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  1. GnRLiars

    Significant other appreciation thread

    Ahhh muffin... what did pokemon get you for Valentine’s Day?
  2. The Wild fucking West... seriously who wouldnt?
  3. GnRLiars

    The count to 1 million game

    Is it racist
  4. GnRLiars

    Axl at a guitar show back in July '95

    Why is he wearing a wedding ring? To me, these pics look like a guy who’s drying out. by that I mean a guy who’s been living in the excess for a long time and realizing it’s destructive and likely leading to death. so you either become a full blown addict and le it drag you down, or you dry out.. Axl is drying out
  5. GnRLiars

    Significant other appreciation thread

    And you didn't but Locked and Loaded
  6. GnRLiars

    Significant other appreciation thread

  7. Hi everyone, I’m sorry

    1. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      For you not sorry for me

  8. GnRLiars

    Honest thoughts on MYGNR?

    It’s a place where people are praising other people who bought the Locked and Loaded Box Set... unlike here where we tell it like it is.... You wasted your money GnRLiars... you’re a fucking moron who flaked out and almost ruined a perfectly good Mafia game thanks guys
  9. GnRLiars

    Significant other appreciation thread

    I have a wonderfully amazing wife whom I love dearly... Shes just awesome
  10. Good night fuckers have fun with the rest of the game no hard feelings alright? i was just having fun.....or was I?
  11. It doesn’t contradict anything. the next page GUNNER tells me JB is the boss and that I can only communicate outside the thread with him. but I’m not gonna post that because that’s really fucking the game up. believe me if you want, I don’t care, I’m dead.im not playing anymore . but I’m not gonna completly sabotage the game, it was never my intention, I just wanted to fuck it up like he did mine there you have it, im pretty sure everyone is dirty in this game
  12. Have fun taking each other out... the next page page of my gunner pm says JB is the head of the mafia and I can only communicate with him outside the thread every single one one of you guys is dirty.... if by chance you’re not, you’re in the minority have fun trying to win town, because you can’t... ffs, I don’t (didn’t) even have a say in who’s to be night killed
  13. Here’s a bloody screenshot saying Mafia can’t communicate