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  1. I love Mozart, I really like Beethoven and I despise Wagner. That's my scale of preference of 3 of the most revered composers post 1750. I think Beethoven was on the cusp of a totally new sound in music and as a result some of his stuff I love, some I can't stand. I prefer his subtle, gentle music because the heavy stuff is too draining to listen to for me personally (which also explains my dislike for Wagner). My ultimate favourites for Beethoven are the Moonlight Sonata (one of the best pieces of music ever written) and the 5th. I also love Ode To Joy as I learnt to play it pretty well on the violin. But I ultimately find more humanity from Mozart. He was so young when he composed all his music (he was dead before his 36th birthday) that there's an innocence AND a cheekiness in almost everything he did, combined with a grave sophistication that surpassed his age. What an extraordinary talent. I'd have loved to have met him and seen him in action the way I have my current day musical heroes. Mozart's Symphony No. 40 (I was addicted to this for a while): The piano concerto #23 in A major - Adagio. He wrote it when he was 30 and you can clearly hear a more mature, a more solemn man from the cheeky prodigy that wrote so much good stuff before his 20th birthday. This kind of expression only comes with age and its probably the truest expression of human vulnerability that I've ever encountered, the next being Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. And for the best 40 seconds ever composed in opera, EVER!!! (0:42-1:22). What Mozart makes this woman do with her voice is extraordinary! Axl can only dream of this:
  2. An archaeologist. I was fascinated by Egyptian history. But really, I have red hair, pale skin and hate getting my hands and feet dirty.
  3. Actually the 74 stands for 1974. Make of that what you will.
  4. That totally sucks ass. But I'm pretty sure by now you're over it. I certainly hope so. But just on that note I've had really difficult fittings with customers where they were really unhappy with how the dress is working on their body and I've been absolutely flabbergasted at times when I've brought a sales manager in, who SOLD THE FUCKING DRESS TO THE GIRL, expecting them to explain and justify our actions and literally watched them fall apart at the seams (the manager, not the dress). I end up being the one having to extinguish the flames, knowing full well that the dress doesn't suit the customers body shape, yet here am I being the sales consultant and 'selling' the dress all over again to the customer while the sales manager's brain turns to melted mozzarella. Fuck that shit. So yeah, I know the feeling of having to deliver something completely unreasonable.
  5. I'm just saying, I've "internet known" you for several years, and the happiest I've seen you was when you worked out regularly. Exercise releases endorphins and you were eating anything you wanted and got cut. Hit the weights buddy. +1 +1
  6. It was the yellow raincoat. Agreed. Man knows.
  7. You Are 76% Open Minded You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out! Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand. You don't have a judgmental bone in your body, and you're very accepting. You enjoy the best of every life philosophy, even if you sometimes contradict yourself. Yep, I agree completely with this assessment.
  8. Alcohol makes me emotional sometimes and I appreciate that because it makes me feel fucking human. Me too. I like being drunk. It makes me forget how boring life can be sometimes. Fashion also makes me forget how boring life can be but I've already had 3, maybe 4 parcels from asos.com in the last 4 or 5 weeks and I need to pay my car rego soon. So I need to get drunk instead. Which I am.
  9. I'm pretty sure the three words that will sum it up is: Lowest common denominator That's the only thing that a corporate environment caters to, particularly when it comes to the entertainment industry. Why spend more money than you have to? Especially in hard times and times of drastic change. We are unfortunately living in both at the moment. So it's a double hit. Hollywood sucks right now. Commercial music sucks right now. TV pretty much sucks right now due to the whole reality tv genre, but not ALL TV is crap. There's definitely some investment in television at the moment as there are several really successful series that have quite high production values. I'm guessing that the dodgy economy has resulted in a loss for Hollywood and a gain for TV production. That investment would entirely depend upon research that would have shown that people are more inclined to stay home and watch TV than they are to pay to go to the movies. Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are obvious winners from the current climate. That doesn't just 'happen', it's all about understanding the market and placing investment where it's favoured. Movies right now are fucking shit. I haven't seen a good one in ages. The other day I watched The Spectacular Now and thought it was one of the worst films I've seen in ages. I've never encountered a bunch of school kids who sound/look/dress LESS like the average school kid/teenager than those in this film. Itt had clearly been written by adults pretending to be in the minds of teenagers. Then certain things happened that were totally unrealistic. And then I find out the film has been NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR! Not to mention the fact that I thought The Wolf of Wall Street was way off the mark for today's climate and Blue Jasmine was pretty substandard.......pretty boring actually. Don't even get me started about commercial music. Lets put it this way, I don't listen to any radio station with paid advertising. The quality of the music drops dramatically when you listen to that shit. So yeah, I'm hearing you DF.
  10. I'm wearing a pink paisley kaftan and currently sitting cross legged on the floor of the local Buddhist Centre waiting for the monk to arrive to commence a 1 hour meditation session. Thought I'd dress appropriately for the occasion.
  11. Lately 52 + 10 hours of travel per week.
  12. redhead74


    When I'm stressed I clench my teeth at night. It's made my lower teeth shift slightly, but not very noticeable. It has changed my bite though as well and I find it hard to bite certain foods through with my front teeth.
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