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    What could POSSIBLY be accomplished with a re-release?

    I agree people would eat it up anyway if you tell them too. I think the re-release could work. I mean at least get something out of it. However, if I was GNR (I say this a lot haha) I would do what Lady Gaga did. She had a deluxe version of her second album "The Fame Monster" that contained the first album with it "The Fame". Release Chinese Democracy II (or whatever it's going to be called) and have a deluxe version that contains the re-released Chinese Democracy I and maybe the Brain Remixes as well. Couldn't promote singles from CD I but so what? Call it like the Complete Chinese Democracy Collection or something. P.S. It's crazy how we could run GNR and WWE better than they do....
  2. trashmetalx

    where are the posthumous releases?

    The people who are putting out the Hendrix tunes want to put it out because it makes them money! Every release is one new song and bunch of alternate versions of songs we've heard for years. This is what Axl is afraid of. Afraid of anyone making money off of his songs, his art, that doesn't deserve it. It's a shame that we the fans suffer for his way of thinking but that's how it is. My advice would be to put the stuff out while he can and while it is still somewhat under his terms. Haha
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    Yes and unfortunatly I think this might happen. I honestly don't see a release in 2011 but they could try the US tour thing.... I don't think they'll have a problem getting a tour promoted and started but I'm not so sure ticket sales would be even close to the current tour. Especially without any new material. My suggestion would be (of course this would never be heard) for GNR to release a tune for something promotional (preferably a high profile motion picture) and perhaps do some big (well promoted) shows around the US to build back some steam. Idk... hahaha Would love to see GNR in Pittsburgh though!
  4. trashmetalx

    Could this be The General?

    Not trying to be pessimistic but does anybody really think that there's anything out there that GNR would not have on lockdown. I mean the leaks from Chinese Democracy pretty much ruined it for a lot of people. The casual fans dismissed it because it was different and the hardcore fans were sick of the tunes by the time the album was released. I'm not trying to call out any liars but I doubt there's anything substantial out there except maybe for the 30 seconds of "Checkmate" which is sorta believable. And I'm sure it was planted to maintain some interest in a new album for us who make up the GNR world. Cause let's face it... we're the only ones who are sick of SCOM and all that. Good tunes but ya know... Anywho, I think an all new album with the gang (especially DJ who has his hands all over Saints of Los Angeles) could be the thing that reignites a lot of interest in casual fans. End.
  5. trashmetalx

    Street of Dreams

    I was giving a listen to Chinese Democracy today. Personally, I think it's great musically and I think that the over-production adds to its legacy in somewhat of a comical way. I think most of the songs sound really good. However, there is one song in which I think the ball was extremely dropped. Street of Dreams. I was listening to the lyrics and the piano and it's a beautiful song deep down but it could have sounded 1000X better. It could have made the album in my opinion if it had been produced right and marketed right (haha I'm sure Axl thinks so too... haha) Anyway, I think had Axl recorded a new vocal, they didn't autotune the shit out of it, and it was a little more open it would have been something really special. It just sounds so stale and lifeless. Idk just venting on that one tune. If the world, Catcher, and I.R.S. sound amazingg though! hahaha
  6. trashmetalx

    Reading and Leeds boss warns Guns N' Roses

    First of all... First Post!!!! Haha Second order of business... why do people who blatanly hate Axl/New Guns come on here talk shit? It's gunsnfnroses.com not whatiwishwasstillaroundandicantgetoverthefactthatslashisntwithgunsanymore.com Lastly... Axl knows that this is a big gig for them. He will take stage and leave stage in a timely fashion. He knows that the only true fans he and Guns has are people like us. They need a big performance at a big festival to gain the interest of the average music listener again. Hopefully they play a nice mix of classics and Chinese stuff so all audience members are engaged. They'll be fine.... they lasted this long.... hahaha