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  1. I've started writing a song. It's kind of a love song. It's called 'Squatter'. It goes: Sometimes when I take a dump I wonder if you'll finally leave Against the bowl I hear a thump... But, alas, there's no reprieve (verse 2) Sometimes when I take a slash I wonder if your time has come I squeeze and try to shit you out But still you're living up my bum YOU'RE IN MY ASSSSS! YOU'RE IN MY ASSSSS! YOU'RE IN MY ASSSSS!
  2. I presume his last words will be "No, Beta, put the knife down!"
  3. Oh. He died on Monday as well. http://en.mediamass.net/people/axl-rose/deathhoax.html That'd be the point of this thread, huh? *looks for the 'Slash's awesome live show' thread*
  4. WTF's this??? http://msnbc.website/axl-rose-found-dead-hollywood-home.html
  5. I own a "successful" printing company. I thought you ran the Kwik-E-Mart? Don't answer that!
  6. Also, I'm going to buy a pair of these for Axl, in the hope that he might wear them at the Golden Gods. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns, if anyone else wants some: http://www.liquidvinylclothing.com/a21m-1189.html They are custom made btw. I'm not sure what size 'pouch' to order for Axl. Anyone know?
  7. More for Axl from Bobby Abley: I wanna see Axl's legs again! And a spaceship from Bobby Abley's show, just in case Axl wants to make like an asstronot onto the stage.
  8. This is a look that not many men could pull off but surely BBF is the man for the job: I'm thinking Tommy can wear whatever he wants... I don't want him to feel left out though... hmm, let's see if I can find something subtle for Tommy: Designer - Katie Eary. I can totally see Axl in some of her designs: http://www.fashion156.com/collections/katie-eary-london-collections-men-aw14/ For DJ and Axl I'm loving the work of designer Bobby Abley. I vote for him to be Axl's personal designer. I've picked this for DJ: Now for Axl. He used to be such a creative dresser. I don't know if I really want to see him in a g-string again but I'd love to see him come on stage and shock us with something. Like this: I hope that mouth thing won't affect his singing.
  9. Warning: this thread contains discussion of fashion, which some members may find objectionable. Just for fun, here are some new wardrobe ideas for the band (inspired by London Fashion Week). Feel free to add your own. I love this for Dizzy: And I've picked this for Frank, just cos I wanna see him with that hair: I'm seeing Fortus in this: This is saying Pitman to me: Temporary members are not exempt from the makeover, so I've nominated Duff to wear this: Nothing to do with his height; I saw this after I'd chosen all the other outfits and someone had to wear it.
  10. http://www.gemm.com/search?field=ARTIST+OR+TITLE&wild=guns+n+roses I looked on this website but they didn't have the Ju Ju Hounds album, sorry. I'm posting the link anyway since it seems to be a good place to find music and merchandise, and might be of interest to someone (I haven't bought anything from there myself but it... er... looks legit? )
  11. Flipper


    More celebs sporting the 'Kim Jong-un' here: http://blogs.estadao.com.br/radar-tecnologico/2014/03/28/como-ficaria-o-seu-visual-com-o-penteado-do-ditador-kim-jong-un/
  12. Flipper


    Bahaha, did you give her the horns as well? Yes, we could just call it The Jungle!!! Oh wait... we had The Jungle for fun n' games... it was the victim of a heartless deforestation. How about I join your forum and be silly there? http://wfse.proboards.com/thread/10/who-spy
  13. Flipper


    PIC! PIC! I never watched it. Oh, you mean this? I know, that's why I put him at the end! Who would think to do that to their dog? And I approve of your plan to create a sub-forum just for fun n' games. You can call it The Hellhouse if you like, I don't mind.
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