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  1. And this from 'the greatest democracy in the world'. There's no doubt that the US are paranoid as shit now. Do they not realise the irony that their so called 'democracy' is anything but? It's like they've self combusted. The hypocrisy is sickening, The whole Julian Assange scandal woke me up to the realities. He is from my home town, his son lived in the suburb where I was born until the scandal broke, so I paid more attention to his cause and was truly shocked by what has happened to him. And in regards to the 'nobody cares' thing. It's true, they don't. Back in the 60s and 70s people cared about what was going on but that was because life was pretty tame and pedestrian back then. So injustice was unacceptable, especially against society at large. But now people have a lethargy to so many things. Everyone is stressed all the time, their hard work has been futile and as a result no one is shocked by anything anymore, no one wants their cushy lives disturbed by real problems, they just want to be left alone. It's shit, but it's the way it is.
  2. I can die in peace now. Not if I have anything to do with it.
  3. How hard is it to just say 'Happy Birthday'? Like a normal person. And you call me an attention whore. Anyway, sorry Manets for the deviation there. I just had something I HAD to say. But then again you probably don't mind because you're actually out living your life, hooking up with girls and being THE MAN!!! Enjoy!
  4. Have a wicked birthday Manets. Hope you're still having a lovely time with your girl.
  5. Shit, the two companies in this world that appeared to have a shred of integrity no longer exist anymore. We're fucked now.
  6. I'm really not a Ben Affleck fan, but I think he will be great in the role. He has the right physical attributes and is a reasonable actor. He seems to be good for those animated, action films.
  7. I don't think the issue is with getting off, it's the methods (ie, porn) that a lot of people use to do so. Because its such a quick and easy high it can easily become addictive. Especially for men because most of their sexual response comes from a visual, whereas with women it's a combination of things.
  8. This is your best bet, Red. Thanks guys. I'll put up with no sigs if it solves the problem. Cheers.
  9. Yeah I think she just wants to ignore CERTAIN signatures though. Just the gif ones. They're fucking up the ability to navigate around the forum easily. Takes way too long to load the page. I never had the problem but did a few run of the mill updates on my iPad and now it's struggling with any page with gifs. As much as I love Homans sig of Leonardo di Caprio, it's a right pain in the ass now and so is Kevin's sig.
  10. For some reason my iPad is having trouble loading pages where posters have gifs for signatures. It's really fucking annoying, so I'm wondering if its possible to 'ignore' or hide particular sigs?
  11. Looking forward to another summer of music. I've got tickets to see Fleetwood Mac and Muse already and I know Arcade Fire are coming here in January. NIN are rumoured too, but no dates announced yet. Fingers crossed for more.....
  12. Are you serious? JFC! You don't know how to make an international call from the UK to the US, and yet you claim that women don't know how toast is made!
  13. redhead74


    Awesome shot, but I wonder why the girl on top is wearing two pairs of panties?
  14. Indeed CHITR! But I prefer her as a redhead, even though she wasn't a true ginger. The great thing about AM is that she could play the sexy, sultry seductress as well as the good girl 'next door'. That's talent.
  15. redhead74


    Holy crap! Those legs! Wow!
  16. Do not leave brain unattended. Do not attempt to spell 'CAUTION' without a spell check program. Brain will thicken after consumption.
  17. Simple. I refuse to let one person's shit ruin an otherwise good site for me. Good for you! My sentiments exactly. Glad that's all settled, now perhaps we can get back to the topic at hand (and people say I go off topic ) The only person that I truly feel is universally loved is the Dalai Llama. He's the only being I know of that never says anything in a spirit of hatred, or with any kind of mal intent at all. An amazing man.
  18. Wow, I'm really flattered. Although I most certainly can't take all the credit, since you at least decided to mention my 'cohorts'. It's funny because who I would refer to as my most diligent haters still post regularly on mygnr so I don't really see how them posting on another forum again means they left 'en masse' because of me. They're still there and I'm still there. And I know which forum you're referring to. One of the main people who instigated that site is friendly with me and we've joked about 'my haters', so I think you're making a gross exaggeration there. And really, why are you still whining about it? If you've got your other site, where you 'can all post in perpetual bliss without Red' why are you fucking here or at mygnr? Just get on with it. I think that says way more about your hate than you care to admit.
  19. Thanks CHITR and DF for your kind words.
  20. Oooooh gee, that's too bad. Because I have no intentions of going ANYWHERE!!!! And it's funny you mention magisme. I've had some great conversations with him and we get along really well. He's a great and very decent person and we respect each other. The fact is he didn't fit right in either initially, due to a certain thread when he first joined mygnr. I'm not going into details because we discussed them in PM and I value his friendship far more than I want to prove a point against you, but suffice to say, we both experienced similar animosity and it was one of the factors that we became friends over. So I think it goes to show you really don't and can't know everything that's going on in forum world. And with regards to 'that thread' you mentioned where apparently 'half of it' was about hating me, two of the biggest haters on there (and I'm not naming names) are not haters at all and what I would consider good friends now. For every hater I have on these forums I have many more people on here that I consider great friends and great company. Some I have met up with in real life, some I would LOVE to meet up with in real life. What you think of me is really of no concern because you don't know anything in reality about me. So go and have a instead of wasting your time moaning about others. I'm pretty sure it's more pleasurable.
  21. Her eyes are not attractive. And her teeth seem too big for her mouth, but I don't think she's UGLY. I think she's quite interesting actually, from a style perspective. I don't like her music but I enjoy her image that she has worked really hard to create. I often find the most stylish people are often not that pretty. They use clothing to make up for their physical deficiencies.
  22. Everything looks amazing from the neck down. She's done a lot of work on her body in the last couple of years, but I must say here she is sucking her tummy in. She didn't look like this in the video. Close, but not quite.
  23. Thank you kindly DF, what a gentleman you are. The funny thing is I never said one thing to any of the haters directly. How can you hate someone that never spoke directly to you or about you in an insulting or hurtful way? It's a mystery to me. So be it, that's life. I just thank my lucky stars its them and not me. And yes, CHITR is another positive spirit, we share a lot of similarities. He's cool.
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