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  1. Wonder if Cass was able to carry him to a decent match. Just kidding, I don't give a shit.
  2. Romita Jr. should be fired from comics. Worst case of same faceism in comics.
  3. DON must have done shit PPV numbers. They're giving Fyter Fest away for free.
  4. Still haven't listened to too much. I just stumbled upon that and knew you guys liked them, so I decided to share.
  5. http://radiohead.bandcamp.com/album/minidiscs-hacked This is OK Computer sessions that somebody hacked and demanded ransom for, so the band officially released it. Free listen and a link to buy at the link.
  6. On a sidenote, the podcast drama is way better than the wrestling from any company.
  7. So you have the easiest story in wrestling (brother vs brother) and a few matches are coming and that's great story telling to you?
  8. Russo has never claimed to be a tough guy, so who cares if he's a pussy? And what does Kroger's have anything to do with him wanting to save his best friend from doing something stupid? Bolin took losing Cornette hard when Cornette turned his back on him, so there's not even a comparison about who valued the friendship more.
  9. So what part of AEW were you a Dan of before they found a money mark to let them pretend like they know what they're doing? And what are these great storylines you believe AEW has?
  10. Why? What stops you from watching Impact, New Japan, ROH or any other indy out there? Up until a month ago they even had all the AEW jobbers.
  11. Kenny Bolin is the one that told him to get the restraining order. If a guy's best friend thinks he's a serious threat, he probably is a serious threat. All because Russo was an objectively better writer than him. That's pathetic.
  12. I like him because of how he proved Cornette, Bischoff and Prichard were nothing but spineless liars by offering to debate them in person with all money going to charity. When they all 3 chickened out I lost all respect for them I found quite a bit of for Russo. I usually like people that expose liars for what they are.
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