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  1. Look at the size of that crowd. The savior of professional wrestling is here. Hallelujah.
  2. It sucked so bad the vacuum caused it to implode.
  3. Which one did Nitro? That was the superior Buffer.
  4. I've been waiting for years to find something lamer than leg 725,495,829,726,749,622,893,710,523,091.94602 of the neverending tour. The discord drama has finally helped me scratch that off my bucket list. Thank you all.
  5. WWE let a bunch of jobbers go. Should be exciting times for gAyEW fans.
  6. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不
  7. When you have a mental case that pretends to be an ugly black guy as your only backup, you might want to put some consideration into your conclusions. Just some friendly advice though, feel free to carry on.
  8. Can tell you don't watch wrestling. Raw and Smackdown were the worst shows on television for years until a company called GayEW started up and put a show on Wednesdays. WWE decided to put their C show on Wednesday to compete for absolute suck, but their isn't a clear winner. Just know that nothing in television history compares to the shittineaa of Wednesday night wrestling.
  9. Of all the things I thought I'd see, someone pretending to be the ugliest black guy in existence wasn't one of them. What's with GN'R fans and mental health issues?
  10. We could always steer them towards discord. Enough fags already there for them to fit in nicely.
  11. After this one you can do 3rd at best. Going to have to try again.
  12. Trust me, the small town retards flock to the city to get in on the idiocy. But I guess that might strengthen your point. Villages must be empty with all of their idiots in cities. Maybe I should look into moving.
  13. Nah, I forgot about the game. Brasky is definitely retarded enough to spazz out about a suggested username. Not that you're any better for encouraging him.
  14. Go back and find me the post in that thread that fooled you into believing that I thought winning that game had anything to do with skill. I'll wait here. How far back did the Bacardi and Brasky butthole buddy buffoonery begin? Was your whole pathetic and retarded lovers quarrel just a distraction so nobody would think he would stack the game in your favor? Makes a lot more sense than Brasky being stupid enough to spazz out over a suggested username on discord.
  15. I didn't know 2 people could make a thread.
  16. Of course town sucked. You had a cop that talked her way into getting lynched and a doctor that didn't give one good shit about anybody because of your fucktardery. How in the hell could town not suck?
  17. Hell, I kept the integrity of your game better than you did by denying whatever secret info you were trying to babble to me about in PM. Had I known that you completely lied about the game being a vanilla mafia game, I still wouldn't have accepted it, but I'd have quit your shit game night one when you offered it. Guess that's what I get for taking the word of a used car salesman though. Bacardi cheering you on so he can try to validate his rediculous and unearned sense of accomplishment is also laughably pathetic. Put me as mafia boss in a game with half mafia and you're losing 100% of the time even if the host isn't a liar.
  18. Learned nothing? No, we learned that you're a complete retard that doesn't understand what the word vanilla means. It was the only thing I needed to learn from your complete shit game.
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