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  1. Axl's old look (pre 1994) wasn't one he would ever be able to keep up. He was just too pretty... That being said, yes his looks are just unusually inconsistent. It's like every time he comes out of "seclusion", he emerges as a totally different person... ...at least he has a nice nose?
  2. Looks like Barry's having fun... (also, looking at some of the posts here, this forum really needs a fan fiction section...)
  3. Hey, thanks! I don't think I've heard it before. Just bookmarked it, will take a listen later today!
  4. No it is not, it can be a very serious issue sometimes. But in this case Axl called it a frivolous lawsuit because according to him the distribution of royalties issue was not from his "publishing company's" end but rather a mistake by ASCAP which if true would make it frivolous since Slash/Duff/etc would not have legal ground against Axl's publishing company as they apparently had nothing to do with it. If true, its a matter that should have been taken up with ASCAP not Axl.
  5. Did they get paid by Axl's publishing company or via ASCAP (who apparently made the mistake)? Did they win the lawsuit against Axl's publishing company in the end?
  6. Apparently Slash and Duff suing Axl because they didn't receive their royalties on time but it just ended up being a clerical error of some sort on part of the company that handles these thing? Just going off of memory here but wasn't that the gist of it? And you know it was a clerical error because Axl told us that right? I doubt they would have sued without asking where the money was from Axl publishing company first so I assuming their requests were ignored and then decided to sue. In that case it is not a frivolous lawsuit as they had cause........Not picking on you but you state that as a fact which considering they did not get paid means it was not frivolous........... I won't pretend to know all the details involving their ongoing back and forth lawsuits at the time as I haven't read any of the official legal documents, I can only draw conclusions from what I've read so far. What you say may well be true but if wasn't in fact a clerical error then Axl would have been sued out of something and would not be able to state things like that without objection by either Duff or Slash. If it was Axl's doing an not a clerical error it must not have been proven so in the court. As far as I understand it their legal battle did not just consist of just that issue but was actually a long battle over royalties. Since I have Slash's book nearest to me... In all honesty, even though Slash and co were completely within their rights to wage a legal battle, it must have pissed Axl off to no end. Also... But apparently they did get paid their royalties, right...? And nothing I post is meant to be stated as stone-cold fact (though it is a fact that Axl referred to it as frivolous) which is why I posed it with a question mark indicating that it is open to correction or whatever.
  7. Apparently Slash and Duff suing Axl because they didn't receive their royalties on time but it just ended up being a clerical error of some sort on part of the company that handles these thing? Just going off of memory here but wasn't that the gist of it?
  8. Exactly. The one time Slash did try to reach out when he went to Axl's house to "settle things", we saw how that went. Why would he try again? He apparently turned up drunk. Turn up sober next time and don't deny it, there's a tip. It's more than just turning up to his house drunk though. You also have to take into account the "frivolous lawsuit" and the constant direct and indirect lashings Axl was given in the media for years prior (especially during VRs promotion). Yeah, yeah, I know... Axl deserved it because he's such an evil little man...
  9. I don't think so... Couldn't hurt to be a little positive But it'll be better if it came as a surprise! One should lower one's expectations to avoid unnecessary disappointment.
  10. I have the same reaction to this as the one I had to Steven's statement; "...yay...!" But honestly, didn't he "Close the Book on Guns N' Roses" years ago? How many endings do we need? Lets be honest here, that chapter of their lives will not be "over" until one of them keels over. Yup, and Axl had tried for years to get Slash back on the wagon only for Slash to avoid it. Really, why do we expect either of them to give each other time of the day? Let it go, it is what it is.
  11. Yes but if that incentive was enough for these boneheads, they would have knuckled under by now...
  12. Haha, I freakin love how Alan moves just enough away from the question to make that comment. Perhaps it was in response to the "lyrics that would best be described as misogynistic"? Even still, to put something like that out there so flippantly? It's sorta ballsy... Now, I'll admit that in my mind a lot of things would make sense if Axl did indeed have some sort of repressed latent homosexual tendencies but I highly doubt it is in fact true.
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