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  1. That red poster you put up. They're online going for anywhere up to 3500 dollars. I guess theyre super rare and quite coveted.
  2. On another note, do you have that print of the santa Barbara show? Apparently there were only a few hundred made and it's printed on velvet
  3. Wasn't there a rumour regarding this that Axl let Izzy choose the song because he knew how much of a fan Izzy was and also because Izzy was getting sick of the antics and this was sort of an olive branch to him? Obviously didn't work out too well because Izzy smartened up and jumped ship at the right time... but I digress
  4. It is. I played Salt of the Earth for my wife last week, I told her it was live and we both agreed how incredible both guys sounded Axl was spot on. I also dont think he's ever sounded better
  5. Haha! I was just looking for that clip on you tube to post here
  6. Yup that’s the one. thanks dude
  7. i need some help here.. what was the velvet revolver album that was unreleased? it contained some spoken stuff from Weiland, some KROQ recordings of Slither and Fall to Pieces.. some B side stuff The cover was a red background with a skeleton type of gun. Just the name of it.. For the life of me, i can't remember
  8. Twitter is filled with Liberals saying how many times Trump's name is mentioned in the documents a d posting how Bidens name isn't. It's fucked
  9. There was a thing from Enviornment Canada asking not to open them, but call a number and they'll come pick them up. I think thays what she did
  10. My neighbor got seeds today in the mail!
  11. At least you guys down there openly hate China and aren’t afraid to publicize it. Justin Trudeau wants to be their friend... my god, I fucking hate Trudeau
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