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  1. All we are doing is funding duffs sex change operation. @MacDaddyRose duffs sex change or transition to woke Seattle vegan bitch is the best thing to happen to GnR in years
  2. I was also at the Montreal Riot show. But it sucked. Axl was being a faggot. Hetfield got burned by a pyrotechnic.. Plus it was middle of August. So fucking hot. Slash was the last guy on stage. Eventually he just looked up, shrugged his shoulders and walked off. Then we started breaking shit
  3. Calgary 2010 was a great show. I was also there. Easily one of my favourites I've been to
  4. Went to Toronto in 91 to see GnR. Skid Row opened. It was fantastic
  5. He looked bad last week against NO didnt catch the game this week. Didn’t TB win? also what a fucking game by the Chiefs..
  6. The only one I haven’t seen the The Hateful Eight. wasn't the script leaked then scrapped? Afterwards he rewrote it and the version we got is the rewritten one? I could be wrong. i was a big fan of Jackie Brown, as @bacardimaynesaid earlier, the scene where DeNiro kills Fonda is absolutely amazing. btw, what happened to Brigette Fonda? I found her incredibly sexy Didnt care much for Inglorious Basterds maybe like @EstrangedTWAT, I’ll give it another go
  7. @EstrangedTWAT @arnold layne Another one was much younger, like early 20s, but she's still a disgusting blob. She had her boyfriend with her...skinny little polite kid, reminded me of Nate.
  8. GnRLiars

    The Next Game

    I come to this site everyday for the sole purpose to get an update on the next game. lets face it, GnR is dead, all topics have been done and re done over again. I applaud JB for hosting the site, it’s still amazing, but Mafia is what’s keeping it going...
  9. I’m sure this has to do with Covid... not the fact that they’re playing the same set list, with the same worn out songs, all the bullshit cover songs, no new songs a noodling Slash, a horrible sounding Axl, a bowl cut and moobs...
  10. I dressed up as Slash and went to the local record store to but Chinese Democracy. What a great day it was
  11. Disagree. Women are the best sexually and looks wise 25-35. A woman who's 28, 29 is second to none.
  12. Aaaaaahahahaa. Pardon!? I don't know what this post means, but I love it
  13. You don't get it yet... You're 20
  14. Youth is wasted on the young - George Bernard Shaw
  15. It’s always voted as one of the best logos in sports. Its a C for Canadiens and the H in the middle is for Habitants its French for inhabitants Their red jerseys are iconic and have been around for over 100 years
  16. GnRLiars

    The Next Game

    I appreciate that. Thank you. However, there are other who.may not agree with that. Plus. I've hosted a few in recent times. I'm not up for it right now Unless @El Brasky finally forgives me
  17. My carrier is practically giving away Huawai phones and tablets right now...
  18. GnRLiars

    The Next Game

    Of course. PPE supplied.
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