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  1. Holy shit @arnold layne I know you live in Oklahoma and when I started watching yesterday, i kept thinking I need to go on the forum and ask if you've been to his place. Every single person in this show is a complete degenerate. What an incredible subculture of humans! I'm completely enthralled with this show I love it
  2. I went to 17 stores trying to find toilet paper. Fucking ridiculous I was at the point where I was gonna beat the shit out of anyone who was hoarding.
  3. This is one of the best threads in a looooong time
  4. The initial premise was to have Bonham as the boss. Because he's the owner of the site. I'll change it up now obviously.
  5. Only 8 players signed up. I really wanted Bonham, but he doesn't want to play. If we could get 4 more or at best 3, I could swing it.
  6. This game requires @John Bonham to proceed Are you in or in the way?
  7. I don't think this is a coincidence. The NHL (National Hockey League) cancelled their season yesterday Late last night a group of Canadian scientists have isolated the Covid19 virus and is a huge step in developing a vaccine.
  8. I'm in Calgary, today they basically shut down the city All events over 250 people are cancelled. All sporting events cancelled If you can work from home, it's recommended I bought vodka beer and wine. I'm good
  9. Ya.. your 8 year old came up with that on his own Fuck off Infect the young to push your narratives. Asshole
  10. GnRLiars

    The Next Game

    Just like corona virus, my game will have no rules
  11. GnRLiars

    The Next Game

    When enough people say they want to play
  12. I’m not sure about that... yes he’s fat but I don’t think Mensa is calling upon him anytime soon. Hes the classic, I think I’m smarter than you so I’ll say obscure things but in reality it’s transparant and everyone sees right through it
  13. I’ve never seen any of the twilight shit, but from what I’ve seen from his Batman, he looks like he fits the bill. Im looking forward to him as Batman
  14. Google translate poison fog attack
  15. Got an old vinyl copy... The cracking and pops add to the weirdness of it It's great
  16. GnRLiars

    The Next Game

    And to reiterate Popcorn, No gimmicks, In fact. No rules.
  17. I watched the whole thing anticipating the drop off for NITL, but just like reunion GnR, I was left hoping for more
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