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  1. When listening to Lies, at the end of Mama Kin, you can hear them go straight into another song. I’ve always wondered what song that was, turns out it’s SOYL.. it’s pretty cool that’s on the box set.
  2. You’re a strange fella aren’t ya
  3. Since I bought Locked n Loaded, I’ve decided to start listening to it and stop wearing the pewter rings. Honestly, the remastered tracks of AFD are fucking mint. ive had it on heavy rotation in my work truck recently and love how much clearer the songs are. i know there’s plenty of Izzy haters in here, but the new mixes really make you appreciate his playing. I love the demos, and rough mixes also. Axle voice during this time was unreal. Adlers drums are definitely something that’s missing from this incarnation of GnR. Duffs backing vocals are great. But he’s still a faggot And most of all, Slash isn’t the ridiculous cartoon character noodler that he is now. Rock the Rock fuckers
  4. He’s playing Calgary the next night.. I’m going
  5. You are needed. Can you dig it? Can you dig it?
  6. This is a sign up thread. The game is still scheduled to start Late August. It's quite a bit of time from now. But I need @Damn_Smooth @Alex Trebek And most importantly @arnold layne
  7. Insert your interest here
  8. Get ready It's happening.
  9. Never! It's gonna catch on. It's a slow process. Pretty soon everyone is going want pewter trinkets and fake tattoos of the World Most Dangerous Band.
  10. GnRLiars

    The Next Game

    @John Bonham stated his desire to host. I just read that somewhere. I think he mentioned fall, so after my game
  11. GnRLiars

    The Next Game

    Given the time and seeing as I am a family mad, this WILL start around Labour Day... i need time boys and girls. This is is gonna rock
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