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  1. GnRLiars

    Top 18 Popular Songs by Guns N' Roses

    I’m not a boomer....
  2. GnRLiars

    Top 18 Popular Songs by Guns N' Roses

    Why is November Rain always so high up? i fucking loathe that song. Over blown sappy piano ballad. Axl at his douchiness. Slashs solos are the only redeeming quality of the song
  3. GnRLiars

    Weed is legal in Canada

    Heroin is
  4. What is a reverse image search?
  5. GnRLiars

    Weed is legal in Canada

    Don’t you live in Portugal where all drugs are legal?
  6. GnRLiars

    Weed is legal in Canada

    Guys.... weed is completly legal in Canada now. Everywhere, all across the county. I can carry up,to 30 grams on me at any time i can board a domestic flight with up to 30 grams on my carry on... theres a store 5 minutes from my house. Theres commercials on tv and radio about it... its weird
  7. GnRLiars

    Urgent! Rose versus West

    It’s a good thing Axl is rich, the man simply didn’t age well
  8. GnRLiars

    Urgent! Rose versus West

    Haha. Well said
  9. No.. i want you to be happy and have a long meaningful marriage that fills your life with the type of joy that can only be found when you meet that certain someone that’s your proper partner in crime. Theres strength in numbers my friend. It it was a wedding present, albeit a very small one. But who can boast getting a present from a complete stranger?
  10. Remember when I sent you an e transfer during a Mafia game? haha, this has nothing to do with the post, it’s just a real head scratcher.
  11. Brandon Reed is my hero
  12. Oh wow. That’s all,sorts of bad
  13. What the fuck is this?