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  1. Only instro that I thought was awesome was prom violence
  2. Post bulletpoints of the most fattest stuff
  3. Made a post about how the blues is corny with the gay piano intro and how I would never play it in front of other people. Somebody deleted my post within a few minutes. I hope its not turning into a MyGina clone Cant even have a bad opinion of a song Edit- posted it again and wasnt deleted this time
  4. I dont know why people wanna hear afd 99 so bad.. It will just be a worse whiny axl voice version of the real thing If it leaks I will probably give it 2 listens and forget about it
  5. Hes trying to cover the lower gut flab
  6. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DSk30KOqIPw
  7. I dont think the shacklers and shanklers tempos will be the same at all.. Plus axls lyrics are embarrassing Mix probably wont work
  8. Eye on you and if the world
  9. disc is a little weak.. need vocals on these tracks.. ill listen to the instros a few times then forget about them shanklers is nice though
  10. With Slash drinking again will this lead to him doing harder drugs again and making better music? That is the question
  11. At 3:00 or so, I got a call from a guy named Fernando Santos, the son of Axl’s manager and primary babysitter Beta Lebeis. He identified himself as someone in the “Guns N’ Roses camp,” and talked tough. He asked if I had put up some Guns N’ Roses tracks. I said I had. He asked if I was going to put them back up. I said sorry, I don’t think I can. I was being a smartass, as if he was a fan wanting to hear the tracks. He told me I shouldn’t. I blew him off and he hang up. lmao
  12. Only good consistent song on this tour is wish u were here-layla because we dont gotta hear axls terrible voice
  13. Most of the versions with new brain drums sound better than the rm1 versions of each... A few of the rm1 tracks dont bump at all in the car cause the quality and low drums.. The new brain drums tracks sound way better in the car Madagascar version tom likes is the best.. Drums are loud and hard Atlas rm1 vocals way too loud in the car.. Had to use the one from the atlas disc CD rm1 is sick
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