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  1. There's something very liberating about the thought of being homeless . Pure freedom. Sometimes I consider it
  2. Jesus fuck...... WHO THE FUCK CARES
  3. Is Duff being politically correct and talking about liberal feminist shit?
  4. I wear my GnFnR badge proudly.. thanks @John Bonham
  5. It’s fucking delicious. You our go to the grocery store and get those small hams, slice that shit up and put it on a sandwich. Jesus Christ, that’s what dreams are made of Slice a piece and fry it up for eggs and ham.. god dammit it’s delicious
  6. Don’t get all high and mighty about parking lot t shirt sellers... some of of the best concert t’s ive ever bought were from some meth addicted sketched out tweaker in the parking lot of the venue the real band just played..
  7. GnRLiars

    Swamp Rock

    Of course.. nothing wrong with it. i like it
  8. My game has t started yet. Soon...
  9. This seems logical. Also didn't Adler come out and say that it wasn't him drumming in the track?
  10. The guys a father to young children who watch the show. Any guys on this forum who had an opportunity to contribute to anything their children are interested in would jump all over this. If you don’t have kids, you don’t understand. its not punk, it’s not a sellout he being a good dad
  11. The Cup http://apple.news/AN7W8afHoRT6ETJF5cLwrAQ
  12. Fuck this show. i gave up on it after season 2 but my wife enjoys it so I kept watching. The big battle episode 2 weeks ago was good, I enjoyed it but last night was back to the same ”I need to look away from this train wreck of a show because everything about it is so bad” who writes this bs? Adolescent boys? And dont forget about the Starbucks cup on the table...
  13. I do not think that means what you think it means
  14. Sorry guys, but I’m playing in that Mafia Championship next month so I will have to put my game off for a bit
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