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  1. One of them is mafia for sure. Is it more likely that Deadstar decided to suicide because Brasky is a moron or that Bacardi is making things up?
  2. @Bill Brasky Vote count?
  3. I really can't see Brasky turning someone mafia after he realized he couldn't count either. He might have overpowered them once, but he wouldn't do it twice. Sorry, Bacardi. You did quite well. Official vote: Dr. Strangelove
  4. You think image is as big in music as it is in a “sport” where people are supposed to be trying to hurt each other? Every time I listen to an album, I don't see anybody. I wouldn't listen to wrestling no matter who was commentating.
  5. @John Bonham @magisme Would've nice if you decided to contribute something here.
  6. Not if there's a doctor that isn't completely brain dead. I hope Brasky put one in here.
  7. Why would Deadstar come out and suicide to get a town kill though? Makes sense for Bacardi because he's dead either way.
  8. Unvote JB disappearing is what got me to vote for him and I remember how that turned out. You retards battle until I'm convinced.
  9. I think Bacardi disappearing after being one of the most active in the game pretty much confirms it. Official vote: Dr. Strangelove
  10. That's not what she's saying, she's saying Brasky made her cop when Bacardi switched to mafia.
  11. Why can't you answer that? We should know so we know who not to vote for.
  12. I already knew that. It increases too. This one is going to be awesome. People are getting sick of worshipping pedos.
  13. Don't go shooting your load before she can answer questions. Who was investigated night 1?
  14. So you're the cop? If so, I'll go with you. If you're wrong, you're dead tomorrow though.
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