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    what are you eating

    I couldn't drink it when I was younger. Just the smell would make me want to puke. I somehow acquired a taste for it. Now if I start pouring it over huge chunks of cornbread in a bowl and eating it like cereal like my grandma did, you have my permission to shoot me in the head.....
  2. I have wined and dined with Kings and Queens and I've slept in alleys and dined on pork and beans.

    1. Bill Brasky
    2. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      Pork and beans are overrated, try salami.

  3. MIA

    what are you eating

    Sitting here in my rocking chair having a Texas cinnamon roll and a glass of buttermilk wondering when and how I turned into my grandma.....
  4. That site back in the "good old days" had a really odd cast of characters on staff.
  5. CD years were always bait and switch. Mention Chinese, then hit fans over the head with AFD. It's why Bucket left. It's like..... I just laid down tracks like Soul Monster and Sorry so what in tirenation is Think About You doing in this setlist?
  6. If you remove Buckethead from specific tracks, I'm looking at you Elvis.... they won't even exist as the same song anymore. You might as well just start from scratch. Oklahoma is turning into a head scratcher. It technically dates back to the mid 90s and if it was an instrumental up until 2000 at the earliest, this may be one of the Slash tracks they fleshed out. Not sure it can be chalked up to mere coincidence that it sounds like something in that vein. Yeah....Sorry was neutered on the album but I can see why Bucket couldn't be removed...it's nothing without him. That demo doesn't even appear to be GNR. Sounds more like a Bucket/Brain/Scaturro session brought into the mix.
  7. They don't make songs like this anymore....
  8. Slash's Snakepit- Beggars & Hangers On -1995... Is that a noose....or a wedding band.......
  9. Just do like I do now.... blame all embarrassing, cringe inducing posts from yesteryears past on an out of control Oxy addiction. Works like a charm!!
  10. Chat rooms the GNR rage now? Let's just abandon forums, start Usenet newsgroups in their place, and bitch about OMG incessantly. Take us full circle back to 1999...
  11. Good. I could use a Korean Fascism leak right about now.
  12. It's better. Should've been on MI2 soundtrack or some other 2000 blockbuster. Sorry is beautiful and it was worthy of more than lyrics about Slash. That can be said for discs 2 through 4. Axl was sitting on lost pikes. Have you heard Rainy Days? Holy shit....
  13. Your math isn't too shabby but Stinson's math is even better. He said no matter how many times the band reworked the material, it was always the same songs over and over. It's 22 songs left. Period. He considered many vocal takes final in 99-00. That is insane although in all fairness, some of them were ready. I was on board the 'Axl is a perfectionist' train for awhile until I noticed many moons ago everything in a song gets painted over and over the same vocal takes recorded in my early 20s.
  14. The band talking about 'big guns' started after this infamous Axl quote from 2002: After 'Chinese Democracy,' Axl says, "Now, there's been some concern... that if we play 5 or 6 new songs, then there can't that many more on the album. Au contraire mon frère! We're just playin' the songs we're not considering putting out as singles or anything. So you'll get 18 songs and about 10 extra tracks. And when that... when the record company feels that has run [it's] source, then you'll get it all over again. And by that time, I should be done with the 3rd album! So we'll see if all goes well boys and girls! And if Uncle Axl proves not to be an asshole - we'll have to see, the jury's still out. ---- I don't know the exact date of the mention of big guns, but it definitely originated during the 2002-04 hype phase.
  15. It was simply meant as a way to describe their best material. Period. That was the original context for this term.
  16. A fair point....but a killer song is a killer song. Songs like Oklahoma and Soul Monster are up there as far as best songs during the Chinese era, vocals or not. Soul Monster would fit perfectly on Electric Tears, which was the best album of 2002 to me.
  17. Being stuck in traffic wastes more fuel. Shouldn't the protesters start protesting the traffic jam?
  18. Disc 1 which is basically the 2000 Intentions album just needs a final mix,, mastering, and wrapped in cellophane. I would consider those complete. Songs like Oklahoma and Soul Monster are instrumentally complete. Other than that, yeah a lot of this material such as Prom Violence, Dummy,etc. are nowhere near complete and tracks like Dub Suplex and Devious Bastard are verging closer to Buckethead solo material than GNR. I know fans have mocked the vault for years but I am actually surprised he really had this much material to work with. A few years ago, Stinson said there are 22 finished tracks in the vault along with a bunch of other assorted tracks in various stages of completion. I believe him. That's enough for one more album with some leftovers and lines up with Axl's previous comments regarding his belief that Chinese was meant to be a double album. Disagree. If tracks like Oklahoma and Soul Monster are not considered big guns, the term has no meaning. Atlas Shrugged Oklahoma Soul Monster Whatever lyrics he brought to the table for those last two songs will make or break them. Perhaps is basically a lost UYI gem that features Brian May. The surprising thing to me about these sessions as a whole is the Soundgarden influence. It's really front and center on songs like D Tune, Curly Shuffle, The Rebel, and Oklahoma, which is like Soundgarden meets A Flock of Seagulls. The NIN influence not as pronounced as we were told years ago but State of Grace is their NIN impersonation. Incomplete tracks like Prom Violence, As It Began, Inside Out do show potential but they're covering similar ground as tracks much further along.
  19. One more thing before I crash.... It really shows how massive GNR were when the label, MTV, and radio essentially abandon Lies and just start pushing AFD again. PC and KOHD at the Ritz Radio stations playing Nightrain like it's a top 40 single Insanity. We'll never see anything like them again. If the wait for Illusions lasted longer, they probably would've turned Think About You and Nightrain into singles/videos.
  20. The real dead year in the UYI period was 1989 as nothing productive occurred and Adler had already signed his death warrant even though he would hang in a few more months. However, just like with 1990, pop culture keeps them alive with PC and Patience videos, hard rock stations playing b sides like Whole Lotta Rosie, and of course Axl and Izzy at the VMAs and the shows with the Stones. Also Axl was on Henley's End of the Innocence album which was huge at the time.
  21. I did forget that. I also forgot Slash and Duff's infamous appearance at the AMAs. I also forgot Duff's appearance in that Give Peace A Chance cover and the appearance in the Sam Kinison video. They were also on Howard Stern at some point.
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