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  1. Slash was great like 30 years ago. When he had more teeth.
  2. Cosmo is still encouraging eating disorders. This time in form of obesity.
  3. Brian Jones they had Out of Our Heads, After-Math and Beggars Banquet. Mick Taylor they had Let It Bleed (Brian played on a couple songs) Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main St. Hard to beat the latter. But they were both better than Ronnie.
  4. Bruce. I bet mostly women would pick Axl.
  5. Voted for JFK because he fucked Marilyn Monroe and several other hot bitches but LBJ deserves a mention for his wang and like Bonzo says, he did great things for America but Vietnam fucked it up. Vietnam fucked us forever.
  6. I went to a Metallica show in in Glendale, AZ. A lot of Mexicans were there. Sorry, I mean Hispanics. Poptart cat!
  7. They had 4 masterpieces. GNR had 1. Chinese Democracy AFD
  8. i think obama will lose colorado We'll see about that. By 8 PM most of the swing state polls will close. I think Romney will win Florida but he won't get anywhere without Ohio and Virginia.
  9. Just found out Ohio closes its polls at 7. A lot of voters there voted absentee and most of those votes favored Obama. I think we will find out around 8:30 PM EST. Even if Romney wins Ohio, he will need Virginia and Colorado or Iowa. That would bring him over 272. If Obama takes Colorado and Iowa it will make it difficult for Romney to win even if he does win Ohio and Virginia.
  10. Obama so far has 60,000 votes over Romney in Iowa. Iowa is considered a swing state and has been leaning Obama throughout the election. Anyone come here from MyGNR? It seems like they went offline.
  11. Is that necessary. I'm not black just saying. I get called one all the time at work, figured it is okay to say it.
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