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  1. The only thing id be interested in is if they release a UYI boxset with demos.. Other than that no interest anymore.. Axl voice so shitty if they released anything new it would be horrible
  2. No but they pretty much blame him for being a crazy diva the whole show along with the rest of them being junkies. They also called slash and duff pushovers for signing away the name The other episodes are better since I already knew the gnr story..
  3. Airing on reelz right now..good show.. This is season 2 Whole doc is about why the og lineup brokeup http://www.reelz.com/breaking-the-band/ http://now.reelz.com/tve/tveshow.aspx?showid=318
  4. any other good bands not mentioned in here yet?
  5. I rettaged chinese democracy as axl rose solo album so it doesnt pop up when I play my gnr songs on shuffle
  6. Live and Let Die and Knockin on Heavens Door
  7. Cant find the thread anymore.. Im assuming its already deleted
  8. I havent posted anything new since the pretty tied up yesterday^
  9. Lol that was my link.. It was diff from retail tho cause I edited it This bands management is so gay
  10. Vmas.. That was a national embarrassment.. All the others are just random concerts only gnr fans probably saw
  11. Axl fears the gym Slash fears the dentist Theyre both cowards
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