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  1. Ya asshole. I'm not hosting, so there won't be any gimmicks to confuse you Play or be retarded, I don't give a fuck
  2. I'll take this any day over fat axl woke duff and bored slash
  3. Rick is becoming some kind of folk hero. I can get behind this cause. i like it, it’s very entertaining
  4. Nah man... I gave these songs a chance, but I don’t like them . its cool you do, it’s not my place to concern myself with your personal taste.. theyre just not my cup of tea
  5. All of those songs listed are complete and utter trash. Go go listen to NIN Pretty Hate Machine or The Downward Sprial Reznor does this industrial shit better than Axl... thats why this crap was never released in the first place, it’s horrible
  6. @John Bonham @EstrangedTWAT so i finished the old man logan graphic novel, it was ok, not great but enjoyable. so i bought this it looks scary. if im not mistaken, we have a graphic novel, comic thread right Bonham? I couldnt find it.... is there a way to merge the 2 threads? im kind of on a Graphic Novel kick these days and would like some input/advice....
  7. http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/warriors-remake-development/
  8. He looks like the guy with the tennis balls in the cover of Exile in Mainstree
  9. They should have banned me from buying Locked and Loaded
  10. It's a tad childish that team Brazil did this. But then again having a house keeper and her uneducated moron son running a multi million dollar brand... What do you expect? Ah yes. Laundry bags and mini baseball bats. Fuck you @Fernando Or better yet Go fuck your mother. You made all of this happen. You ruined guns n Roses You killed Axl You made this band what they are today. And that's not something to be proud of.
  11. With her ass up in the air Axl is such a fucking douchebag
  12. That's the book I ordered. The M Millar one
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