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  1. Sounds equally applicable to all statists to me.
  2. I was wrong. He's only 40. Still got some good years in him. If they yes him right. Big if there.
  3. I'd say Vince already won. Ryback has to be pushing 50 by now. A huge part of the time he had left was spent sitting out because he couldn't use a name as retarded as Ryback. Also, they've already proven with Rusev that they don't know what to do with a guy that could destroy their entire roster without a single flip. Much like the entirety of GayEW's existence, I'm expecting a flop. Would like to finally be wrong about the shit company, but they never let me down.
  4. Going to be amazing watching GayEW fans mark out over Ryback after whining about Goldberg. Not sure how they plan on putting him in the ring with their indy twigs though. Fast rate injuries coming up.
  5. If you need the government to brush your teeth for you, you should probably have them smacked out of your head.
  6. Sounded about as audible as reverse album lyrics to me.
  7. I don't understand why everybody is obsessed with Bernie's gloves. I've seen them about a million times today, but I haven't heard a backstory. What's the deal?
  8. My gut instinct tells me Biden will be as bad as Trump, who was as bad as Obama, who was as bad as Bush... Etc. As long as they're committing war crimes, they're all the same to me.
  9. I'm not defending anybody. Facts are facts. As of this moment Biden is less deadly than Trump. Trust me, I'll be bitching more than anybody if and when that changes.
  10. Never once did I say Biden will be less deadlier. I said he's equal now.
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