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  1. Only way to win is vacate the system and invalidate it. Violence isn't going to do it because they'll have you morons fighting each other before anybody gets to them. They already do.
  2. Trump and Hillary are the same. Their masters would have gotten their way regardless of who won. Rigged elections like the one in your example are proof of the opposite of your brainwashed stockholm syndrome having ass's "voting matters" slogan. To answer your first 2 points.
  3. You're damn right I do. Gotta get people to think somehow. Friends don't let friends willingly bend over for pedophiles. You're fucking welcome.
  4. Find me where I denied it. I'm not waiting around because it's not up your ass like that reply came from. Just vote harder, you'll fix the damage you did by voting last time eventually.
  5. Really??? Can I keep my whole paycheck? Can I quit paying thugs for the honor of purchasing something from someone? Can I grow marijuana and walk down the street smoking it? Can I drive my car at whatever speed I feel safe with? Can I tint my windows? Can I walk across the street in a section not pre-approved by pedophiles? Trust me, I have a million more questions just like that. They all have the same answer. Pathetic that you believe that is freedom. Bend over for them some more.
  6. I'm fully aware of that, thank you. Still going to ridicule the morons that fall in line in that system every chance I get. Thankfully they give me plenty of opportunities.
  7. Living in a land of sheep has that effect on people that just want to be left alone.
  8. Not my party. Keep that shit to your own retarded asses.
  9. So if Biden wins, you know who to blame. And he won't be making it through his first term.
  10. Exactly. But is she as hated as Trump? They're looking for dividers, not uniters.
  11. If Biden wins it's because of Kamala.
  12. Same goes for the Trump cultists too though. I live amongst them.
  13. Never thought I'd see the day where people liked/disliked a movie based solely off of the political agenda it pushed. That's new.
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