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  1. Soul Monster The General Berlin Seven Monstrosity Cuban Skies Tonto Whatever 1996 Slash song Axl was working on in 2014
  2. Corey Taylor fucking sucks. Bland vocals, absolutely shit lyrics on the same tier as Shinedown, Nickelback, Seether ect. The only difference between Taylor and someone like Chad Kroeger is the screaming and the emo tint to Corey's lyrics.
  3. There was nothing announced by March 10, which is around the time Corona truly exploded and shit started getting canceled everywhere. And yet we're to believe if that hadn't happened they would have released something by May 7? What a lying cunt he is.
  4. I still think this is one of those lame jokes Axl came up with and thought was brilliant or something Del suggested, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was Fernando after all.
  5. I don't think Fernando came up with this. Seems more like Axl himself or Del James to me.
  6. I don't think it has anything to do with MeToo. Axl started this right after the 2016 election, with multiple tweets attacking Trump and Pence, attacking Trump on stage (ad libbing "look at the hate Trump's feeding" in Civil War), and bringing the Trump pinata on stage in Mexico. MeToo exploded in late 2017. Axl had been left for a while, endorsing Obama in 2012 and telling SA fans he wanted Hillary to win on election day 2016, but he went from apathetic to politically engaged after the election.
  7. Link leads to a playlist of the studio versions of the songs in the order they played them at Hammerstein.🤣
  8. Pretty much the only thing I care about is Soul Monster with vocals (and to a lesser extent The General). If those tracks had leaked last year I wouldn't be paying any attention to this band. I certainly couldn't give a fuck about anything new they do now, what, Axl singing about Trump Russian collusion over SMKC riffs? Fuck that. We just need the rest of the songs that the real Axl Rose (1962-2010) wrote.
  9. Wagszilla's post: "This is fake. Blur comes from two sources: depth of field and motion blur. The blur on the "New Axl Vocals" disc is most egregious example. Zoom in and the consecutive song title lines are unevenly blurred and also not at a consistent angle. Hell "New Vocal" next to "12. Me and Me Elvis" is obvious copy pasta because they just pasted the entire layer and didn't remove the gray-white background resulting in a squared off compression artifact. The noise pattern is inconsistent throughout the image. Rick is a notorious attention whore. (Thus concludes this episode of CSI: GN'R.) " The user SeBaZ simply posted this pic of one of the old discs to compare bar codes:
  10. Well, he analyzed the track listing and made a damning case for it being photo shopped. I suppose he could be wrong, but another user compared the pictures to the pics of the discs last year and found the bar code to be fake.
  11. Exposed as fake by Wagszilla on mygnr
  12. Assuming it's real, is this a pic of Rick holding it or a pic sent to Rick by the hoarding cunt Bird (or some other hoarding cunt?)
  13. What fucking bullshit. Why do they need a tour to release an album? Both UYI and CD were released while GNR were not on tour and it's not like Axl is going to do proper promotion for it anyway. And if it's done why the fuck was it not announced at any point in December-March, before the cancellations?
  14. Worth noting that Axl said he disapproved of OMG being released in 1999, and felt that CD was ripped out of his hands too early. Meaning that it's very possible that if Axl had his way he would have released no music since 1994.
  15. "Of guitars and certain string mattresses. But without abusing them, only at different times, very punctual." That's something I never thought I'd read.
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