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  1. underdog

    Why is Chinese Democracy removed from Spotify US?

    Spotify is starting to purge the worst albums of all time. This was first on the list
  2. underdog

    How did Axl blow it with AC/DC?

    Brasky lied to us
  3. This might eventually happen cause of axls love for greasy foods and cake They fire frank, mellissa, and the gay goth imitation izzy... and rehire Adler and sorum I think the GNR fanbase would accept this...
  4. underdog

    How did Axl blow it with AC/DC?

    I wish Brian Johnson could fill in for Axl in Guns N Roses.
  5. underdog

    Axl/DC ACTUALLY confirmed

    Does this count as a win for Salsh? Angus used and abused Axl then tossed him in the garbage
  6. underdog

    How did Axl blow it with AC/DC?

    he was too fat
  7. underdog

    *Possibly* Scraped, terrible quality recording

    It's shit but this I love is even worse
  8. underdog

    Which songs were leaked by Bumblefoot?

    Nice I'll check them out.. Axls whiney backing vocals weren't even needed on going down
  9. underdog

    Which songs were leaked by Bumblefoot?

    Going down is a nice track.. Better than most of the whole Chinese democracy cd Who's on the vocals? I'm not too familiar with most of the fake gnr members
  10. How many hours is a airplane flight to brazil?
  11. underdog

    Hi...can somebody bring me back up to speed?

    Most disappointing band ever + Woat band management team = weirdo obsessive fanbase
  12. underdog

    Dearest Axl

  13. underdog

    GNR Management: Lazy, Stupid, or Stingy

    Sticky this thread please
  14. underdog

    Where did this board go?

    Purge every member than doesn't post at all