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  1. I was playing. Probably would have won if you hadn't killed me.
  2. I have no idea because the e only time I checked the game was to see who died. I blame all of you equally.
  3. Just found out ABC is planning reboots of The Jefferson's and All in the Family. No way a faggy sjw network could screw that up.
  4. Never been a fan of Dustin Rhodes and neither was anybody else until now. Midcarder no matter where he went, but now he joined the retard federation so he's the best thing ever. Pathetic. More proof of how far wrestling has fallen.
  5. Gunner quit the last game and Bacardi quit the game before. Fags.
  6. You know Apollo (Groghan). Don't fucking lie. And we made an awesome town in mafia. Everyone got jealous. We got people to quit the forum before Brasky even, although I wish they'd get over the butthurt and come back.
  7. I somewhat hoped that Axl wouldn't want to be outdone by Slash, but then I looked at the fat slob and remembered who I was thinking about. That's as far as it went for me.
  8. All right then. Go back to the lol reunion announcement and find which one of us thought anything would be different.
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