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  1. If this is real, could someone provide a link?
  2. - Oklahoma - Dummy - Soul Monster The rest are forgettable without vocals.
  3. Are these emails raspy or Mickey?
  4. What page is the enchilada recipe on?
  5. Nothing on this disc surpassed State of Grace and Oklahoma.
  6. As long as he doesn't buy VIP and doesn't announce he's going to a show on social media, I don't see how they would find him in the crowd.
  7. How did they know he was there? They didn't check ID when I went in 2017.
  8. Haha. Listen to what Axl says at the 3 minute mark. "Eating too much and sitting on my ass." Axl's "mr. brownstone" finally caught up with him.
  9. Don't forget the 30 minute MTV interview Axl did with Kurt Loder. The show was called Famous Last Words.
  10. We were deprived of hearing Axl sing "Human Being" live. Duff would have probably died, but a 1994 TSI club tour would have been fun.
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