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  1. Is that matirwhatever still playing?
  2. How would that make me feel better about anything? Still lost.
  3. Me and JB were the real mafia, you fool.
  4. Your role playing never works out. One of the major reasons I made it so far in Liar's game was because you thought I was a chick meant to help the warriors. In this game I would be an independent because I'm neither pro Trump or pro libtard, and I know I'm town. So your character work is meaningless to me.
  5. I don't know either. All I know is he begged me to vote for him so I did. He's been on my list the whole game and he's not playing anything like any other game I've played with him in. Until someone gives me a better option, I see no reason not to grant his request.
  6. Has he ever spazzed out like this as town before? I think I would remember, but my memory is shit.
  7. I think so. No way he actually believes he's ever been a decent townie. Just mafia crying wolf.
  8. And for all of their sjw faggotry, look at the diversity in that crowd.
  9. Confusion probably is your natural state.
  10. Not until he had 7 votes. Do try to keep up.
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