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  1. Cpi


    Slash > Axl
  2. Axl is gay for Slash. When he couldn't have him, he hired Ashba. And remember that comment..."Where's Slash, he's in my ass, that's where Slash is" Up in his ass. With his dick.
  3. Link would be nice
  4. Cpi

    GnR by Request

    One in a million
  5. Who the fuck buys albums these days anyways. Vinyls I get. And if the packaging adds up to the product, like for example Tools latest release. Excuse after one another. Duff, suck my fucking dick.
  6. Cpi

    UYI 1 vs UY2

    I love them both. Better than AFD.
  7. Cpi

    1988 vs 1993

    Skin and bones tour. I hate those backup singers/dancers. They weren't even hot. And then there was this zigzag guy, wtf.
  8. To reply to the topic: your mom
  9. is not his birthday his is the same as duff false news
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