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  1. Wow @GUNNER.. Uruguay really?

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    2. uruguns


      México some chances? Lol. 0 world cups, 0 America Cup. Lost against Sweden 0-3. Qualified to the next stage thanks to Germany. Mexico never stands a chance in a Fifa world cup, maybe in a world cup of burritos idk

    3. GUNNER


      Uruguay have 2 world cups (70 and 90 years ago), obviously they have more chances than Mexico. Lol.


      In fact every team has some chances until the elimination.

    4. uruguns


      @GUNNERUruguay won his 15th America Cup in 2011, reached WC semifinal in 2010, beat England and Italy in WC 2014. Won his group in the current world cup with zero goals-against. Champion? I don't know. Better candidate than mexico? Bitch pls.