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  1. Word around the campfire is GNR will add songs by Eddie Money and the Cars to the NITLT set.
  2. 1. State of Grace 2. Hard School 3. Perhaps 4. Atlas Shrugged 5. Silkworms 6. KOHD acoustic
  3. Maybe. I figure it has to floating around since it was taken off of Black Hawk Down.
  4. When is "Welcome to the Jungle '99" gonna leak?
  5. Boring. Unless this is part of the AFD '99 sessions, I don't see the point of this recording.
  6. Here's to hoping Axl's throwing all their shit out to the curb as we speak.
  7. Whatever he's on, he sounds like a total badass on "State of Grace."
  8. 2000 Intentions (Released: November 23, 1999) 01. Chinese Democracy 02. Oh My God 03. Better 04. State of Grace 05. Perhaps 06. There Was A Time 07. Catcher In the Rye 08. Hard School 09. The Blues 10. Rhiad & The Bediouns 11. I.R.S. 12. Madagascar 13. Atlas Shrugged 14. Prostitute
  9. This song is straight up nasty. Lovin' that groove. SoG and Hard School are the best of the leaks. Axl and co. dropped the ball in 1999.
  10. Just in Axl gets triggered Duff gets kicked out of the band Upcoming shows are cancelled Brazil is in flames
  11. Objectively, they're all shit, but "Born to Be My Baby" gets my vote for nostalgic reasons.
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