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  1. "anarchy". Fat went and clogged up that bitch's brain.
  2. Imagine believing a government that wants to spy on your every single move is conspiring to make you wear masks for whatever dipshitery you can come up with to justify that. I'm enjoying the privacy myself.
  3. I offend both left and right snowflakes every day. My day wouldn't be complete without it.
  4. All of it pushes narratives. Racism is media driven on the command of government owners to keep everyone divided. They keep us divided on every issue so we don't unite and end them. Most people don't have the mental capacity to understand that though. Play along and be good sheep should be their motto.
  5. Common sense isn't common at all. Sheep can't handle freedom. Anarchism is only a pipe dream for the few of us that hate pedophiles and rapists using severely low IQ thugs to enforce unjust laws (which every single victimless crime in the thousands of laws made is) on people trying to go about their day. My wholehearted fuck you salute goes to every one of you morons that think you're going to vote your way out of this. Everywhere.
  6. The media uses "anarchist" to scare sheep away from freedom. Anarchy doesn't mean destroy shit like a retard. It means coexist and mind your own fucking business. Amazing how so many people love their pedophiles so much that they will their mainstream nonsense to be true in their head. Honestly, you're too fucking smart to be watching that horseshit. Give it up.
  7. True anarchism is voluntaryism. All transactions are agreed upon by all parties and no outside interference is allowed. There is no such thing as intellectual property. If you decide to disclose your invention, other people are free to improve it. Profit goes to the best product with the best price. Security (policing) is done by the best security force for the best price. Warlords statists and Hollywood love to cry about will have their asses handed to them by strong men that do good things. The retardation of this system is solely contributed to weak men afraid to think for themselves. And that's all I have to say about that.
  8. The "anarchists" you are talking about are ancoms, which I already stated is an oxymoron. Who is going to force people to contribute without a state?
  9. Communists aren't anarchists. You're making me sick with the association.
  10. Sheep need leaders. Sucks for people that want to be left alone.
  11. A free market is a market with no regulations. There is no use for government there.
  12. I didn't even notice the autocorrect. A truly free market requires no government interference whatsoever, so a true anarchist society would have one.
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