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  1. There's something very liberating about the thought of being homeless . Pure freedom. Sometimes I consider it
  2. Jesus fuck...... WHO THE FUCK CARES
  3. Is Duff being politically correct and talking about liberal feminist shit?
  4. I wear my GnFnR badge proudly.. thanks @John Bonham
  5. It’s fucking delicious. You our go to the grocery store and get those small hams, slice that shit up and put it on a sandwich. Jesus Christ, that’s what dreams are made of Slice a piece and fry it up for eggs and ham.. god dammit it’s delicious
  6. Don’t get all high and mighty about parking lot t shirt sellers... some of of the best concert t’s ive ever bought were from some meth addicted sketched out tweaker in the parking lot of the venue the real band just played..
  7. GnRLiars

    Swamp Rock

    Of course.. nothing wrong with it. i like it
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