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  1. None of mean any disrespect about anything We all love each other here. Well at least I do
  2. Are we gonna play?
  3. Frank Miller has a new Superman coming out today I believe. If I’m not mistaken, it’s early in his life. Saw some pics and read a bit in DC website.. looks good
  4. I never said you were wrong. We're all friends here Me You Arnold Skeeter We all cool
  5. See previous quote which was supposed to be inserted here....
  6. Don’t hate my friend Skeeter... He’s cool
  7. What a thrilling playoffs. Seriously, Kahwai is now a god in Canada. Even if he bolts to LA next season, he brought a friggin championship to Toronto. as a guy who has watched and followed b ball for a long time, it was pretty cool to see the whole country get behind this. The only bad bad thing about the Raptors winning is that they’re in Toronto . Jesus fuck do I (and most Canadians) hate Toronto
  8. He tore his ACL.... he’s out till next March
  9. What was the bet? oh and Kahwai is a fucking hero in Canada today. i admit, I kinda have a man crush on him..
  10. I’m thinking about it ive already told them I have a town night power
  11. I think I’m getting lynched tonight in my Mafia Chamionship game. its not the same over there boys... They have different rules, they play differently. i got a PM during the last night phase because I insulted someone. Its different. but it’s still fun
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