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  1. I'm gonna wait to get one. But Crash is the first game I'd get. It's one of the reasons I want one. I loved Crash games
  2. Staged.... just like the Rick locker. None of this is real
  3. Fun Fact about Bad Apples its the only song on both UYI to give writing credits to Axl, Slash, Duff & Izzy
  4. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! holy shit, this is funny
  5. my mom and dad were kinda chuckling but also somewhat appalled. Shit like that didnt happen back then. I was laughing my ass off
  6. If it’s sealed and presumed mint, there’s always a buyer
  7. Ya, there’s a few different releases. Depending on which label, US UK or Europe pressing, it goes from anywhere from 50 to 200 bucks The higher end is a misprint limited edition
  8. I also have picked up a slew unoffical releases.. Appetite for demos Deer Lake (?) That one with All in the cover taking oxygen..
  9. I also have the orange Spaghetti Incident vinyl.. From my understanding the orange was a reissue. Limited run though. Kinda popped up one day, then it was gone.
  10. That’s cool. i actually have a vinyl copy of Live Era. its in decent shape also. I just want another, I’m always looking. As as for the reissue, it won’t devalue the original pressing. If your bro has an original pressing of Pulse, I’d gladly give him 100 or even 200.. that’s a well sought after pressing. Hell man, if you are able to get an original Live like a Suicide, it’ll set you back a few hundred, but it’s always retained it value. I saw one at a record show a few months ago in shitty condition for 250. I have a Bob Ludwig Zeppelin 2 pressing that’s in shitty condition, but will still fetch 100 to a collector. Basically what I’m saying is the original vinyl pressings will likely almost always retain their value. A lot of times the reissues are 180 G , and are initially expensive, but hardly see their value increase like the originals do. everyone got rid of their vinyl, there’s simply not many copies left... i could talk about this all night. Its a very expensive hobby I’ve taken up. Shit man, thTs why I bought Locked & Loaded
  11. Chumbawumba Fat Elvis JD Fortune I'm a fucking mess
  12. I have it in vinyl... Not too sure if it's a true vinyl recording or if it was just digitally transferred to vinyl. Knowing Axl and his love of Pro tools, I imagine it's digitally transferred which negates the analog quality of vinyl. But I did get it. It was roughly 20 bucks. You have a Live Era vinyl copy? I'll buy it from you if you are willing to sell. What kind of condition is it? It's pretty valuable in almost any condition.
  13. I have nothing of substance to add to this day. Damn Smooth is doing a wonderful job exposing who's who. I'm here to follow this time.
  14. I wanted to investigate the discord thing before the end of day 1 official vote: URUGUNS
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