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  1. zoso

    So THIS is Guns @ Rock in Rio?

    you won i quit time to move on goodbye im smarter and better than every single one of you stupid idiots i so had it with your stupid one liners you fucking morons and all your fucked up bullshit whenever someone tries and make an actual discussion instead whatever your silly little idea of communication is im just bored of you motherfucking cocksuckers no wonder the band fucks you in the ass and takes your money for it you deserve it you are total scum not worth one more second of my time fuck you not a single good gnr forum left on the entire internet thanks to you spinless tasteless gutless fucked up sick bastards fuck all of you
  2. we all know axl loves to be in charge and gets pissed whenever he is not in control. so with the recent ron video mocking two of the most beloved gnr songs, mabye ron wanted to trick axl into playing them in concert like "fuck you i decide what songs we play"? not that i give him so much benefit of the doubt lol but still. i get it, it was a joke, its all cool, but ron is the kind of guy who is not doing anything without intension. the guy has no instinct just calculation. so there is probably another layer/meaning to that video. on the other hand: do i really WANT this song performed EVER again now the lead guitarist who didn't wrote them "joked" about them? how could i get into a live performance of that material and take it any seriously, having rons stupid online self-promotion in mind? sorry ron, but for me you just KILLED these songs for guns as long as you play guitar in that band. i also noticed chris pitman going very VERY low in performing gnr material with a computer in shabby bars to drunken idiots. i mean the guy worked with tool and guns and now this? wtf? then tommy considering a reunion with westerberg if i got that right, his solo record (wich btw is pretty cool), dj doing shameless self promotion whenever he gets a chance and so on. maybe i just dont get the jokes or not giving a fuck anymore attitude behind all that (i think i do, i just dont find it so funny or appropriate) but could it also be that these guys just want out of their contracts fast? maybe they were hoping for more this fall and now realise its the same cash grab affair instead of progress and new material? i would bet money on MASSIVE tension in the band during the upcoming dates. you reap what you saw or so they say, so maybe the band should start treating themselves with a little more fucking RESPECT. yes, that includes you too axl. wtf is wrong with our band guys? guns have always been an edgy mess but never this disgraceful. there was always some kind of beauty in duff playing drunk or buckethead performing with well a fucking bucket. what do we have now? what is their fucking problem? so the industry is a bitch? why do your fans have to suffer? why does your music have to suffer? i dont get it. i really tried but i dont get it. guys i go to your shows because i want, yes, i NEED something to look UP to. (not to cool to admit that). at the moment, you are nothing but a joke to me. that includes you too axl. on a sidenote kudos to richards fortus, he seems to be the only guy making the best of the gnr mess without hurting the band or spitting on the fans. i like how he chooses his sideprojects with some class and dignity. if gnr continues i hope he stays in the band. for all i care he can have dj's place, hes a much better guitarist anyway. what do you other fans think of the current situation? shouldn't we ALL be a little more excited that close to our fav band performing at the biggest rock festival in the world?
  3. zoso

    Axl needs to fire this whole current line up

    richard and dizzy are cool the rest can go today i wouldnt give a fuck
  4. zoso


    depressing thats all it really is depressing i can't really imagine SLASH, IZZY, DUFF, ROBIN or BUCKETHEAD doing a video even remotely like this and putting it online or doing the recent red carpet video of DJ or the recennt tommy interview or the recent chris pitman appereance (covering jungle with an ibook) looks like they are trying really hard to get out of their contracts and piss off the fanbase the only stringer with some class left appears to be richard
  5. zoso


    been talking low about ron here lately dont think he fits with guns, the guitar sound, missing buckethead, blabla... but i realised hes not to blame hey ron (and his fans) im sorry peace mods feel free to move it, just felt like when the bashing takes place here i might as well post this here too
  6. zoso

    Paul Westerberg: "Tommy Stinson Needs a Gig"

    like every actual MUSICIAN in guns, tommy is underemployed they should start a band without axl lol ron could sing, tommy writes solid material so what's the problem? call it THE THORNS and conquer the world they could to pretty well alone from the media boost they'd get from kicking axl axl then could tour the greatest hits nostalgia with dj and other clowns gimme richard, frank, tommy, ron - could be a pretty cool band actually
  7. Let's see... Richard tours full time with Thin Lizzy. Chris has other projects and tours Brazil with his iMac performing "Welcome To The Jungle". Ron is busy getting his name out there benefiting from Guns while he can. (smart guy) Buckethead prefers to tour small clubs solo or with actual friends than playing arenas with Guns. Robin quit, toured with Nine Inch Nails and sold his GN'R gear on Ebay. DO. THE. MATH.
  8. zoso

    Poll: Best Lead Guitarist

    Some Robin Finck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzEU_MnZdHg
  9. zoso

    Poll: Best Lead Guitarist

    maybe you missed the point. just because ron can play almost anything doesn't mean it will fit with the context of the music. listen to nightrain for more information. that song is essentially a blues and what does that motherfucker do? strangle it with 300 notes per second lol. unlike ron buckethead actually listened to the song before he played it. >
  10. zoso

    Which was the most embarrassing?

    Pay attention to the editing in the video, especially at the "no one I know can seem to help me now" part. There's more to that picture than first meets the eye.
  11. Izzy, Gilby, Paul and 4tus are not included here as they are not the prominent LEAD guitarists in the spotlight. Multiple answers possible. Vote, discuss, have fun!
  12. zoso

    What would you prefer?

    Healthy Axl and band in good spirits playing new songs.
  13. Kindly vote for SOB/Broski as your News Reporter. We will not let you down.