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  1. Ahh, yeah, I need a little bit of cooperation right about nowI'd like to find out who's favorite detective it isWho is this?Is it Mannix? Barnaby Jones?Sombody say ColumboMickey Mulroney?Is it Cannon...Barnaby Jones?I said that already
  2. Are our votes still active? in that case Unvote major mayhem
  3. @GNS Is your partner @Major Mayhem? Is that why you piled on the maybe vote? Scum Being scum... Killing their own to save their hides
  4. @GNS You also had a vote on me for a while. If you tell us who your Mafia partner is, I promise to gather the troops and vote him off. I mean you're already scum, so outing your partner to save your own ass is something not out of the realm of possibility.
  5. To quote my friend and forum leader @John Bonham Who am I voting for?
  6. I don’t know what to do anymore... i thiught i was sold sold on Mayhem, but now not so sure. ill let some one else lead this this shit show for a while. Im happy to play follower
  7. So are we all on a full reset now? we didn’t really lose anyone. Damn smooth is dead someone, somewhere whispers to someone else “who?” exactly
  8. Does anyone else have any other theories? Everyone is playing the "oh it's day 1, I'm not confident on my vote" I'm pretty sure on Mayhem and I told him its not personal. It's a game of sleuthing. Fact is, I'm either right or wrong and same goes for who ever votes for him. If he's Mafia, great. We got one. If he's not, Sorry Suck it up fuckers and let's get the game going. Brasky gave us a deadline. It's vastly approaching. We deal with the fallout, good or bad in day 2. Only other solution is instead of taking a chance that Mayhem is dirty or clean, we sacrifice 2 known townies. One by Brasky and one by Mafia. And we vote not to vote. That's not a smart move
  9. Then convince me, or us who you find suspicious and let's talk. It's still basically Day 1 a d a complete crap shoot.
  10. I started the crusade on @Major Mayhem Please understand it's nothing personal. Live by the sword, die by it I guess. If he turns up town, I'm sorry for misguiding everyone official vote:Major Mayhem
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