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  1. He has been doped up since 2011, no surprise the weight gain started there. 2010 was too volatile, the parasites couldn't risk Axl rocking the gravy train. So now we are stuck with doped up corporate whore touring jukebox Axl, who is also fat.
  2. Or worse, a musician that is able to make music, but refuses to release it.
  3. Well Axl used to be much less of a corporate whore than Slash, but whatever his parasites have been drugging him with since 2011 has clearly made him lose his shame, along with his artistic motivation, ect.
  4. It's hilarious that post 2010 Axl has sold out and become a complete corporate whore on literally every issue except releasing music. Literally any other band would have released at least a single at some point in the last four years, but his desire to hoard music is the one aspect of his former personality that remains. It is unmovable.
  5. It's cringe for white people to have a weird fetish of wanting to watch black people react to rock songs.
  6. Shackler's of course, it's actually a good song.
  7. Yeah the "black people reacting to rock/metal" craze has been one of the cringiest things these last few years.
  8. I was born in 1991, I simply dislike modern whiny shit.
  9. Post grunge is the second worst genre ever, only second to grunge itself. Mickey Rourke said it best:
  10. Below someone asked Meegan to confirm if this meant a new SMKC album was in the works, and she said "yes".
  11. I can't get past that hideous Better intro they do. Yeah, I know, the parts are lifted from other portions of the song, they still don't fit in the intro.
  12. The monkey comment was after Slash left in 1996. While people overuse the term "projection", Axl's 2004 Bucket press release might be the best example of projection ever, it's literally like he's describing himself at times: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-cancel-rock-in-rio-appearance-axl-rose-blames-buckethead/ "During his tenure with the band, Buckethead has been inconsistent and erratic in both his behavior and commitment — despite being under contract — creating uncertainty and confusion and making it virtually impossible to move forward with recording, rehearsal
  13. I really wish those fucking instrumentals hadn't leaked last year with the locker discs, or I wouldn't give that much of a shit about new music. Instead now I'm determined to hear Soul Monster and Berlin with vocals, so here I am hoping against hope some version of them will be on the next release. This is one area where Axl's laziness will really come in handy, as there is no way he's capable of writing a full album of brand new songs, so he'll have to use the CD stuff. Imagine the nightmare if did write all new stuff, woke/anti-Trump lyrics over SMKC music? 🤮
  14. Slash's best collaborator besides Axl (Scott was a great songwriter but didn't fit with Slash's style) was Rod Jackson. Imagine three more Snakepit albums with RJ instead of these awful Myles albums. Axl might cheat his fans by releasing no music, but Slash also cheats his by releasing shit music.
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