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  1. Well, if you're a mafia faggot, I hate you and well played. Official vote: JB
  2. Care to explain how it's not game over regardless of if they know who Izzy is or not if we kill another townie today?
  3. Bonham said that Bonham was Iron Man. By your theory, there should be a true Iron Man disputing this. Not sure why this is flying over your head.
  4. You're missing the Iron Man claim. Do now you're claiming to be Iron Man too? Simple yes or now will do.
  5. Unvote: Mags. Shit! I thought the list was posted before Popcorn died.
  6. How do you explain that JB killed Popcorn because he knew he wasn't Iron Man because JB is Iron Man?
  7. I want him to say something first. There is one thing he could say to make me reconsider everything, and I want to see if he says it.
  8. Check the list. Process of elimination says he's either Thanos or Ebony Maw.
  9. Only clue I'm going on is that you were the only other one that thought your character wasn't random and nobody blacks out and spazzes out like you. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. But she's just as dumb as Hulk if she is him and still has her vote on JB.
  11. If he was, he would have no way of knowing Popcorn wasn't Iron Man, and his whole “I have evidence against him” spiel would make no sense today.
  12. To be honest, I would have done the same with someone pretending to be my character though.
  13. He was stupid, but he's not mafia. Anyone keeping their vote on him to help mafia out is highly suspect. Hopefully Mags, Val and Ragnar are the 3, because if even one of them is innocent the 3rd one will vote when they get here.
  14. It would have helped greatly if popcorn would have taken the time to say that he wasn't Iron Man instead of just bitching about how stupid the people voting for him were.
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