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  1. No, I miss the 80s and the mid-late 70s even though I was born in 91. The 90s were the death of American culture.
  2. Can anyone give a single example of information provided by this supposed insider being correct?
  3. Couldn't give a flying cunt about anything AFD related. As if we haven't heard enough versions of these songs already. Even the 1999 re-recording, which once interested me, I don't know I'd bother with at this point. 2004/2005 sessions please.
  4. Apparently Rick said "more to come" on IG in regard to leaks.
  5. Lack of catchy choruses is one of my favorite things about CD, I think the melodies are unique and still memorable without having hooks.
  6. http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/223982-new-slash-interviews-the-oakland-press-spin-magazine/page/2/ His exact quote: "Could be crap but I heard from a good source, who is involved with the Australian tour. That pre production was finished 4-5 months ago and they were just waiting on Axl." Other users are saying he's reputable.
  7. Gibbo on MYGNR said the other guys have been waiting on Axl to finish his parts, but their stuff has been done for months.
  8. I appreciate Slash's passion for music, he tries to release music every two years or so and plays the full album on tour with a rotating set list. 95% of artists his age aren't that into creating new stuff. I dislike Myles and can't enjoy it much personally but that's beside the point. Also, I'm not into pinball but according the reviews the Guns machines are really good so it seems he took the time to make sure he was releasing a good product. So he still has strong passion for his projects, which is admirable. I appreciate nothing about the corporate whore touring jukebox calling
  9. He has been doped up since 2011, no surprise the weight gain started there. 2010 was too volatile, the parasites couldn't risk Axl rocking the gravy train. So now we are stuck with doped up corporate whore touring jukebox Axl, who is also fat.
  10. Or worse, a musician that is able to make music, but refuses to release it.
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