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  1. Are you only voting for him because he has a vote on you? Or do you have a feeling otherwise?
  2. Dude Everything I posted was game related You just took a shot at me personally Not cool bro
  3. That was for @Damn_Smooth 🖕🖕🖕🖕⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
  4. We have a different definition of begging. And the faster you realize that everything in that post was utter bullshit laid to attract flys, the easier it will be when you're lynched and it's revealed that you're mafia
  5. Go ahead and hurl insults at me. I didn't lead a charge on a townie... I set a bait and you took it. My vote is on you... Not a "confirmed" townie. As for you "not letting me kill a townie"" Classic mafia move. If you had come on board with it, it immediately puts heat on you, However, going up against me as soon as I post it, puts just as much heat on you Carry on
  6. The get has become somewhat stagnant for the time being. A shake up was needed, but not necessarily wanted by town. We are doing ok right now. Of course everyone would notice my comments. But a trigger happy mafia member would see this as blood and immediately jump. You did that @Damn_Smooth Congrats on showing your hand. Aces over 8s...
  7. Good. Keep it there. But the heat is coming for you when it's revealed I'm town You started this. You shouldn't have jumped so soon
  8. Go ahead and start the charge against me @Damn_Smooth I'm coming up town. That shit is on you you sketchy motherfucker. I knew mafia would jump on this. Hook Line and Sinker Loser unvote / vote Damn Smooth
  9. To me, Everytime I see a pic of Axl from that era, I feel he's man going through some serious detox I think his drug use was getting out of hand and he took steps to reel it in. He always said he would do anything but not let himself become a junkie. I think he was teetering and he stopped it
  10. Whatever. Look. Every fucking game someone says I'm playing aggressively, or that I'm playing differrnt. I'm always accused of doing something that everyone jumps on as sketchy. Fact is, and ice said this before in Mafia I don't lie. This is how I play. I'm not Mafia I don't remember the last time I was . I'm gonna put my vote back on Strangelove. Mainly because of the Boomer comment, but he's also registering on my radar. I'm in a partnership with @arnold laynelayne, and I hope he votes with me to keep the partnership going. @magisme claimed to have investigated him and came back clean. Instead of going with this, as its an easy coast into the next day, he fights it. Why? Either mags is lying and Strangelove is his partner and it was an attempt to fool us, or he is indeed town. I'm going with the former. Something doesn't add up vote Dr Strangelove ok Boomer?
  11. Oh so Mags can do it, we can ask the Dr to come forward, and the cop I'd it isn't Mags, but I crossed a line when I said let's include the tracker? Eat a dick
  12. Do you feel that if we all roles reveal, we will have enough numbers to take down Mafia? It's a bold move for Day 2, bit if it's feasible, we should try So Cop: Mags Dr Tracker
  13. Or maybe he's you're Mafia partner and you're trying to deflect. But alas, the heat has been taken off of you. And I'm not one to start anything, I'm more of a seeker. The truth will be exposed. You may not be mafia, but you have skeletons and I'm digging into your tickle trunk as we speak. For now Officer Mags, I will take my vote off. unvote Mags
  14. Every cop is crooked. I am not and will never be a cop. I am a truth seeker. I will expose all lies and cover ups i will expose all Mafia
  15. @magisme you claim to have investigated @Dr. Strangelove (But you called him Bacardi) and you said he turned up clean. so instead of running with it, he puts a vote on you... why do do you think this is?
  16. Justin Trudeau is welcoming Red and Meghan to Canada as he’s also part of the UN conspiracy. Trudeau has agreed to let in 1.5 million Somalian refugees and has agreed to land them in western Canada. a part of the country where his Liberal government has little to no seats. Saskatchewan and Alberta completely voted out any liberal riding that were occupied by the Liberal party. The sole purpose of Putting these Muslim immigrants into these areas of the country is to regain Liberal control to get money from the UN so they can ultimately take over Canada also
  17. And if you think for one second that skank Hillary wasn’t behind Epstein death you’re wearing blinders. He was the pedo king and he was going to blow the whistle on Hillary and Bill... she had him killed
  18. Pizza-gate is real and the Clintons are behind it all. The Royal Family has been infiltrated by a spy. Her name is Meghan. Her mission is to dissolve the Royal Families stronghold on England and to let the liberal funded UN take over the UK with their globalization government.
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