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  1. Got lit towards the end. Been all over nj and Manhatten. Getting some McDonald's and chillin with a friend next them in gonna pass out. I recommend you sad men get some friends and a job. Maybe a girl. Could do you wonders. Spend less time stalking and spamming and more time fucking and having fun. Good luck shitheads!
  2. Et cried and got my post deleted. Guess it struck a nerve
  3. This place is usually poppin on weekends l. It's starting to fill up. It's not uncommon for it to get the most busy after midnight
  4. Actually that was the other club I used to work at. Keep up dumbass
  5. Sad part is how badly you want that to be true. Yet Its based in nothing but your rage. I've worked in huge clubs alongside the best in the game. You're fantasies won't change that. Keep on teaching retards. I guess they chose you for that job cuz they figured you'd relate to them
  6. What we need is less stupid half asses memes from shitposters and lame fake stories from the admin..
  7. I've seen the new Star Wars twice and have not seen this. Does anykne have any actual confirmation this is real? Or is this just one of those dumb pointless unfunny fake news articles that certain people like posting here?
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