one day...one day

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      Interesting. Says more about you guys than me. I didn't say anything about sex. I'm actually going to 2 gigs and was wondering where they might lead as I often meet new people to party with at a gig. I guess if you're sexually frustrated though, you easily interpret everything others say as having a sexual meaning. LOL (Lots of Losers)

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    Awesome legs, and ass. Doing a great job guys, keep at it.
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