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  1. At this point, I have no idea why anyone is still defending Bonham. This is why Town never wins this fucking game. I have to go to real life work. My vote is on him, maybe you guys wake the fuck up and see what's happening.
  2. I’ve been using tinypic.com to share photos on this site, but it’s now closed down. how the fuck do I share pics now?
  3. Popcorn never said he was Iron Man Mags never said he was Slash Bonham said this. what the fuck man?
  4. You’re proving my point right here DS. im fucking iron man im izzy im thor im wonder woman im Scott weiland im Mike fucking Hammer fact is, you don’t know who I am, and I don’t know who you are. i don’t know who Val is i don’t know who dead star is i don’t know who anyone is except myself and most importantly, i don’t know who Slash is. And i I don’t know who you are
  5. Right here, minutes after Day 3 started. Bonham tells everyone Mags is Slash. For whatever reason we all jump on board with the same guy who just out a charge on popcorn. Open your eyes people Wtf?
  6. Who initially said Mags was Slash? All we were told from the night session was that Slash was converted Do we know Mags is Slash? No. The only people who know Mags (may be) slash are the same peolemwho night killed him The mafia John Bonham,
  7. Says the guy who pulled similar shit earlier but is still alive. What's up kettle? How's pot? I'm not saying you're dirty, but you did do some shit earlier.
  8. I don't thinkmyure Mafia, but I also don't buy into we know know everyone is I was just trying to make an example . Everyone is pretty fired up right now Some people are putting alot of stock into what some people think other people are. Nobody has revealed anything. I cant understand how anyone can overlook what Bonham did last Day. Jesus fuck
  9. Did popcorn ever say he was iron man? Don't ask the obvious questions, ask the important ones If he did, show me where popcorn said he was Iron man.. because I can't find it
  10. It's not just the lynching vote man... Agreed someone has to be that vote. Alone it means nothing Coupled with other clues does
  11. You're gonna believe a guy who just led a lynch party in a game of deceit when he tells you he's a certain player? Be better than that my friend
  12. Ragnar has played totally under the radar. Could be a sneaky Mafia move. Bonham and Val need to explain themselves Val was the lynching vote on Day 1. Normally that doesn't mean much, but she was also an integral part in lynching popcorn. Add those 2 together and it's suspect. Bonham claimed info said to trust him We do and it's a disaster . He then night kills his "friend" in Mags. He says he's gonna vote for whomever Mags votes for, then goes rogue and doesn't follow up on his promise to his friend Now he's leading the charge on the very guy he night killed knowing full well that he's going to have the same amount of Mafia team members as he did yesterday. Why can't anyone see this?
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