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  1. Pretty sure quite a few people will take credit because I'm sure everybody that talked to them (outside of TB and MyGina admins) told them they should reunite.
  2. Do not listen to the moderator. The more of you that spazz out, the better the game. Okay, I'm out.
  3. Double Or Nothing did 98,000 PPV buys, and Mark Meltzer was trying to say they did 200,000 right after the ppv when nobody had any way of knowing. 98,000 is still far more than I thought it would do, so props to them for that, but anybody using Meltzer for information is just as big of a moron as his tongue wagging ass is.
  4. I think they should change the name of the tour to Not Gonna End In This Lifetime.
  5. I thought it was the cuckservatives that were pro-vaccination. Great, I can't even tell my retards apart any more.
  6. Every statist wants to bring misery to the world. Thinking a person should have any say in anyone else's life and voting for whoever is going to take away the rights a person wants taken away is ridiculous no matter which side they are on.
  7. Far right and far left are exactly the same. Clueless twits that will do anything for their retarded belief system no matter how depraved it is. Evil are the elite that are running child trafficking rings for pedophilia and slaughter to prolong their own lives. Someday rational people should get together and end them.
  8. Sorry, but I can't. My internet exposure is going to be at a minimum.
  9. The only hoarders that aren't complete faggots are those of us with Atlas and whatever else we were hoarding.
  10. That's why I asked. You don't just get to float around making him watch you drink.
  11. Do you have enough alcohol for the both of you?
  12. No, beyatch, you're off the island. No reward for you.
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