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  1. Damn_Smooth

    New Discord

    Listen here Bitch of Bangbros, you'll take awad seriously every time he posts.
  2. Damn_Smooth

    New Discord

    What kind of retarded queer thinks someone is tough over the internet? Mentally tough enough to make your stay here a pleasant one, that's for sure; but that's about it.
  3. Damn_Smooth

    New Discord

    And you'll still be a fag, bitch. Who the fuck is that? Never mind, just some other mygina queef like the moron above.
  4. Damn_Smooth

    New Discord

    You're a fag and nobody gives a shit. You stay there and I'll stay here in the 90s and we'll both live happily ever after.
  5. Damn_Smooth

    New Discord

    So you can see what the mygina faggots have to blabber about without going there, I guess.
  6. The discord can fuck itself and take all the morons that are infesting here with it.
  7. I'm not in a room. I'm in Brasky's thread of fucktardery here. On this forum.
  8. Just one jackoff. For some reason my phone wants to pluralize that.
  9. Don't know this Uzi your illusion jackoffs either.
  10. Last page only has 4 posts. Who the fuck is Rose Hudson? Some retard I don't give a shit about, that's who.
  11. I'm talking about here. I'll go check the last page and if there's nobody I don't know I'll concede defeat. BRB.
  12. What does that mean? People can't read me in real time here?
  13. Then why haven't I heard of half of them?
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