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  1. Plus you're so close to Standpoint. Amazing little part of the world
  2. Coeur D'Alene is great. All the little restaurants and coffee shops with tiny patios on main Street. Awesome. The mom.and pop shops. Great little town
  3. Ya, bit according to the article, there's been 9 in the last 24 hrs
  4. It's been building and building for years. Given the state of the world and everything, I think it's safe to assume that it'll blow
  5. Not sure about the weed but I've been to Idaho and its stunningly beautiful The locals are pretty nice also. Nice place to visit for sure
  6. Does Fernando have full autonomy over the band's merchandise? Does Axl have to approve anything? Is Axl so far gone that he literally doesn't care about the band's legacy? I mean, Aerosmith who are huge media sellouts (I still love them though) would never alter their history like this, even for $$$ KISS comes to mind also, Sure they use the characters made famous by Frehley and Criss, but the difference is they're characters This is the GnR cross. The cover of their debut album. The fucking tattoo on Axls arm. If Axl actually did approve this, he's even more of a cunt than initially thought. Fuck this band man..
  7. If it's consensual. The minute she says stop, he has to. We're all guys here. We all know the rules. Whether wee agree 100% or not, those are the rules
  8. It's not just one person selling her story though. Erin, Stef, MichelleLives and now her If it's one, you get a pass, it's now a trend.
  9. Fuck man! I remember reading interviews afterwards where Slash was saying The recordings didn't exist or that they were raw takes. Fuck Slash Fuck Duff VR was (is) better than the bs uninspired reunion. Fuck Axl I'd love to hear the Cory Taylor and Izzy demo
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