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  1. I'm gonna jump in here to quell some confusion. The game is loosely based on the movie. We have the gangs, but the protagonist gang is dead. In the movie, everyone was against The Warriors, I didn't structure the game that way. Of you have any questions PM me
  3. Every Gang wanted a piece of the Warriors Every where they turned someone was out to get them. It turned out to be too much
  4. I love college football. Way better than the NFL
  6. No sir streams are all HD 1080p, and if you select the right player no buffering Its exsctly like watching telus or Shaw
  7. I pay 120/yr for just about every channel, streaming service, movie, sporting event that you can think of. 10 bucks a month get me the assurance that someone else will look after the service. No searching, no troubleshooting. Just an email to the dude and he fixes it
  8. Arnold and the rest of The Punks walked into the subway. They were greeted by The Warriors. a fight ensued and it didn't end well for Arnold and his Punks Night 1 begins now Send your roles if you have any
  9. VOTE COUNT ARNOLD LAYNE 5 - John Bonham, Popcorns Snare, Mags, Val, Bill Brasky JOHN BONHAM 2 - Slash Borski, Arnold Layne No Vote: Dr Strangelove, Kfcbucket, Deadstar, Hotdogman
  10. I asked him why he was writing in french on an English forum
  11. Pour quoi tu parles en Francais ici? C'est une forum anglais
  12. The representatives from all 5 boroughs sat down for a meeting with Cyrus. Staten Island was the unhappiest with what had happened and was vocal about it. "Cyrus! This truce simply isn't working. Manhattan is down a gang for someone else's fuck up?!?" There will be some growing pains Cyrus replied. "Fuck that. I don't know whos who, but I know Manhattan was fucked over! Staten Island is aligning with Manhattan and we wage war on Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx" BROOKLYN, QUEENS AND THE BRONX. ELIMINATE STATEN ISLAND AND MANHATTAN BEFORE THEY ELIMINATE YOU BE CAREFUL OF WHO VOTE FOR... LYNCHING A GANG FROM YOUR ALLIGNED BOROUGH ONLY MAKES STATEN ISLAND AND MANHATTAN STRONGER
  13. Mags opponent was randomly picked and a coin was flipped as who dies. That's the thing about life in a gang in the 70ies NYC. It's not always fair.
  14. There seems to be some confusion. Everyone was assigned to a Borough. You need to get to your home Borough by getting rid of any other players that may get in your way to your Borough. Your team wins when you've eliminated all threats to your turf and you're safely back home
  15. Everyone was punished by having UruGuns die Mags broke the rules and they played a game of Russian Roulette. Someone breaks the rules, someone dies.
  16. Truces were shattered Alliances broken Friend became foes and everyone was blaming everyone.
  17. This new development didn't sit well with the gangs and especially Cyrus. His vision of one gang to rule the city was beginning to fade
  18. Uruguns was.. The Boppers MANHATTAN BOROUGH ALLIGNED Day 1 continues. Cheating and editing affects us all. 11 remain, 6 to lynch
  19. I (Cyrus) knew that mixing up the gangs could potentially have a negative impact. Word got out that @magisme Was a cheater. Some of the rival gangs were upset about this and questioned the Alliance and truce. @uruguns had a solution. He challenged Mags to a game of Russian Roulette. There were arguments and disagreements but the 2 sat down Mags fired first... Click.. Nothing The rest of uruguns gang urged and begged him not to take the shot. Uruguns was confident that he would make it He had learned a trick to spin the cartridge in such a way to let the bullet fall into his hand. What he didn't know is that Mags put a second bullet in. Uruguns pulled the trigger and fell to the floor.
  20. @magisme Edited a post. There will be consequences
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