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  1. Uhh.. I'm not kissing Axls ass or anything I'm far from that, but we kinda should expect ALL of this from him, and his band.. You will get no news from the band members because they don't even know what's going on.. The best news they can give you is that "they rehearsed acouple of the illusion songs" don't expect much from them.. There won't be a new album for a very long time.. And axl can blame whoever, and make every excuse under the sun as to why there is a setback or lack of album .. But you know it's all full of shit
  2. i do know axl was experimenting with a lot of different sounds.. again.. it's a rough demo, so I'm sure the instrumentals would have been different if finished.. but I'm convinced its real.
  3. discuss. http://www.yousendit.com/dl?phi_action=app/orchestrateDownload&rurl=http%253A%252F%252Fwww.yousendit.com%252Ftransfer.php%253Faction%253Dbatch_download%2526batch_id%253DM3BrT0NlK3h3NUpvSWNUQw try that.. sorry.. fixed!
  4. I think the thing is here, is that when bands become bigger than the personalities in them, labels.etc view them as a business. Something that's bigger than the band that can generate cash flow. The harder thing in gnr was that all personalities involved were as big as the gnr name.. Especially axl and slash.. Same as the stones.. If the whole band was replaced excluding jagger.. There would be a massive uproar.. I'm pretty certain 95% of the fan base would disagree with it.. Whereas bands like nickleback or evanescence.. If their whole lineup changed excluding vocals, possibly 60-80% of peop
  5. Poor fortus, given the history of gnr with the excuses, delays.etc i could confidently say that there won't be a new album before that.. however you never know right? and.. fortus didn't really say which US tour before the fall!!, it could be the one 6 years from now!!
  6. another sydney-sider here... did you see the band in '10 at the v8s? welcome hey!, yeah man i did!.. great show!
  7. im a drummer, let me know if you need something recorded..
  8. Heya guys, cool to be here.. I'm 30, from sydney australia and i love guns n roses!. i did come from mygnrforum, but i must say i do like it here better.. the discussions seem more open minded, laid back and less hostile.. if i knew this place had existed prior to mygnr i would have been here long ago. looking forward to chatting with you all.. rock on!
  9. I don't like dizzy.. He proved himself to be a spineless pussy when he didn't show to the rrhof ceremony.. At first in interviews he was all for it, then as soon as axl decides on not to go, he follows and claims that money was an issue.. Had axl shown up, I could guarantee you that dizzy would have been there. Gilby, hmm.. He was a big part of gnr during the uyi tours.. He had big shoes to fill, and he did it well.. He's a great guy and I met him in 08 briefly.. He is a real genuine guy.. Respect to him for showing up to the rrhof to put on a great show with the other guys.. His presence on
  10. I Really feel that axls thrown himself under a bus here, I think he's his own worst enemy.. it's obvious he has a great band behind him now, but i can't help feel like he has no idea/ or confidence to record new stuff with them.. maybe axl puts on a brave face on the exterior, but just by looking at the whole situation, everything thats happened.. it seems like he's lost his way. He needs to put more faith into the band that he has when it comes to making new music.. i understand that releasing chinese democracy was probably one of the hardest things he's ever done.. you could have released
  11. Yeah, I agree.. Whatever was said to me should be taken lightly.. No evidence or anything..
  12. I just spoke to someone who had been around mygnr for many years and apparently someone high up in the food chain Caused it to be shut down.. He/she didn't name names, but it wouldnt require a tricker scientist to figure this one out.. Considering the amount of reunion talk that was going on in there..
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