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  1. I know I am. Just way too boring. I don't think I'll read an interview or article from now on until I see that headline.
  2. I haven't talked to my family in months. I guess I've made a mistake but I don't know. It's peaceful. I had my land line disconnected.(no one uses that anymore anyway). Summer's almost over. I might have to look for a new job. I don't have time for anything. I don't know. I'm always at a crossroads. Always behind. I wish I could just fuck off and do nothing. I'm in way over my head. Back to work.....
  3. I saw Eyes Wide Shut recently. Weird how that movie was controversial in its day, and now it looks pretty tame. And OMFG Tom Cruise can't act if his life depended on it. He's the same character in every movie. I tried to sell Napoleon Dynamite on CL for $1. I got one reply. "Not worth a dollar. Awful movie".
  4. Nevermind. Has too many hits to overlook, Come as You Are, SLTS, In Bloom, Something in the Way, Lithium. Even with the other crap on it, it still holds up.
  5. Perry Farrell Axl Rose Layne Staley Rod Stewart Brian Johnson Bonnie Tyler Shannon Hoon William Shatner
  6. I hope this band just ends. I just don't fucking care anymore.
  7. I was recently listening to shitwave-style music by Guerilla Toss. Anyone heard of this genre? It's an acquired taste (or the future/end of music?).
  8. I have a sign on my bathroom door that says "Floss". So far I haven't missed out since the sign was put there. I can't really say anything about drug or alcohol addiction. There's so much disagreement in it all that I just rather stay out of the arguing. I'll just stay sober myself until I find a reason to drink.
  9. Brown Yellow Green Blue Red Orange. I can't eat one at a time. I usually put 2-3 then my instincts kick in and I go full cookie monster mode.
  10. Although I've never done it, I can't believe how much money we waste regulating it. I'm glad things are changing finally.
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