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  1. Yes, I do. I cut the cord a very long time ago myself. Before most people. The television audience is still incredibly huge though. Ratings still draw advertising dollars. Any sort of decent wrestling war will draw numbers. Too bad there isn't a decent company in the mix though.
  2. It determines who wins, junior. If wrestling is worth watching, people want to see it live. It's a shame I have to give you damn kids lessons.
  3. Didn't watch, but did Lesnar squash the man's bitch with 2 German suplexes and an F5? Awesome if so. Should have given Lynch a couple too.y
  4. In fact, we had VCRs to accomplish the exact same thing. They didn't help WCW win.
  5. That's been around for awhile, Sonny. It is irrelevant to head-to-head ratings.
  6. Wonder what the retard marks will do if they have to choose between their 2 favorite brands of flippy scrawny faggots.
  7. Heard Cody Rhodes Indy Fed will be going with Wednesday Night Dynamite. Pussies. Old man is thinking of moving NXT to FS1 to compete.
  8. Maybe pigs will fly out of my ass. Doubtful, but we'll see.
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