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  1. Looks like I’m done folks. Heres the deal. Me n Brasky have been communicating outside the thread. Not because we were cheating, but because he’s my mafia partner. His play from the beginning was to vote me out and let him fool everyone else into winning the game I started the charge on @John Bonham as a joke for hitting on @Val bit everyone got on board with it and it was an easy kill. im pretty sure Brasky and @bacardi are communicating outside also. Bacardi is not mafia or imposter. Brasky is tricking him.
  2. The musician acknowledges that he shouldn't have agreed to do that tour. "However, you know, I was led to think that the world would end if I didn't do the tour and that I would save the universe by doing that, so I did," he said. Axl and Team Brazil using the same scare tactics on BBF as Trump used on Fauci
  3. I have legit been to this bar i bought a shirt, I’ll try and find it and post it haha
  4. Disagree.. Apparently Izzy doesn't need the money, according to those net worth sites, he's doing quite well for himself. If GnR is only Axl & Slash, why be part of this nonsense? Just stay out of it
  5. Since we are just throwing votes out for no reason... well, because literally nobody is playing, I'll vote official vote Gordon Comstock I don't know who he is.. has he ever posted on this forum before?
  6. Who are the Latinos? and why does the kill scream cardi?
  7. We're good honest follk up here.
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