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  1. Disagree.. Apparently Izzy doesn't need the money, according to those net worth sites, he's doing quite well for himself. If GnR is only Axl & Slash, why be part of this nonsense? Just stay out of it
  2. Since we are just throwing votes out for no reason... well, because literally nobody is playing, I'll vote official vote Gordon Comstock I don't know who he is.. has he ever posted on this forum before?
  3. Who are the Latinos? and why does the kill scream cardi?
  4. *edit* for trying to dip his pen in THE company ink
  5. Official Vote: John Bonham For trying to dip his pen in then company ink thats dirty. Very dirty
  6. Literally every game you have something going on.... Because once again you're using this as an excuse, I don't think you're an imposter. But I dunno
  7. But they were part of the game...
  8. Cool This game is throwing me off. And then today when Brasky changed his name, I thought some serious fuckery was afoot
  9. Is @bacardimayne @Winston Wolf or @KFCBucket playing? Bacardi less, I think I've seen him here and there but the other 2?
  10. I’d like to come into a partnership also
  11. 2 people are dead, one lynched, one for no apparent reasonn. No night kill.. why? Brasky is blaming the latinos
  12. Every dig that Sorum throws towards Axl is 100% warranted tho
  13. Could you please say the word Could you repeat it?
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