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  1. A man may seem confused to the ignorant but ignorance is bliss
  2. You didn't know Mags had a power role? He admitted it
  3. Any smart Mafia player wouldn't be involved in lynching a power role. They'd sit and wait for a night kill...
  4. I'm me and you're Mafia. Go eat a canolli
  5. At this time I'm not interested in voting for either Brasky or Arnold. Like I said, they're not really on my radar. I have others whom I suspect. But hey, I'm a terrible Mafia player so what the fuck do I know?
  6. Who really wants to be the lynching vote when you're Mafia? That brings the heat squarely on to you.
  7. Distract what from Mags theory. We literally have nothing else to go with. So Mags theory Mags town Dr S town Arnold now also town. You Mafia
  8. I did. Then I came back. I wanted interaction. Instead of shit posts. You and Facekicker pop up at very opportune times Almost like it's timed
  9. Why don't you? I just feel he hasn't done anything to make me think otherwise
  10. How do? Once again, what have you contributed to the game other than hurling insults at everyone that mentioned you?
  11. I don't think Brasky is Mafia And Arnold claims to be the Tracker. And nobody else has stepped up claiming to also be
  12. @Facekicker @Damn_Smooth @matir98 And possibly @popcorn's snare The Mafia team is in here somewhere. My vote stays on Damn Smooth
  13. Duff's vagina being tongue darted by Shooter Jennings
  14. KFC and Facekicker in a Mafia love triangle?
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